WTF MSM!? Fusion GPS and the Awans get little play

· July 31, 2017  
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Crumbling media narratives …

An interesting question … Kim Strassel, writing at the Wall Street Journal, asks a very provocative question about Fusion GPS and who paid for the Trump Dossier: “What if, all this time, Washington and the media have had the Russia collusion story backward? What if it wasn’t the Trump campaign playing footsie with the Vladimir Putin regime, but Democrats? The more we learn about Fusion, the more this seems a possibility.” For all the time the MSM has spent on Russia Russia Russia, the only place you hear in-depth discussion on Fusion GPS is from conservative-leaning sites. Why is this?

Fusion GPS does reporters’ work for them? … One clue as to why the media aren’t going after Fusion GPS is that the oppo-shop helps them with their work. This article at TabletMag ­– shared by CRTV’s Mark Levin on social media – outlines how Fusion GPS packages stories for the press. The article also outlines more about who paid for the Trump Dossier.

Miami Herald with more on the Awan brothers … Kudos to Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s local newspaper for putting the heat on her over the Awan story. The Miami Herald reported that DWS is reluctant to answer questions as to why she kept Awan on the payroll after he “lost access to house computer systems” and was suspected of stealing members’ computers. These are parts of the story that have been left out of most MSM reports on Awan’s arrest for – as the media puts it – simple mortgage fraud.

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Trump derangement syndrome is a hell of a drug …

MSNBC’s Joy Reid, ladies and gentlemen … MSNBC host Joy Reid tweeted: “Meanwhile Trump’s weakness & unsuitability for the presidency have real life consequences. Venezuela, Pakistan, Jerusalem all melting down.” Really?! Donald Trump is responsible for the abject failure of socialism in Venezuela? The Left, like Joy Reid, Is divorced from reality.

Poor Keith Olbermann … GQ’s Keith Olbermann continues his rants fueled by TDS. NewsBusters has the story of his latest, where he talks about wanting to out pro-Trump Redditors and even says the media “shouldn’t report” things the White House says or does. Maybe someone will start a GoFundMe to purchase mental health services for poor Keith.

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.