WTF MSM!? Google wants to fight ‘fake news’

· March 21, 2018  
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Ground-shifting …

Fake news fighting … The company that owns YouTube, which routinely throttles conservative content, is now pledging $300 million to fight “fake news.” What could possibly go wrong? Google announced yesterday that it is committing that whopping $300 million to something it is calling the “Google News Initiative.” The program will step up the company’s efforts to fight disinformation on the web and to help fund newsrooms. For instance, you’ll be able to use your Google account to buy subscriptions to online newspapers, like the Washington Post.

Fighting disinformation is an important goal. But based on past practices, will we really be able to trust Google to be a neutral arbiter of what is and isn’t disinformation? Or will the company’s left-wing bias guide the way once more?

Really? … The disgraced former anchor of NBC Nightly News, who was demoted to late prime time on MSNBC for spreading fake news, is openly attacking the “courage” of Republican members of Congress. Brian Williams recently said that Republicans lack the “courage” to impeach President Donald Trump. The real question is: Does Williams have the courage to report the truth? Or is he still just making things up?

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CNN forum …

Dear CNN … Viewers tuning in to CNN lately may be excused if they think they’ve tuned into Penthouse or the Playboy Channel. Over the past week it’s been almost all porn star Stormy Daniels, all the time. Yesterday, Daniels sent out a risqué tweet in response to another Twitter user. CNN broke into its news coverage to breathlessly report on the tweet and what it might mean for President Donald Trump. Take a look at the glee with which a CNN panel on “The Situation Room” said, “The president has met his match.” This, ladies and gentlemen, is news.

Paging Stelter … During his interview of Ben Shapiro on Sunday, CNN media critic/cheerleader Brian Stelter bristled when Shapiro suggested that CNN isn’t having students from Parkland on its network who have different views. Kyle Kashuv, a Parkland student who is defending the Second Amendment, was disinvited from appearing with Brooke Baldwin today because he retweeted an article critical of the anchor.

This is just another data point to prove that CNN is not the Cable News Network but rather the Crafting Narrative Network.

Moving right along …

I’m on my way to the Steven Crowder livestream from SMU tomorrow night. I’m driving from South Carolina and reminded of my favorite song from the “Muppet Movie.” No, it isn’t “Rainbow Connection,” though that’s a fine song. It’s “Moving Right Along.” So before you move along, thanks for reading. And don’t forget to send your friends over to the WTF MSM!? signup page. Then, as always, send me an email at if you see the media or tech giants do something that makes you say WTF.

Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.