WTF MSM!? Mean Trump follows law

· October 13, 2017  
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A camera is focused on President Donald Trump as he speaks at a rally Wednesday, March 15, 2017, in Nashville, Tenn. Mark Humphrey | AP Images

Trump ends illegal insurance bailout, media heads explode …

Obfuscation … Bloomberg’s Sahil Kapur tweeted last night: “It’s official: President Trump kills Obamacare cost-sharing payments that were designed to keep premiums low.” You get it, the mean Mr. Trump did something to “hurt” poor Americans. Except what he did was end something President Obama did illegally, as National Review’s Charles C. W. Cooke reminded Kapur: “They weren’t ‘designed’ at all. They weren’t appropriated by Congress. They weren’t allowed by law.” The press takes shots at Trump for supposed authoritarianism almost daily; they then attack him for ending a blatantly unconstitutional authoritarian move by his predecessor.

CNN cuts to the chase … The “cost-sharing reduction” subsidies were never codified into law and never appropriated by Congress. They were illegal. Was that the lead CNN decided to go with? If you guessed no, you’re right. Instead, CNN’s segment had “Trump ends health subsidies for poor people” blazoned across the bottom of the screen. Two things about that: The subsidies “poor people” get to pay for exchange health plans remain in place, and those truly in poverty are by and large eligible for Medicaid anyway.

Upset at choice … The establishment cronies, and their media enablers, hate it when Americans truly have choice. This is especially true about health care — unless of course we are talking about abortion. Here’s a look at what the mobile version of the Washington Post home page looked like last night. Notice the scary part about how Trump “intended to allow small businesses and potentially individuals to buy a long-disputed type of health insurance that skirts state regulations and Affordable Care Act protections.” The nerve of the president, giving people choices! How dare he?

Network coverage was commentary, not journalism … The nightly network “news” turned into commentary yesterday while covering the President’s health care executive order signed earlier in the day. NewsBusters has the complete rundown.

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Hiding bias …

New York Times wants to hide bias … If you take a look at the Twitter feeds of New York Times journalists, you will easily see their left-wing bias on full display. According to Politico media reporter Michael Calderone, Times executive editor Dean Baquet is concerned about those biases showing and wants to police more thoroughly the social media of his journalists. While at first that seems like a noble goal, it doesn’t mean the reporters’ biases will end. Isn’t it better that the biases are in the open for all the world to see, instead of hidden?

NPR’s Russian hacker problem … According to the Washington Free Beacon, NPR is dealing with a Russian hacker problem. No, NPR’s offices haven’t been attacked. But NPR has gotten a lot of corporate sponsorship money from Kapersky Lab, which makes internet “security” software that has now been linked to Russian hackers. An NSA employee was hacked due to baked-in vulnerabilities in the software. The Free Beacon also provided examples of how Kapersky was given special treatment in news reporting.

Hollywood’s pedophilia scandal is about to explode … In a Facebook Live video yesterday, I explained how the recent revelations about Harvey Weinstein are reigniting rumors of a long-standing pedophile scandal in Hollywood. Watch here.

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.