WTF MSM!? Media’s new crush on Playboy

· June 28, 2017  
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Fighting back

Palin fights back … After the New York Times editorial board blamed her for the shooting of Gabby Giffords, Sarah Palin is fighting back. As we recall, after a leftist tried to assassinate a group of GOP congressmen and senators at a baseball field in Northern Virginia, the Times editorial board blamed Sarah Palin for inspiring the lunatic who tried to kill Congresswoman Giffords. Palin is suing the New York Times for defamation. The Daily Caller has the story.

CNN faced its own lawsuit … The real story of why CNN retracted a story involving Trump associate Anthony Scaramucci has emerged. After the now-deleted story was published, Scaramucci’s lawyers pressed the network to prove its case. According to the New York Post, based on the shoddy method by which the story was published, CNN could not prove anything. Scaramucci’s lawyers threatened a reported $100 million law suit. The story was quickly deleted and retracted, and the team responsible for the story was strongly urged to resign – aka fired.

Playboy reporter undressed … Sarah Huckabee Sanders hit one out of the park at yesterday’s White House Briefing. Seizing on the release of undercover recordings showing a CNN producer calling reporting on Russia “bullshit,” as well as the retraction of the above-mentioned story, Sanders pounced on the media. That’s when a Playboy magazine reporter stepped in to try to defend his profession’s honor, claiming Sanders was being inflammatory to the media. Sanders shot back, saying the only thing “inflamed” is the media’s “dishonesty. Watch.

Media types gush … Others in the media, like Vox’s Jeff Guo, appear to have developed a crush on the aforementioned Playboy reporter.

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Zero self-awareness

CNN’s Stelter doesn’t understand the public ­… In a lengthy “defense” of his employer, CNN’s media critic Brian Stelter displayed a staggering lack of self-awareness about how the public perceives the media. In his daily email, Stelter hit back at conservative critics of the mainstream media, as being “anti-journalism.” In Stelter’s mind, it seems, that is just as bad as being a climate science denier. Stelter truly believes that he and others in the MSM have no underlying agenda and are fair arbiters of the facts.

Stelter defends non-coverage of O’Keefe tapes … In that same email, Stelter praised his fellow journalists for seeing “through” the reporting by James O’Keefe’s outlet yesterday. In the tape, a CNN producer, from the network’s health reporting unit, shared that CNN is covering a “bullshit” Russia story “for ratings.” Stelter said that only “pro-Trump media touted the video as a shocking expose.” Note to Brian, not all conservative media is “pro-Trump.”

Low trust in the media … Despite media organizations’ catchy slogans, like the Washington Post’s “Democracy dies in darkness,” the public has lost most of its trust in the media. While people like Stelter continue to blame “anti-journalism” types for demonizing the media, the “mainstream” “journalists,” across the board, have actually done it to themselves. NewsBusters has the results of two recent polls that show deep mistrust of the mainstream media.

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.