WTF MSM!? Men menstruate?

· July 24, 2017  
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Say what? …

Men have periods? … The Huffington Post tweeted out a story stating: “Powerful photo shows that women aren’t the only ones who get periods.” Um, yes they are. If you lack a “Y” chromosome, you aren’t a male; you are a female. Even if you are a female who thinks you are a male, if you don’t have a Y chromosome, you aren’t. Men don’t get periods. That’s extremely settled science.

Everything is racist … A black New York Times reporter penned an op-ed stating that when white women don’t move aside for him while he is walking, that is racist. The man works in New York, where people never move over for anyone. Don’t get me started on tourist spots or malls where people walk nonchalantly four abreast. It’s not because you are black; it is because other human beings are awful without prejudice. The Daily Mail has the story.

Is cancer partisan? Cancer is apparently partisan when a Republican has the disease. This Fast Company opinion piece states, “Positioning cancer as a ‘battle’ demonstrates implicit support for ‘personal responsibility’ narratives that are driving GOP efforts to take health care away.” What, so people can’t win their personal battle with cancer, or fight cancer any more, lest the dream of socialized medicine die. Progressivism is a disease.

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That Trump is poison …

Stelter’s war … CNN’s Brian Stelter, who you know by now is their media “critic,” went on a rant yesterday. On his “Reliable Sources” television show, Stelter said that Trump’s “war against the media” was harmful. How harmful? He added it was “harming the country like a slow-acting poision.” Of course Stelter doesn’t have a self-reflective bone in his body with which to understand that the vast majority of the nation didn’t trust him or his fellow newsers well before Trump was even a thing. Breitbart News had the story.

Is the NYT Best Seller list biased? … CRTV’s Mark Levin saw his book drop from number one to number two on the NYT Hardcover Non-Fiction Best Seller list this past weekend. That is despite his book selling more than any other book, according to the independent Nielsen BookScan. The number-three book on BookScan beat him out at the NYT. I took a look at the Times’ long history of bias against conservative writers and uncovered some of the reasons for it. Check it out at Conservative Review.

PolitOpinion hits Jon Gabriel … Ricochet’s Jon Gabriel woke up to what he thought of as a gift. He finally arrived: The partisan folks at PolitiFact – aka PolitOpinion – rated him “mostly false” for his excellent graphic comparing what people care about and the media care about. Their reasoning? Well, it wasn’t 75 percent, but really 55 percent of the coverage was on Russia vs. the six percent of Americans who care about it. Then PolitiOpinion said well, one poll said that when asked ABOUT Russia, 48 percent said they were concerned. Yes, but was it their top concern? No, only six percent think that, according to Bloomberg, which is the number Gabriel used. PolitiFact once again showed why you shouldn’t take it seriously.

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.