WTF MSM!? On DACA, there’s really only one side

· September 6, 2017  
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Networks ignore other side … NewsBusters reports that the broadcast networks were devoid of any voices explaining how DACA was unconstitutional or bad policy in their broadcasts after President Trump put a six-month moratorium on the executive action and challenged Congress to act. The networks were full of pro-DACA coverage. But the media isn’t biased …

Dan Rather melts down … MSNBC’s Kyle Griffin tweeted out a social media post by Dan Rather on the DACA decision. Griffin highlighted this quote: “The norms of our democracy are being shattered at a blinding pace.” What happened yesterday is the complete opposite of that. The “norms of our democracy” — which is really a republic — are to have the legislative branch pass a law and the executive branch sign it and implement it. DACA was the making of law by executive fiat. What Trump did yesterday was in fact returning the country to its republican norms.

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Say what? …

USA Today doxxes golfers … Never leaving a story about Trump uncovered, USA Today spent significant resources scouring social media to find the identities of 4,500 members of Donald Trump golf courses. It is part of the narrative that since Donald Trump owns businesses, he can’t be president fairly. Is this responsible journalism or doxxing — “to publicly identify or publish private information about (someone) especially as a form of punishment or revenge?”

Kim Jong Un human interest story … When you watch a major sporting event like the Super Bowl or the Olympics, you often get “human interest stories” that give insight into the players on the field. Newsweek gave that treatment to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un recently. This is a tough one; while at first it seems like they are trying to humanize a despot, there is relatively little known about the man.

Speaking of Newsweek … Kurt Eichenwald, best known for his hentai browser tab, also writes at Newsweek. His hottest of hot takes on Hurricane Irma was stating that he used a “climate change equation” to predict Irma getting to Category 5. The equation he used wasn’t a “climate change equation,” it was an equation used to model the phase state change of matter — from a vapor to a liquid, for instance. Real scientists and engineers went after Eichenwald. NewsBusters has the complete story.

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.