WTF MSM!? The day the Moochic died?

· August 1, 2017  
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He just couldn’t do the fandango …

Mooch is out; Maddow made a good funny … After the news that White House Chief of Staff John Kelly fired Anthony Scaramucci, Rachel Maddow actually did something witty. Here’s her tweet: “Honestly, I’m supposed to be on vacation, but I will still buy tacos for thr TRMS staff if/when they announce that Spicer’s back…” Yes, Rachel is a left-wing hack. But this was funny. #tacotuesday

Lewandowski out … Former Trump campaign manager ­­– and my fellow Lowell Catholic H.S. class of ’91 grad – Corey Lewandowski has been let go from One America News Network, according to the Daily Beast. The reason given was that Lewandowski went on Fox a little too much for OANN’s liking, even though his contract did not preclude it.

Cillizza’s 8-year break? … CNN’s Chris Cillizza opined via Twitter that there were “no more slow news days.” Stephen Miller, aka @redsteeze, made a good point about Cillizza’s tweet. An 8-year break not actually covering the Obama administration must be taxing after all that time.

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Hater nation? …

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria knows why she lost … Earlier this week, CNN’s Fareed Zakaria took to the airwaves to opine about why Hillary Clinton lost and Donald Trump won. Zakaria’s take? A highly original one: The nation is filled with backwater racists, homophobes, and misogynists. NewsBusters has the details.

Hating MS-13 is racist … When I lived in East Boston, a heavily Salvadoran immigrant community, the presence of MS-13 was everywhere. Now it is felt across the nations. MS-13 is one of the largest transnational criminal organizations in the world. The Trump administration has made fighting this gang a top priority. At least one Slate writer thinks that is a racist attitude. NewsBusters has that story as well.

That’s a woman … CNN tweeted this yesterday: “Transgender man, assigned the female gender at birth, gives birth to a healthy baby.” NO, a man didn’t give birth. It is pretty settled science that if you lack a “Y” chromosome, you are a female. If you have fallopian tubes and a uterus, you are also a female. We are in a post-science age.

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.