WTF MSM!? The sex symbol we need?

· June 13, 2017  
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Sex symbol? …

Swoon? … How do you know the left’s Comey worship has gone a little too far? When someone actually types about “his seductive integrity.” Yes, the man the Left was vilifying for “mattering” Hillary Clinton over her email server is the height of integrity, and according to Lizzie Crocker at the Daily Beast, that makes Comey “The Sex Symbol America Needs Right Now.”

It’s always about incest with the Left and Trump … The Cut, part of the New York magazine network of websites, went there. Where? Insinuating that Melania Trump’s father looks exactly like Trump. He really doesn’t, unless, of course, you think all portly white people look alike.

You go girl! … Media types are very excited that one of their own got a “shout out” in a 9th Circuit court opinion. Here’s a tweet where Politico’s White House reporter gets giddy about CNN’s Elizabeth Landers getting a cite in the footnotes of the opinion that struck down Trump’s executive order on visas for people from countries where terrorists are active.

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Misfire …

MSM fantasy that Trump to fire Mueller a dud … Another bit of media hysteria over a statement not made by someone connected to the Trump administration has been debunked. The MSM went bonkers over Newsmax’s Christopher Ruddy allegedly saying Trump was “considering” firing special counsel Robert Mueller. Well, the Daily Caller’s White House correspondent asked the White House, which adamantly said that wasn’t being “considered” and that Trump hadn’t spoken to Ruddy about the issue.

Was Ruddy’s statement based on this report? … Was Ruddy talking with the media about something he saw on TV? Specifically, a member of Trump’s legal team, Jay Sekulow, said he wasn’t going to speculate on whether or not Trump would fire Mueller, the Associated Press reported.

Everyday people reject media narrative … Yesterday I told you about the media columnist at the Washington Post who cheered media bias against Trump. She said in that column that Trump was the loser of the week, because of Jim Comey. Well, a CNN panel of citizens in Ohio, filmed after the Comey testimony, shows that everyday people see Comey as the liar. NewsBusters has the story.

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.