WTF MSM!? We told you so! Brian Ross edition

· December 4, 2017  
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Brian Ross. Lou Rocco/ABC | Getty Images

Brian Ross fallout …

But you knew that … On Friday’s “ABC World News Tonight,” investigative journalist Brian Ross gave a “clarification” to his earlier reporting that it was “candidate” Trump who directed Mike Flynn to open communications with Russia. Four hours before that, you WTF MSM!? readers knew that the earlier claim wasn’t going to stand up. To recap, I called into question Ross’ reporting based both on the evidence at hand and Ross’ long, tortured history with the truth.

Suspended … On Saturday, ABC News suspended Brian Ross for four weeks without pay for his erroneous reporting on the Mike Flynn plea deal. The question remains for many, though: Did Ross simply report what a source told him, or did he make something up out of thin air? If the latter is true, is a four-week suspension really enough?

They don’t deserve our respect or trust … The Brian Ross scandal was the last straw in a very bad couple of weeks for the media. Townhall’s Kurt Schlichter explains why, in the wake of Matt Lauer getting a “sex dungeon” in his office, Charlie Rose, Ross, and more, “The Mainstream Media Doesn’t Deserve Our Respect or Our Trust.” He’s absolutely right.

The Moore effect … The Federalist’s Bethany Mandel explains what effect media malpractice is having on elections. She argues that it is the fault of the media that 71 percent of Roy Moore voters don’t believe the accusations of past sexual misconduct reported by the Washington Post. It’s well worth the read.

Levin called it back in June. The Mueller investigation is, and has always been, about impeachment.

Speaking of we told you so … Mark Levin told you about the real reason for the investigation, nearly six months ago …

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No longer unbelievable …

Lauer lost Hillary the election? … Writing in the New York Times, Jill Filipovic gets to the bottom of why Clinton lost the election to Trump. No, it isn’t because Clinton was a horrible candidate, misused resources, or was generally disliked by most Americans. Nope, it was because Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, and Mark Halperin were sex fiends. You have to read it to believe it.

“60 Minutes” ignores Charlie Rose … In addition to his morning show hosting duties, Charlie Rose had been a fixture on “60 Minutes”-branded shows on CBS for about two decades. He was named a correspondent for 60 Minutes II in November 1998. He was a regular contributor to “60 Minutes” up until his firing. John Fund thought it interesting, then, that Rose was not mentioned on the 50th Anniversary special that aired last night, even though Dan Rather, who was fired for misreporting a story about President George W. Bush, was mentioned on the program.

They hate Sarah Huckabee Sanders … On Friday I emailed you a link to an outrageous Wonkette piece about Sarah Huckabee Sanders. The link was broken. Here is a working link to “Go Fuck Yourself, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, You Debased Redneck Motherfucker.” Chelsea Handler didn’t want to be outdone. NewsBusters reports: “Chelsea Handler: Sarah Huckabee Sanders a Harlot,’ Trolloped Out’ With Summer Whore Lipstick All Over Her Face.’” These folks have a disease — a really bad disease.

Try civility … New York Post columnist Karol Markowicz explains why she decided to stop social-media name-calling. It is a great read on restoring civility to discourse. Perhaps the folks at Wonkette and Chelsea Handler should give it a read.

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.