WTF MSM!? What the gun data really show

· October 4, 2017  
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Facts over feelings …

Gun-grabber runs headlong into truth … A team of data scientists and statisticians who were predisposed to support “gun control” ran into a sinking feeling when they looked at the actual data behind guns and crime. None of the draconian gun-control measures would make a difference. I highlighted the key findings in a piece yesterday about one particular person’s journey away from gun-grabbing.

Tapper’s struggle … Jake Tapper is probably the best thing about CNN. While he does have some biases, he often doesn’t overtly show them. He’s also someone who will share information, freely, regardless of from where it came. He did so with the data discussed above, and a Marie Claire contributing editor jumped all over him for it. Everything that counters her narrative is obviously wrong.

Levin asks a similar question … On his radio program last night, LevinTV host Mark Levin asked a simple question: “What gun law would have stopped the Las Vegas lunatic?” Take a listen here.

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Not-so-subtle bias …

The Hill’s overt bias showed … Yesterday, The Hill published a story that sped around social media as if it were on fire. Lefties used the headline to bolster their notion that Trump was a racist that didn’t want Hispanics to get the proper help after Hurricane Maria. Except the story was wrong. The Trump administration did issue waivers to allow people to buy prepared meals with food stamps, as after previous hurricanes in Texas and Florida. The damage, of course, was already done by the time they changed the headline and story early this morning. Here’s a look at both headlines and the story itself.

CNN’s Cillizza’s giant bias continues to show … CNN’s Chris Cillizza’s Trump Derangement Syndrome reached a fever pitch yesterday. “Reporting” on Trump’s Puerto Rico trip, Cillizza penned a scathing look dripping with bias. There isn’t even any attempt at objectivity: none, zilch, nada. It makes it hard to trust him with anything.

A big “EXCLUSIVE” that was about nothing … Last week the folks at CNN reported that Russians were buying Facebook ads to sway public opinion. The heart of the reporting was that ads were bought both to hurt and help both Clinton and Trump. Yesterday they followed it up with an EXCLUSIVE!! What was the exclusive? That of the thousands of ads bought, some were bought targeting, GASP, Michigan and Wisconsin.

The screaming headline was countered with the reporting that, well, they didn’t know how many, or what percentage of the overall ad spend was targeted to the two states. But that didn’t stop them from writing a headline designed to make it look like the Russians handed Trump Michigan and Wisconsin. Which is just CNN running cover for Clinton’s inept campaign moves in those two states.

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.