WTF MSM!? Yes, they want to grab guns

· March 27, 2018  
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A flag coming out of a large handgun with the word BAN! on it
View of demonstrators, many with signs, as they participate in the March For Our Lives rally against gun violence, near Columbus Circle, New York, New York, March 24, 2018. Among the visible signs are ones that read 'The GOP with Ban Schools Before It Bans Guns' (GOP references the Republican political party) and 'Amend the 2nd Amendment;' also visible is a cardboard model of a gun with a flag that reads 'Ban' in it's barrel. (Photo by Barbara Alper/Getty Images)

Yes they do …

Oh, Joy! … For her own sake, I hope that MSNBC’s Joy Reid doesn’t do her own fact-checking before her show. Because if she does, it might explain A LOT. In today’s New York Times, former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens called for the repeal of the Second Amendment. Reid helpfully tweeted at a conservative who labeled Stevens a liberal:

Earth to Joy: Stevens was one of the most left-wing justices ever to sit on the Supreme Court. The LA Times called him “the leader of the court’s liberal wing and its strongest voice for progressive causes.” Don’t worry, though, Reid backed it up with a screenshot from It could have been worse. It could have been Wikipedia.

Do his eyes not work? … Politico’s Ben White responded to a tweet by Marco Rubio by saying, “Weird I didn’t hear anybody talk about a ‘gun ban.’ Interesting way to seek common ground.” Are you serious, Ben? Do your eyes not work? Luckily the eyes of other Twitter users do work. A host of people helpfully replied to Ben’s tweet with signs calling for the eradication of guns. That is exactly what the march to restrict natural rights was about over the weekend.

White responded to me on Twitter saying, ”Didn’t seem that way to me but respect your view of it.” I appreciate the response, but there were scores of signs calling for the repeal of the Second Amendment and pushing the grabbing of guns at that rally.

Are you my mommy? … Really, PolitiFact? This is what we should consider as fact-check material now? According to PolitiFact, Rolling Stone published a profile of Mike Pence over a year ago. In that profile, Rolling Stone reported that Mike Pence calls his wife “mother.” For some reason, PolitiFact published a “fact-check” of the claim today.

In a lengthy piece, the site claims that “this unusual feature of Pences’ relationship … … has captured readers’ interest.” Really? What readers? Or did the folks at PolitiFact just want to embarrass the vice president? The verdict? “We were unable to find video or other documentary evidence, so the claim will remain unrated.” That didn’t stop Politico from relating several hearsay anecdotes, though.

CRTV host Michelle Malkin had it exactly right in a tweet: “One thousand two hundred and thirteen words of deranged, sneering propaganda masquerading as a ‘fact check.’”

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Typical …

Stelter gonna Stelter … CNN’s media critic/cheerleader Brian Stelter has an obsession with calling Fox News propaganda and shills for the Trump administration. He also vociferously stands up against anyone who would call media types he likes biased or propaganda. That’s mostly because he himself is propagandist number one over at CNN. Case in point? He admitted that he didn’t challenge chief gun-grabber David Hogg’s falsehoods about guns. Here, watch. This is what propagandists do.

Fox-to-Trump pipeline? … CNN fired a shot across the bow of Fox News today. Here’s a video where the network goes into “President Trump’s hires from Fox News.” Included in this video is Ambassador John Bolton, whom the network, as Stelter did last week, tries to paint as a mere Fox News contributor, not a former U.N. ambassador. This is nuts, and, well, CNN shouldn’t throw stones from its own glass house.

CNN is a welcoming place for left-wing alums of the Obama administration. There’s James Clapper, the former Obama intel official who openly lied about the NSA metadata collection program to Congress. Then of course there is Jim Sciutto, who, as CNN’s chief national security correspondent, routinely reports about his former colleagues from the Obama administration without ever disclosing they are former colleagues. Michelle Malkin focused on Sciutto’s CNN role in this great crapweasel segment.

No Jokes …

No jokes today; just an appeal. If you forgive me for confusing the names of Grayson Allen and Alan Grayson, could you send your friends over to the WTF MSM!? signup page? Then, as always, send me an email at if you see the media or tech giants do something that makes you say WTF.  Also, thanks to alert reader Steve R. for pointing out my error.  

Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.