Unitarian church to merge all-ages 'TRANSformation' drag show with Easter service

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A leftist church has decided to celebrate Easter by having scantily clad men masquerade as women and read to children.

Calgary Unitarians, a Unitarian Universalist sect in Calgary, Alberta, has announced it will be holding an all-ages event entitled "DRAG Me to Church: What does TRANSformation mean today?" on Easter Sunday.

"No matter what tradition you’re from, I guarantee you that you will have people in your community who identify on the 2SLGBTQIA+ spectrum — whether they are free to say it or not," Samaya Oakley, the leader of the group, told the Calgary Herald. "If we are truly people who believe in the goodness and the inherent love that exists in this world, then we would extend that to people on that spectrum."

The event does not appear to be a celebration of the animating Christian holy day but rather a protest of the province's proposed policies bolstering parental rights and protecting children from genital mutilation.

The event listing states that it will be a "thought-provoking service and sacred act of protest as we support our Trans Siblings during this current political climate."

Alberta's conservative government is poised to pass wide-sweeping policies and legislation that would bar children from undergoing sex-change medical procedures and taking puberty blockers; keep parents informed regarding their kids' efforts to transition at school; and keep women's sports free of transvestites.

These policies, denounced by LGBT activists and other radicals, are ostensibly part of a dual backlash against gender ideology and the erosion of parental rights in Canada. Similar policies have recently been introduced or discussed in other provinces such as Saskatchewan and New Brunswick.

These efforts in Canada come amidst the broader international collapse of gender ideologues' narrative.

Earlier this month, lawmakers in the French Senate released a landmark report claiming that the effort to victimize children with so-called "gender-affirming care" amounts to the "greatest ethical scandals in the history of medicine."

England's National Health Service effectively banned puberty blockers for minors on March 12, underscoring their dangers and the lack of evidence to support their use.

Also this month, leaked internal documents from the World Professional Association for Transgender Health revealed that member practitioners are privately concerned over the debilitating and potentially fatal side effects of sex-change procedures as well as over the inability of kids to consent to sex-change procedures. This is especially damning because WPATH literally wrote the go-to guidebook for transgenderism.

In February, a comprehensive Finnish study published in the esteemed quarterly journal BMJ Mental Health concluded that "medical gender reassignment does not have an impact on suicide risk," obliterating one of the key claims pushed by LGBT activists in favor of sex-change surgeries.

Against the backdrop of this "political climate," the Calgary Unitarians will be "exploring the concept of TRANSformation in today's society with DRAG Queen performances and story time, singing, dancing, and thought provoking speakers."

An advertisement for the "sacred" event on the group's website shows four men in highly sexualized attire.

While non-creedal, Oakley's Calgary Unitarians appear dogmatic in their adherence to the current tenets of progressive liberalism. Extra to sharing land acknowledgments on its website, the group has posted the brands of various left-wing, eco-socialist, and identitarian causes, including Black Lives Matter and the similarly discredited "Every Child Matters" movement, which was predicated upon the debunked claim that there were mass graves full of native children outside of former residential schools.

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New York AG Letitia James says her 'office is proud to host a Drag Story Hour read-a-thon'

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New York state Attorney General Letitia James says her office is hosting a Drag Story Hour event that will take place on Sunday.

"My office is proud to host a Drag Story Hour read-a-thon on Sunday, March 19 from 11AM-3PM," James declared in an Instagram post.

A graphic advertising the upcoming event invites families with kids "to join Attorney General James, Drag storytellers, and city and state elected leaders" at the event on Sunday.

According to an Eventbrite posting, tickets are sold out for the event that will be held at The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center. "The Center is a registered 501(c)(3) organization," according to the organization's website.

The Eventbrite post states that the individuals and entities "proudly" co-sponsoring the event include: "Drag Story Hour, The LGBTQ Center, Pride Center of Staten Island, Destination Tomorrow, Brooklyn Library, Queens Library, and the New York Public Library, [New York City] Councilmember Crystal Hudson, Councilmember Chi Ossé, Councilmember Erik Bottcher, Councilmember Tiffany Caban, Councilmember Shekar Krishnan, Councilmember Lynn Schulman, [New York state] Assemblymember Daniel O'Donnell, Assemblymember Deborah Glick, Assemblymember Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas, Assemblymember Tony Simone, and State Senator Brad Hoylman-Sigal."

Unsurprisingly, all of the elected officials cosponsoring the event are Democrats.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who is also a Democrat, has previously praised the practice of having drag queens read to children.

"At a time when our LGBTQ+ communities are under increased attack across this country, we must use our education system to educate. The goal is not only for our children to be academically smart, but also emotionally intelligent. Drag storytellers, and the libraries and schools that support them, are advancing a love of diversity, personal expression, and literacy that is core to what our city embraces," Adams said in a June 2022 statement.

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AOC shares post that invites people to 'defend Drag Story Hour in NYC!'

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Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York reportedly shared a post on social media that encourages people to support an upcoming drag story hour event.

Journalist Andy Ngô tweeted a screenshot of a post that he said the lawmaker had shared on Instagram. The post on the Rolling Library account included slides that urged people to "defend Drag Story Hour in NYC" and "help protect queer spaces and expression under threat from the far right." The post, which instructs people to wear a mask to the event, says, "Bring rainbow swag, non-amplified noisemakers, musical instruments, joy, and love!"

\u201cCongresswoman AOC has shared a far-left flyer on Instagram for comrades to come to a direct action to \u201cprotect\u201d a children\u2019s drag queen event in Queens. A number of these drag events have been protested by BIPOC New Yorkers concerned about what they say is sexual propaganda.\u201d
— Andy Ng\u00f4 \ud83c\udff3\ufe0f\u200d\ud83c\udf08 (@Andy Ng\u00f4 \ud83c\udff3\ufe0f\u200d\ud83c\udf08) 1672114020

"A group of violent, loud bigots, who have repeatedly harassed and invaded these events in the city, is openly planning to disrupt the next Drag Story Hour, on Thursday, December 29, at the Jackson Heights Library in Queens," another slide on the post states.

"Queer community members and allies will be there to show the fascists they are not welcome, but that kids and drag queens are," it continues. "Let's show NYC's unwavering support for Drag Story Hour and for queer and trans people, and make a safe, encouraging, and joyful welcome for kids and their grownups as they enter the library."

The same advertisement appears in a tweet posted on the United Against Racism and Fascism NYC Twitter account.

\u201cDEFEND DRAG STORY HOUR IN NYC!\nHelp protect queer spaces and expression under threat from the far right.\nWhen? Thursday, 12/29, 3pm\nWhere? Jackson Heights Library, 35-51 81st Street, Queens (7 train to 82 St)\nWhat to wear? Regular clothes and a mask \n\u2b07\ufe0fTHREAD\u2b07\ufe0f\u201d
— United Against Racism and Fascism NYC (@United Against Racism and Fascism NYC) 1672067799

While many people consider events that feature cross-dressers reading stories to children to be wildly inappropriate, leftists have wholeheartedly embraced the concept.

"Drag storytellers, and the libraries and schools that support them, are advancing a love of diversity, personal expression, and literacy that is core to what our city embraces," New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) said in a statement earlier this year.

"I had the honor of assisting with a Drag Queen Story Hour in New York in April," Democratic Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney of New York tweeted in June.

Ocasio-Cortez has previously told a group of drag queens that they are "patriots."

AOC Joins The Queens In Untucked | RuPaul’s Drag Race www.youtube.com

Alex Stein confronts armed Antifa members guarding Texas bookstore hosting transgender storytime for children: 'These are the real cowards'

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Political provocateur Alex Stein stirred the pot at a Texas bookstore that was hosting a "transgender storytime" for children. Stein confronted armed Antifa members guarding the bookstore in Denton, Texas.

Patchouli Joe's Books & Indulgences store hosted a "transgender storytime" for children on Saturday afternoon.

The bookstore promoted the event on its website and Facebook, "This FREE event takes place during National Transgender Awareness Week, and will be hosted by Patchouli Joe's Books & Indulgences – a family-owned, LGBTQ-friendly, independent bookstore in the heart of Denton, Texas."

The bookstore promised to read three children's books about "gender identity, belonging, and friendship, and celebrate diversity, literacy, and community at this all-ages event!"

Similar recent promotions in Texas, such as the "Drag the Kids to Pride" event at a Dallas gay bar and an all-ages drag bingo event at a church in Katy, ignited controversy and protests. The transgender storytime also sparked contentiousness. Antifa members stood outside the Patchouli Joe's bookstore to guard against any disruptions.

BlazeTV host Alex Stein confronted and mocked the Antifa members holding guns outside the transgender storytime event for children.

Stein got near the faces of two alleged Antifa members dressed in black bloc attire and mocked them.

Stein stated, "We're at a bookstore here in Denton, Texas, where they're trying to do drag queen story hour."

"These are the real cowards, they're hiding behind their masks, they got their little guns," he continued. "They think they're so tough."

Stein sarcastically told the rifle-wielding men, "I'm so happy you're protecting these children so they can get indoctrinated and go in there for transgender storytime, you're such a good American."

At one point, a man wearing a face mask and holding a sign that read "We're here, we're queer" got in the face of Stein while he was walking on the sidewalk. Stein used his left arm to create distance between the two, but the protester fell to the ground.

At the end of the video, Stein said he "loved" the demonstrators and was "empathetic" towards them.

Stein has evoked strong emotions at previous public events.

Stein was spit on while promoting a "provocative comedy night" event at Penn State University with Gavin McInnes.

He proposed the idea of transitioning the iconic Big Tex mascot to a non-binary figure.

Stein rapped a pro-vaccination song at a Dallas City Hall meeting.

The conservative comedian caused a stir when he purposely objectified Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, also known as AOC.

Stein's upcoming BlazeTV show "Prime Time with Alex Stein" will debut in the Spring of 2023.

\u201cConfronting Armed Antifa at Drag Queen Story Time in Denton, Texas\n\n\u201d
— Alex Stein #99 (@Alex Stein #99) 1668892194