Doorbell camera footage catches brazen porch pirate stealing package directly from FedEx driver's hands

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Police are searching for a brazen "porch pirate" who stole a package directly from the hands of a FedEx delivery driver last week.

Shocking camera footage showed the thief walking alongside the delivery driver — after allegedly having claimed he was the homeowner — before abruptly snatching the package straight from the FedEx employee's hands. The thief then sprinted to a white BMW car parked in front of the house and took off.

The package? A $1,600 iPad.

Jessica Saenz, the homeowner, told WRIC-TV that she was working from home last Thursday when the FedEx driver loudly knocked on her door.

"I was in a meeting, and then the FedEx lady started knocking on my door, like, really hard. I’m like, 'What's going on?'" Saenz said. "She was like, 'Please open the door. Your package just got stolen.'"

Saenz told WRIC she was less concerned about her husband's now-stolen iPad and more concerned about the delivery driver's safety. Fortunately, the driver was unharmed in the incident.

Members of the Chesterfield County Police Department said they have connected the vehicle seen in the Ring doorbell camera footage to another package theft that took place earlier this month. Police are continuing to investigate the most recent incident and are seeking help from the public to identify the man seen in the video.

TheBlaze reached out to the Chesterfield County Police Department, but the agency did not immediately respond.

In a statement, a FedEx representative told TheBlaze, "The safe and secure delivery of our customers’ shipments is a top priority. We are working with local authorities as they investigate this incident."

Stealing packages is a serious crime in the Commonwealth of Virginia and can be considered grand larceny, depending on the value of the stolen items. Grand larceny is a serious felony in the commonwealth, punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

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Viral video shows 'hero' FedEx driver save man from fiery car crash: 'I just happened to be the right guy'

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A California FedEx driver is being lauded as a hero for saving a man from a fiery car crash. However, the FedEx employee insists that "anybody" would have done what he did.

Jonathan Rohrbach, 41, was driving a Federal Express semi-trailer truck down Interstate 15 in San Diego around 3 a.m. on Wednesday when he noticed a car on fire. Rohrbach – who has been a truck driver for nearly 20 years – noticed that there was nobody outside the vehicle calling for help.

Rohrback told KGTV, "As soon as I saw the car, it was still actively on fire. You gotta stop to see if you can do anything at all."

"At some point, you drive enough, you're gonna see accidents. Probably not to this level, especially being the first one [at the scene]," Rohrbach told ABC News.

The California Highway Patrol said a Toyota Camry sedan heading southbound on I-15 veered off the roadway before "impacting a metal guard rail."

Roahrback pulled over and noticed that the driver was trapped inside the burning automobile.

"I pulled over, grabbed my phone and the fire extinguisher in our trucks and ran back to the car," Rohrbach said. "My first thought was, use a fire extinguisher and try to put out the fire the best I could."

The inferno was almost put out; however, the fire extinguisher ran out.

"It died down enough to where it at least bought us a couple of minutes to where I went back to him," Rohrbach explained.

However, the flames grew and engulfed the vehicle again.

"By then, the fire had already started to build back up and the whole engine compartment was back on fire again. The car itself was starting to fill with smoke and everything," Rohrbach said

The driver suffered serious leg injuries that prevented him from escaping the inferno. Rohrback was able to drag the driver to safety while calling 911 for help. There were several small explosions as the car burned.

The amazing rescue was caught on video by a cameraman from San Diego's KGTV, who had also responded to the fiery car crash.

California Highway Patrol said the 28-year-old victim was rushed to a local hospital for "major non-life-threatening injuries" and is in stable condition.

Rohrback said, "He is lucky to be alive."

Rohrback's coworkers are praising him as a hero, but he downplays the compliment.

"I just happened to be the right guy in the right place at the right time," Rohrbach said. "I did what I think anybody would do. Just saw a guy that needed help so I stopped and helped him."

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