Check out what Joe Rogan and Aaron Rodgers had to say about the media’s blistering attacks

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Joe Rogan and Aaron Rodgers are no strangers to controversy. The fact that these two have dared to share thoughts contrary to those promoted by the radical left have resulted in both men being crucified by the liberal-owned media.

But that hasn’t stopped either of them from fighting the woke mind virus. Dave Rubin is encouraged by Rogan and Rodgers’ willingness to share their red-pilling experiences because it’s people like them who are encouraging others to “wake up.”

A couple of days ago, Rodgers, who the media has painted as a “conspiracy theorist” and a “racist,” was invited on “The Joe Rogan Experience” again to discuss Big Pharma’s iron grip on the narrative.

“They are f***ing controlling the message,” Rodgers said, adding that “the alphabet companies,” such as the CDC and the NIH, “have been lying and misleading the public for so long.”

Rodgers explained that the reason people, including himself and Rogan, get “slaughtered by the media” for speaking out or even questioning the narrative is because it’s Big Pharma “who’s paying [the media].”

“It’s corporate controlled,” agreed Rogan, and “it's not beneficial to the greater good of society.”

Dave remembers how, during the height of the pandemic, “they'd be covering COVID on NBC News, CNN, ABC, etc. and then they'd cut to commercial – ‘Brought to you by Pfizer.”

“Oh really? So you're taking money from the very people who you are supposed to be objectively talking about and criticizing where criticism is due?” he scoffs.

CNN specifically went to great lengths to villainize Rogan for his position on COVID. Dave plays an old clip from CNN of Rogan explaining how he used “ivermectin” and other tried-and-true medications to treat COVID next to the original clip Rogan posted himself.

In CNN’s version, Rogan’s face is a sickly shade of greenish-gray, whereas in the original clip, his coloring is completely normal.

“At the exact same time as all of this was unfolding, suddenly for two weeks the entire mainstream media was calling Joe Rogan racist because they unearthed videos of him saying the n-word even though he was not saying it in a racist way; he was saying it to mock the people who actually are racist,” Dave recounts, clearly showing the media’s obvious motivation to de-platform and defame Rogan for being a nonconformist.

On the subject of motivation, Rodgers had something to say about what fuels companies like CNN and people like Jimmy Kimmel, who also blasted Rogan on his show for taking “horse goo” instead of getting vaccinated.

“I lost friends, allies in the media [and] millions of dollars in sponsorship because I talked about what worked for me, my own beliefs, and my own health reasons [behind] why I didn't get vaccinated,” Rodgers explained.

“They vilified all early treatments,” including widely used ivermectin — a Nobel Prize-winning drug — because if they hadn’t, they wouldn’t have gotten “the [user acquisition].”

“The point of all this,” says Dave, “is that when you stand up, there is going to be a cost.”

Luckily, “the truth does work over time.”

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