The Lifestyle Of Climate Radicals Tells You All You Need To Know About Their Sincerity

Either climate alarmists don’t actually believe the planet is doomed, or they aren’t as confident in that belief as they claim to be.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the 'planet is on the ballot' during the midterms

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has claimed that the "planet is on the ballot" during the midterm elections.

The California Democrat also said that she does not know how anyone could claim to care about the earth but choose to vote for the GOP. "I don't know how anybody could say, 'I care about the planet, I think I'll vote Republican.' Oh really?" she said.

Strengthening Our Democracy with Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Many leftist politicians, including President Joe Biden, are vocal proponents of climate alarmism.

At the COP26 climate summit last year, Biden claimed that climate change is "destroying peoples lives and livelihoods," and he described it as "the existential ... threat to human existence as we know it."

Democrats currently control both chambers of Congress, but Republicans are hoping to change that as Americans head to the polls for the midterms. Election Day is next week, but many people around the nation have already voted early.

While President Joe Biden is not on the ballot during this election cycle, he has been underwater in job approval polling for a significant period of time.

The election comes as Americans have been getting slammed with soaring inflation month after month.

While Pelosi claimed that the election "is not a referendum on President Biden," she added that "if it were, he has the greatest record of any president in the past two generations" on creating jobs, decreasing costs, and enabling "bigger paychecks" for the people of the nation.

Last week, Pelosi's husband Paul was the victim of an assault that resulted in him having to undergo surgery, though he has been released from the hospital and is now back home.

Pelosi said that there will be a "long haul" but that her husband "will be well" and is "surrounded by family."

Following SCOTUS climate ruling, ABC News White House correspondent asks, 'Who is going to save the planet?'

MaryAlice Parks, an ABC News White House correspondent, issued a tweet on Thursday in which she asked, "Who is going to save the planet?"

It appears that the post may have been a display of climate alarmism, as her question came after the Supreme Court released a ruling pertaining to the Environmental Protection Agency's authority to regulate power plant emissions.

In response to the dramatic question from Parks, Nicholas Fondacaro of NewsBusters wrote, "You're a clown if you think 1 bureaucratic agency was standing between us and the apocalypse."

"Who is going to save journalism," tweeted Abigail Marone, press secretary for GOP Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri.

\u201c@maryaliceparks Who is going to save journalism?\u201d
— MaryAlice Parks (@MaryAlice Parks) 1656613490

The ruling was 6-3, with the court's liberal contingent dissenting.

"Climate change’s causes and dangers are no longer subject to serious doubt," Justice Elena Kagan wrote in the dissent, in which she was joined by Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Stephen Breyer. "If the current rate of emissions continues, children born this year could live to see parts of the Eastern seaboard swallowed by the ocean," Kagan wrote.

Breyer retired effective at noon on Thursday.

Liberals decried the high court.

"The Supreme Court’s ruling in West Virginia vs. EPA is another devastating decision that aims to take our country backwards," President Joe Biden said in a statement. "While this decision risks damaging our nation’s ability to keep our air clean and combat climate change, I will not relent in using my lawful authorities to protect public health and tackle the climate crisis."

"Our planet is on fire, and this extremist Supreme Court has destroyed the federal government’s ability to fight back. This radical Supreme Court is increasingly facing a legitimacy crisis, and we can't let them have the last word," Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) declared on Twitter.

"Run out of words to describe this court, but, among other things, it's now a threat to the planet," left-wing MSNBC host Chris Hayes tweeted.

\u201cRun out of words to describe this court, but, among other things, it's now a threat to the planet.\u201d
— Chris Hayes (@Chris Hayes) 1656598016

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