Chicago suburb forced to cancel armed forces carnival after flash mob of 400 teens causes chaos, video shows brawls and kids clashing with cops

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An armed forces carnival that was scheduled for Sunday was canceled by officials in a Chicago suburb after a flash mob of hundreds of teens caused chaos at the event on Saturday.

The Village of Tinley Park in Illinois announced that the final day of the Armed Forces Weekend Carnival scheduled for Sunday had been canceled "due to safety concerns stemming from a flash mob incident at Saturday’s event."

"Police said a group of about 400 teenagers who were responding to a call on social media to form a flash mob gathered at the carnival Saturday evening and began running through the parking lot and fighting with each other in an attempt to cause chaos and disrupt the event," Tinley Park government officials said in a statement.

A police officer was injured attempting to break up a fight and was treated at a local hospital before being released.

Authorities decided to cancel Sunday's festivities after learning that another flash mob was being planned for Sunday's carnival.

Videos from Saturday's armed forces carnival show teens brawling and clashing with cops.

Arab Chicago – "Chicago’s largest network focused on the Arab Community Check" – posted several videos of the mayhem that took place on Saturday's carnival.

(WARNING: Graphic video)

\u201cA teenager trying to fight off two police officers!\u201d
— Arab chicago (@Arab chicago) 1684687112
\u201cMore of these, Zero manners! Someone would ask: where are the parents?! \ud83e\udd14\u201d
— Arab chicago (@Arab chicago) 1684687112

Officials said most of the teenagers were released back into the custody of their parents. Five citations were issued for fighting.

In April, hundreds of teenagers flooded into the streets of Chicago in another flash mob. There were countless fights and several vehicles were damaged.

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Teens crash stolen car, killing infant; slither off with only misdemeanor charges

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Two teens face only misdemeanor charges after a baby was killed and three family members were injured in a crash involving a stolen vehicle the boys were driving, WLS-TV reported.

"Our sweet boy Cristian ... suffered from an impact that fractured his skull, causing his brain to swell and eventually killing him," Annelisse Rivera wrote on a GoFundMe page for the family.

"We are a family of believers in Jesus, and we know that we will see our sweet boy again one day. Until that day comes, we will cherish the short time we had with him forever."

The horrific crash that killed 6-month-old Cristian Uvidia took place in the Chicago community of West Garfield Park in the 4400 block of West Washington around 5 p.m. April 16.

The four teens in the stolen Hyundai Sonata were apparently joyriding when they plowed into the family's pickup truck.

Little Cristian's mother and two sisters ages 15 and 7 were also in the truck. They were taken to the hospital to be treated for their injuries, the outlet also reported.

"The baby wasn't breathing, so we started doing CPR," Shawn Walker told WFLD.

Walker's surveillance cameras caught the disturbing scene that ended with the Hyundai crashed into a light pole and the pickup truck crashed into a large tree.

Walker, neighbors, and passersby immediately rushed to the scene to render aid.

"My main thing was so we could get a pulse back into the baby," Walker said.

Baby Cristian was pronounced dead the day after the crash, according to the Cook County Medical Examiner's office, CBS News reported.

"It's really disheartening," Rivera told the outlet, responding to news of the charges two of the teens are facing.

Of the four occupants in the stolen Hyundai, two are facing charges. A 14-year-old boy and a 17-year-old boy are charged with misdemeanor criminal trespass to a vehicle, CBS News reported. No further charges have yet been brought against the teens, a spokesperson for the Chicago police told the New York Post Sunday evening.

As of Monday afternoon, a GoFundMe campaign to benefit the family had raised $37,510.

"Earth lost a beautiful baby boy, but heaven gained its most beautiful angel," Rivera wrote on the GoFundMe page.

"We are moved to tears by your generosity and your love."

Watch WGN-TV's coverage of the tragic loss of baby Cristian below.

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3 teen girls, 1 teen boy arrested in violent 5-day carjacking spree

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Police have arrested four teens in connection with a violent five-day carjacking and robbery spree, WUSA reported Monday morning.

The suspects are three teen girls, ages 13, 14, and 17, and a 17-year-old teen boy. Each faces robbery charges after being arrested Friday.

Thomas Hailu's son and his son's mother were treated at Howard University Hospital Friday after the suspects hit the back of their car, pushed it off the road, then fled. The boy's mother is being treated for a back injury, Hailu said.

"My son is six years old. He's shocked and he's traumatized," Hailu told the outlet.

The suspects were driving a silver Hyundai sedan when the hit-and-run occurred. Minutes later, they fled to the Washington VA Medical Center parking lot, where the quartet attempted a carjacking. The group's violent spree came to an end when they ran the sedan into a ditch near the VA.

Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department's Carjacking Task Force say the teens are connected to 13 violent robberies in the D.C. area over a five-day period, the outlet reported.

Their alleged crimes in the northeast and northwest portions of the District include assaulting victims and taking victims' property.

Police say they were involved in four incidents the evening of April 3, one incident April 4, three incidents April 5, three incidents April 6, and two April 7.

Citywide, carjackings in the District are up 78% in the last 30 days, compared to the same time period last year, according to the MPD's interactive carjacking dashboard. Carjackings involving firearms are up 112% in the last 30 days.

So far this year, there have been 169 carjackings in the nation's capital city.

Among carjackings this year, 57% involve juveniles. Sixteen of the 21 people arrested this year for the offense were teens. The most common age for carjacking arrestees is 15, followed closely by age 19.

Juvenile carjacking arrests are down 65% so far this year, compared to the same time period last year, according to the dashboard.

"It's very discouraging. It's very sad situation recently happening in D.C. You know, carjacking is getting out of control. These incidents happen time and time again," Hailu said.

Watch WUSA's coverage of the arrest of four teens in connection with a violent five-day carjacking spree below.

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Disturbing video shows kids, parents ducking for cover as bullets fly at youth baseball game — and police say gunfight had 'nothing to do' with the game

Police are on the hunt for multiple suspects involved in a "heinous and reckless" shooting at a park in South Carolina on Monday night that forced dozens of young children and their parents to duck for cover in fear for their lives.

What happened?

One parent's video of the shocking incident shows the youth baseball players and members of the crowd hitting the ground and crawling to safety as gunfire rings out at Pepperhill Park in North Charleston.

Many of the children appeared startled and confused by what was happening and a coach can be heard shouting, "Get down!"

Terrifying video from North Charleston tonight as a youth baseball game was interrupted by gunfire. Players scatter as they hear the shots.\nMore on this tonight on @Live5News at 11\nVideo Courtesy: Blake
— Kevin Bilodeau (@Kevin Bilodeau) 1650939112

According to WCSC-TV, the parent recording the video said between 50 and 75 gunshots were fired in a nearby parking lot at approximately 8:45 p.m., causing damage to multiple vehicles. Thankfully, no one was reported injured during the incident.

In a police report released on Tuesday, witnesses described seeing a "large group of teenagers" pull into the parking lot in separate vehicles and begin fist-fighting. Shortly after, the teenagers reportedly began shooting at each other. At least one of the suspects continued to shoot while driving at another vehicle that was fleeing the area, the report stated.

North Charleston police spokesman Harve Jacobs confirmed those details in conversation with WCSC following the incident.

"Witnesses indicated that multiple vehicles pulled into the parking lot, where a physical altercation took place, followed by dozens of gunshots," Jacobs told the outlet, calling the incident "heinous and reckless."

He added that "several youth baseball games were underway when this incident occurred" and that the gunfight "had nothing to do with the park, youth athletes, parents or coaches."

Mayor Keith Summey insisted that the city "will not tolerate this behavior and we will not allow this behavior to carry forward." In a press conference on Tuesday, he announced a $10,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of the individuals involved.

VIDEO | Dozens of gunshots fired near youth baseball game in North Charleston

What else?

One mother, Lori Ferguson, told the local news outlet that the harrowing incident has left her and her children shaken. It was Ferguson's husband, Blake, who recorded the video.

Ferguson said when she heard the gunshots ring out, she initially thought they were fireworks.

"And then all of a sudden, boom, boom, and ‘Get down, everybody, get down!’ And you’re at a park. My kids are not with me directly and you just see everybody scattering," she recalled. "And my son’s on the pitching mound by himself and it was just the most traumatic thing as a mother, as a citizen of this city, that you just feel helpless. I felt completely helpless."

Now her children are having a hard time feeling safe throughout the day.

"Now I understand we could walk down the street, something could happen. We could be at church, something can happen — 100% understand that," she said. "My kids asked me where the police were to protect them. They didn’t want to take a shower, in our own home, because now they’re traumatized by what happened tonight."

Police spokesman Jacobs advised that resources have been made available to those who need assistance recovering from the traumatic event.

Group of teens execute defenseless 60-year-old man in parking amid robbery spree: Police

A group of four teenagers in Dallas, Texas, have been charged with capital murder after allegedly shooting and killing a 60-year-old man during an attempted armed robbery, police said.

The victim, Ali Elbanna, was loading his vehicle with groceries in the parking lot of a northeast Dallas Costco business center early Tuesday evening when the suspects drove up in a stolen pickup truck and tried to rob him, according to KDFW-TV.

It remains unclear exactly what happened next except that Elbanna was struck by one fatal gunshot.

The suspects are reported to be three males — a juvenile, 17-year-old James Levels, and 19-year-old Jacoby Bryce Tatum — and one female, 17-year-old Janiya Lashay Miller. According to arrest affidavits, the juvenile, who has not been identified publicly, was the one who fatally shot Elbanna.

The suspects reportedly admitted to police that they had committed several other crimes that day. Dallas police were searching for the suspects prior to the shooting in connection with another armed robbery.

Four teens murdered Dallas 60-year-old in Costco parking lot, affidavit say

According to KXAS-TV, arrest warrant documents show "the group committed another robbery where they stole two mobile phones at gunpoint."

The outlet added: "The victims were tracking their phones, flagged down a police officer, and provided the officer with a description of the four people — three black males and a black female with a purple wig in a newer black Ford F-150 pickup with big tires."

Investigators reportedly tracked the phones to NorthPark Mall, where a group matching the suspects' identities was captured on surveillance video.

Police were able to use the phone tracking to locate and apprehend the suspects, whom they found in possession of the stolen phones as well as the wallet of the pickup truck's owner. The three adults reportedly agreed to waive their rights and speak with detectives without an attorney.

Investigators said the stolen pickup truck was found abandoned in an apartment complex nearby the mall.

KDFW reported that all four suspects have been charged with capital murder and that the adults are being held on bonds of $500,000 each.

Elbanna was the owner of an Arlington wholesale business and a father of multiple children. His family told KDFW that they are seeking privacy this time while they mourn the loss of their loved one.