Greta Thunberg takes pause from protesting affordable energy to support anti-Israeli causes, call for 'ceasefire, justice and freedom for Palestinians'

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Climate alarmist Greta Thunberg took a momentary pause from denouncing civilization-sustaining energy on Friday to demand that Israel cease its security action against Hamas terrorists.

The 20-year-old Swede said nothing on social media about the thousands of Israelis and scores of Americans massacred earlier this month or the hundreds of civilians Palestinian militants have taken hostage. She also didn't bother to mention her two countrymen murdered Tuesday by a jihadist in Brussels.

She did, however, post a picture of herself holding a sign stating, "Stand with Gaza," along with the caption, "Today we strike in solidarity with Palestine and Gaza. The world needs to speak up and call for an immediate ceasefire, justice and freedom for Palestinians and all civilians affected."

Thunberg added the hashtags, "#FreePalestine #IStandWithPalestine #StandWithGaza #FridayForFuture."

Among the three leftists seen in the picture with the autistic climate alarmist was one holding a sign that read, "Climate justice now!" with an image of a fist painted in the colors of the Palestinian flag. Another held a sign that read, "This Jew stands with Palestine."

In a subsequent post, Thunberg suggested that people can help by engaging with various accounts, including the Palestinian Youth Movement, the Adalah Justice Project, and IfNotNow.

The Palestinian Youth Movement has accused Israel of genocide; demands street action "until Palestine is liberated in its entirety"; refers to the Israeli government as a "depraved" "Zionist regime"; peddled falsehoods about the recent jihadist hospital bombing; and has linked "Black liberation and Palestinian liberation."

Days after the Hamas terrorist attacks on Israel earlier this month, the PYM tweeted, "WHEN PEOPLE ARE OCCUPIED, RESISTANCE IS JUSTIFIED."

IfNotNow is another leftist activist outfit that seeks to "end U.S. support for Israel's apartheid system." It has called the Biden administration's support for Israel "reckless and unconscionable."

Week 270. Today we strike in solidarity with Palestine and Gaza. The world needs to speak up and call for an immediate ceasefire, justice and freedom for Palestinians and all civilians affected.\n\n#FreePalestine #IStandWithPalestine #StandWithGaza #FridaysForFuture\nThread\ud83e\uddf5
— Greta Thunberg (@Greta Thunberg) 1697807596

Thunberg's latest leftist protest has sparked outrage and ridicule.

Eylon Levy, a spokesman for the Israeli prime minister's office, tweeted, "Just wait till you hear about the carbon emissions from the 24,000 liters of fossil fuels that Hamas stole from the UN to feet its war machine."

Israel's embassy in Berlin responded, "Imagine this is your first Statement on the massacre of 1300 Jews conducted by palestinian Terrorists. What is your business now? Hatred of Israel or climate protection?"

Noam Blum, chief technology officer at Tablet magazine, responded, "Glad to see Greta Thunberg and Andrew Tate coming to an agreement on dead Jews being awesome."

DeepCube co-founder Eli Daive wrote, "Finally BLM, climate activists, and all the other wokes are being unmasked for what they truly are: terrorism-supporters that want the total destruction of Western civilization. You are the carbon they want to reduce!"

Ben Shapiro noted, "She is no longer a child, so we can mock her as the ignorant, irritating moron she is now."

Arye Sharuz Shalicar, spokesman for the Israeli army, told Politico, "Whoever identifies with Greta in any way in the future, in my view, is a terror supporter. ... Because what Greta is doing, that she is now showing solidarity with Gaza while not saying a word about the massacres of Israelis, shows that she is actually not in favor of the Palestinians, but that she is sweeping the terror of the Palestinians or Hamas and Islamic Jihad under the table as if it did not exist."

Thunberg's support of anti-Israeli groups is not the only leftist reflex she shares in common with progressive Democrats in Congress. She also supports abortion in America; mass migration; using the specter of anthropogenic climate change to make "systemic changes" to Western society; and cutting the West off from affordable energy.

Time will tell if Thunberg will ultimately delete her Friday post as she did her 2018 prediction that humanity would become extinct five years later.

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