Linda Sarsour directs hurricane relief donors to Soros-funded org

· August 30, 2017  
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Linda Sarsour
Festival of Faiths | Frank Schulenberg | Wikimedia Commons


Linda Sarsour — a lead Women’s March organizer, Islamic supremacist with suspected ties to Hamas, and anti-Semite — is directing people to a project of a George Soros-funded political action committee rather than a real Hurricane Harvey relief organization.

Early Tuesday, Sarsour shared a call to action on Twitter for the “#Harvey Hurricane Relief Fund.” The link leads to a page of the “Texas Organizing Project Education Fund.” 

The Texas Organizing Project (TOP) describes itself as a “membership-based organization that conducts direct action organizing, grassroots lobbying and electoral organizing led by working families in Texas.”

“By mobilizing neighborhoods into public issue-based campaigns and linking those issues to the importance of voting, we have been able to build an infrastructure of grassroots community leaders and organizers to win tangible results and increase voter participation,” its website states.

Does that sound like a disaster relief charity to you?

TOP is an ACORN spinoff group that’s received funding from George Soros. ACORN, now defunct, was a left-wing activist organization that came under investigation for illicit voter registration activities and tax fraud.

Don’t waste your money on deceptive far-left organizations looking to capitalize on people’s misery and generosity during a major crisis. Be conscious of scams like the one Sarsour is peddling and be sure donate to real Houston charities if you are so inclined.

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Author: Chris Pandolfo

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