While Rome burns, McConnell focuses on pork: Bourbon, horses, hemp, and carp

· November 20, 2019  
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Mitch McConnell
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“Why won’t Republicans take action on this issue?”

That is the common refrain from loyal GOP voters as they watch the Left successfully destroy this country with one civilization-killing policy after another that goes completely unanswered by Republicans.

We have a massive immigration crisis in this country that is also becoming a crisis for our system of government, in addition to a security and cultural problem. The number of sanctuary cities has doubled since Trump took office, and they are unleashing a massive crime wave of gangs, drugs, child molestations, and drunk driving that would be 100 percent avoidable if our laws were followed.

There is no issue that has graver consequences to our security and society, reflects the breakdown of our system of government, or is easier to articulate to the American people than the issue of sanctuary cities. Yet Republicans refuse to deal with this or any similar issue in the budget bill. What is the leader of the GOP majority in the Senate focused on in the upcoming budget bill? Bourbon and horse interests in his state.

Amid a crisis of sanctuary cities, a lack of ICE funding, and judicial supremacism that is threatening to undo our sovereignty, what sort of policy riders is McConnell willing to fight for? Roll Call reports that McConnell’s Christmas wish list includes “renewal of tax breaks for the thoroughbred horse racing industry and bourbon distillers; aid for retired coal miners in danger of losing pension and health care benefits; and appropriations to stem the tide of invasive Asian carp infesting Kentucky waters and bolster the hemp industry, among many other line items in fiscal 2020 spending bills.”

Yesterday, House Democrats passed a continuing resolution to keep government funded until the week before Christmas. Senate Republicans are expected to dutifully comply with Pelosi and then pass a massive omnibus that funds every liberal project under the sun – but not ICE deportations and the border wall – while declining to cut off funding for sanctuary cities.

Imagine Abraham Lincoln and his party focusing the provisions in the 1861 budget bill on horses and bourbon as states were simply refusing to comply with federal law. We have a breakdown of federalism, with states engaging in anarchy against national sovereignty by protecting other countries’ criminals, and there is not a peep from Senate Republicans.

Then again, we no longer have a Republican Party that stands for saving the republic. We have a Democrat Party that stands for killing the republic, and we have Senate Republicans led by Mitch McConnell who, rather than confronting Democrats with a dramatic budget fight to win back voters, simply feast on the carcass of America. Democrats create carcasses out of America’s fabric, while Republicans pick away at the remains and take selfies in front of the once-vibrant remnants of the republic.

Anyone paying attention to the failures of the GOP over the past few years will understand that the only way for Republicans to ever enact any policy changes is to harness a budget fight on a powerful issue with clear majority support from the American people. Otherwise, even if they win back the House and Trump is re-elected next year, nothing will change, and the immigration issue in particular will get worse, as blue states essentially secede from the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution.

The sanctuary problem is exactly where to force a national debate in a budget fight. Democrats want to supplant the Constitution and have states harbor other countries’ drug traffickers, gangster, child molesters, and drunk drivers. Democrats want to fund sanctuary cities that will fuel the drug and gang crises, while defunding border security. It’s that simple.

According to a recent Harvard/Harris poll, 72 percent of overall voters and 76 percent of suburban voters oppose granting driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. Imagine if the election were framed around the specific issue of harboring illegal aliens arrested for other crimes, allowing them to remain here to commit more serious crimes. Even in counties where Hillary won by over 50 points, local officials are feeling the heat after releasing violent criminal aliens. Deep blue Tucson, which voted for Hillary by 25 points, defeated a sanctuary initiate with 70 percent of the vote earlier this month.

If nothing else, don’t Republicans like McConnell want to win back suburban voters?

“We’re investing in programs to encourage economic growth, protect Kentucky’s treasured waterways, and help families suffering from the scourge of substance abuse,” said Mitch McConnell in a statement after passing a large spending bill last month. “I’m proud to use my position as Senate Majority Leader to deliver for Kentucky, and I’ll keep working with my colleagues to get this bill to the president’s desk so communities throughout our Commonwealth can put these federal resources to good use.”

But much of that “substance abuse” in Kentucky is being driven by transnational trafficking networks in major midwestern cities, such as Chicago, whose sanctuary policies shield those networks from detection.

The real question is whether McConnell will ever be proud to use his position as Senate majority leader to deliver for Kentucky and the other 49 states on issues that actually matter to the survival of our republic. It’s fine to care about Asian carp infesting Kentucky’s waters. But when will he care about criminal aliens, MS-13, and drug traffickers infesting Kentucky’s land?

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Author: Daniel Horowitz

Daniel Horowitz is a senior editor of Conservative Review. Follow him on Twitter @RMConservative.