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· May 31, 2017  
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Off with their heads …

Griffin still with CNN? … After a disgusting video and photo surfaced of Z-list “celebrity” Kathy Griffin holding the severed head of Donald Trump surfaced, the internet was pretty universal in its condemnation. Griffin has hosted the CNN New Year’s Eve coverage in the past. CNN – via their own Oliver Darcy — said CNN has not yet decided whether or not she would stay on. That one seems pretty simple; even something called “Squatty Potty” figured it out.

CNN guests blame Donald Jr. … Donald Trump Jr. blamed the Griffin photo on “what the left thinks is acceptable today.” Then CNN’s Jake Tapper, as if on cue, decided to discuss Trump Jr.’s response instead of the photo itself. The Atlantic’s Molly Ball took the bait and chastised Trump Jr. for making this all about how the Left treats his father. No really, she did. Here, watch the video.

Another chopped head … Speaking of head chopping, CBS News has relieved Scott Pelley of his anchoring duties on the CBS Evening News. Pelley was one of the most biased anchors on television, who saw it as his job to oppose Trump, as much as read the news. Back in April, Rich Noyes at NewsBusters highlighted just how bad Pelley has been.

Reagan was right again, watch Mark Levin discuss only on CRTV.

Hannity fights back …

Standing up to bullies … Fox News’ Sean Hannity isn’t taking the concerted campaign by Media Matters to get him fired lying down. As the leftist organization has ramped up its attacks and calls for advertiser boycotts, Hannity and his allies have gone back at both Media Matters and its favorite television hosts. The tables are being turned, and “Team Hannity” has gone on offense vs. Rachel Maddow. Listen to Hannity discuss the campaign, and a forthcoming “devastating scoop” on Media Matters and its executives, with CRTV’s Mark Levin on the radio last night.

Boycott failing … After USAA – a financial institution catering to veterans and active-duty members of the military – faced backlash from its customers for stopping Hannity advertising, the company reversed course. USAA announced it will once again advertise on Hannity’s program.

Hating on Miley … Since giving up drugs and alcohol, pop star Miley Cyrus has been on the path to getting her life under control. With the booze gone, her wild and raunchy ways are seemingly in the past. For one writer at the New Yorker, it’s all a bit too much, as she chronicles “Miley Cyrus’s creepy return to wholesomeness.” You guessed it, for Amanda Petrusich, that’s a bad thing.

What say you?

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.