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Hunter Biden trial: Widow of Hunter's late brother testifies to using crack with Hunter, throwing away his gun

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Day four of the Hunter Biden trial focused primarily on the testimony of yet another of Biden's former lovers. This time, Hallie Biden, the widow of Biden's late brother Beau, took the stand, claiming to have used crack with Hunter Biden and to have thrown away the gun he had allegedly purchased illegally.

Hallie Biden and Hunter's infamous laptop

Hallie has already made an appearance of sorts at the trial as attorneys and at least one witness have already mentioned drug-related text messages she exchanged with Hunter Biden. In October 2018, around the time Biden purchased the gun in question, Biden wrote to Hallie that he was smoking crack and sleeping on a car. Another message during that timeframe referenced meeting up with a drug dealer named "Mookie," as Blaze News previously reported.

Those messages were allegedly found on the infamous laptop Hunter abandoned at a computer repair shop in Delaware several years ago. Earlier this week, special agent Erika Jensen testified that the FBI did authenticate the laptop as previously belonging to Hunter Biden by cross-referencing data from an iCloud account obtained from Apple by subpoena. Prosecutors also have a receipt from the computer repair shop that was sent to a known Biden email account.

Hallie's testimony

On Thursday, Hallie, who has been given immunity, took the stand for the prosecution and discussed her rather complicated history with Hunter Biden. While she described him as her "brother-in-law," she also admitted that the two engaged in a "gradual" romantic relationship after her husband, Beau Biden, died in 2015. That relationship continued on and off for years, she indicated.

Hallie claimed she first learned Biden had been abusing drugs when she found an unfamiliar substance while the two were dating. She admitted she had to "Google" it because she didn't know what it was. Biden later informed her it was crack, she said.

'Its hard to believe anyone is that stupid.'

After that, she regularly witnessed Biden use drugs and even began using crack as well, she said, after Biden introduced her to it. On occasion, she found him using crack rocks the size of a "ping pong ball," CNN reported.

"It was a terrible experience that I went through, and I’m embarrassed and ashamed, and I regret that period of my life," she said.

Hallie claimed she stopped using in August 2018, though Biden's drug use continued, as did their rocky relationship.

On October 12, 2018, Biden purchased a Colt revolver from StarQuest Shooters in Wilmington, Delaware. Before the sale could be finalized, though, Biden had to fill out an ATF form that includes questions about illegal drug use since federal law forbids drug addicts from purchasing firearms. On the form, Biden allegedly marked that he was not a drug addict.

Fewer than two weeks later, on October 23, 2018, Hallie found the revolver and some ammunition in Biden's truck. On the stand, she recalled feeling fear and concern that he might try to harm himself or that her children might find the gun and ammo.

"I panicked, and I wanted to get rid of them," she said.

She apparently placed the items in a bag Biden previously used to carry drugs — and that later tested positive for cocaine — and drove over to a neighborhood grocery store. There, she tossed the bag into one of the garbage bins. "I realize it was a stupid idea now, but I was panicking," she said.

Hallie also admitted under oath that she did not personally witness Biden use drugs during the approximately 12 days in October 2018 when he possessed the gun.

She then told Biden what she had done, and he directed her to go back to the store immediately and retrieve it. "The f***ing FBI, Hallie, its hard to believe anyone is that stupid," Biden allegedly texted her that day.

Surveillance footage from the store, which was played in court, showed Hallie desperately searching all the bins multiple times, to no avail. She later sought the help of a store employee and eventually filed a police report. Biden eventually drove to the store and participated in the investigation into the matter.

On cross, defense attorney Abbe Lowell attempted to cast doubt on Hallie's memory, asking her to recall minute details from that day. "On that morning, you’re not certain when you went to the car? ... You’re not certain when you saw him?" he asked. She answered both questions in the negative.

Hallie also admitted under oath that she did not personally witness Biden use drugs during the 11 or so days in October 2018 when he possessed the gun. She also could not confirm whether any of his drug-related messages from that time period reflected actual drug use or meaningless blather.

In November 2018, just weeks after the grocery store incident, Biden allegedly texted Hallie: "Im a drunk." Then, four seconds later, he added: "An addict." Thus far, the texts mentioned in court suggest Biden was actively using drugs until at least late September 2018 and then again in November 2018.

Anything else?

The gun was eventually retrieved by Delaware Trooper Millard Greer. Greer and Trooper Joshua Marley, who also investigated the missing gun, both testified on Thursday. Defense attorney Lowell pressed them on details of the case, perhaps to cast doubt on their memory as well. Lowell even managed to get Marley to admit he called Biden "the victim" in the missing gun incident involving Hallie.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Hunter Biden's father, President Joe Biden, was attempting to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day. During an interview with ABC's David Muir, President Biden confirmed he would not pardon son Hunter Biden should he be convicted.

Hunter Biden currently faces three federal felony charges related to the gun purchase: making a false statement material to a firearms sale, making a false statement in a firearms transaction record, and illegal possession of a firearm.

While actively using drugs, Hunter Biden could not legally purchase or possess a firearm. However, his attorneys have argued that he was not in active drug addiction during the short time he possessed the weapon and therefore didn't lie on the ATF form during the purchase.

Hunter Biden faces tax-related charges in a separate federal case to be heard in L.A. sometime in September.

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Hunter Biden trial: Exes testify to his drug habits; FBI agent, former gun shop employee weigh in as well

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First son Hunter Biden — a man who detailed his struggles with drug addiction in his 2021 memoir, "Beautiful Things" — is currently standing trial in Delaware for three charges related to allegedly lying on a federal form and illegally possessing a weapon for a brief period in late 2018. Day three of that trial has now concluded after testimony from two of Biden's exes as well as an FBI agent and the former gun shop employee who sold Biden the firearm.

'Unlawful user of, or addicted to': Biden allegedly lies on ATF form

On October 12, 2018, Hunter Biden walked into StarQuest Shooters in Wilmington, Delaware, and paid cash for a Colt revolver. As part of the purchasing process, Biden had to fill out a form required by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives that asks a number of questions regarding drug use.

One such question asks whether the purchaser is "an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance." The "no" box was checked in response to that question on Biden's form.

Buhle claimed Biden attempted to conceal his addiction from friends and family but that he became 'angry' and 'short-tempered' whenever he was under the influence.

Prosecutors have thus far attempted to demonstrate that Biden was abusing street drugs, particularly crack, at the time the weapon was purchased and therefore lied when he claimed on the form that he was not a drug addict.

Biden's attorneys, by contrast, have attempted to argue that Biden was abusing alcohol at the time, not illegal substances like crack. They've also suggested that Biden didn't see himself as an addict at the time he purchased the gun and therefore didn't lie, CNN reported.

'Found a crack pipe': Two exes take the stand

Two of Biden's former romantic partners testified for the prosecution on Wednesday: ex-wife Kathleen Buhle and ex-girlfriend Zoe Kestan. Buhle had been subpoenaed to testify while Kestan agreed to testify after receiving an immunity deal.

Buhle and Biden were married for nearly 25 years, from 1993 until 2017, and have three daughters together. Though Buhle mentioned that Biden had discussed entering rehab at least as far back as 2003 and noted that he had been dismissed from the Navy in 2014 because of alleged cocaine use, she said on the stand that she became particularly alarmed after she "found a crack pipe ... on an ashtray on the side porch of [their] home" in July 2015.

After that, Buhle testified that she repeatedly discovered drugs and/or drug paraphernalia in Biden's car and that she had to remove those items on several occasions to keep Biden's drug problem from their daughters. Buhle claimed Biden attempted to conceal his addiction from friends and family but that he became "angry" and "short-tempered" whenever he was under the influence.

Buhle also claimed that though Biden had moved out of their home shortly after she discovered the crack pipe, the couple went to therapy to try and work through their problems. During these therapy sessions, they did discuss Biden's drug habit, she claimed. However, she didn't really consider them to be officially separated until she "found out about the infidelity," she claimed.

On cross-examination, Buhle admitted that she had never personally witnessed Biden use drugs.

Kestan, on the other hand, who met Biden while she worked at a strip club in late 2017, claimed that she frequently saw Biden use crack.

Early in their relationship, though, Biden didn't use quite as often, she said, because they were so "focused on each other." He even told her she was a welcome "distraction" from his addiction, she claimed.

However, the extent of Biden's addiction was soon laid bare. During some of their rendezvouses together in the spring and summer of 2018, Biden would use crack "every 20 minutes or so," she claimed.

'Do drug dealers accept credit cards?'

During that time, she was often asked to help facilitate his addiction by meeting up with dealers or going to ATMs to collect money for drug purchases, she said. In May 2018, Biden even asked her to clean up a hotel room after he had fixed up a batch of crack the night before. That day, Kestan snapped a photo of the hotel room, claiming she was "very angry" that he had left her to clean up his mess. That photo was shared in open court.

By the time the two were sharing Biden's rental home in Malibu, Kestan had had enough and decided to move back to New York. She left either September 22 or 23, 2018, and Biden was still using crack as regularly as ever, she claimed. Her testimony indicated that in the weeks leading up to the gun purchase, Biden was still actively engaging in drug abuse.

Despite his unsavory requests and drug habits, Kestan repeatedly described Biden as "charming."

"Everybody loved him," she insisted.

A dead brother's wife, an FBI agent, and a dealer named 'Mookie'

Though she hasn't testified at Biden's trial, Hallie Biden — the widow of Biden's late brother, Beau, and who also had a romantic relationship with Hunter after her husband's death — still made an indirect appearance in court this week when FBI special agent Erika Jensen read some text messages Hunter Biden sent Hallie in October 2018 that suggest drug purchases and/or drug use.

In one message, Biden told Hallie he was meeting a drug dealer named "Mookie" at a ballpark near Wilmington. In another, he told her he was smoking crack and sleeping on a car parked in downtown Wilmington.

On cross-examination, Biden's attorney Abbe Lowell forced Jensen to admit she did not personally know whether Biden had ever actually done any of those things or whether he had just told Hallie he had. When he asked Jensen whether she even knew whether Mookie is a real person, she said she did not.

Lowell also noted during cross-examination of Jensen that while ample credit card and receipt evidence demonstrates that Biden was actively involved in alcohol addiction in October 2018 and that photos and statements attest to his drug addiction before and after that month, almost no evidence exists that he was actively engaged in drug addiction when he purchased the gun.

On redirect, prosecutor Derek Hines tacitly noted that people buying drugs often pay in cash to avoid leaving a paper trail. "Do drug dealers accept credit cards?" he asked Jensen.

"Not in my experience," she replied.

'Might as well': Former gun shop employee recalls Hunter's visit

Finally, Gordon Cleveland, the former StarQuest Shooters employee who sold Biden the gun, took the stand for the prosecution.

Cleveland claimed he did not recognize Biden when he entered the store but that after Biden explained what he was looking for, he was able to offer Biden several options. Biden eventually settled on the Colt.

Cleveland denied that the boxes on Biden's form already had checkmarks.

Cleveland also recalled explaining to Biden his ammunition options as well. He acknowledged that when he worked at the store, he often encouraged gun buyers to pick up some ammo at the same time.

"If you’re gonna buy a gun you might as well buy the ammunition. Because, what are you gonna do? Throw it at somebody?" he joked.

Defense attorney Lowell had previously suggested in court that the boxes on Biden's ATF form had already been checked by the time he went to fill it out. For evidence, Lowell pointed to the different colored pens used on the form and the seemingly different handwriting styles on it.

However, Cleveland denied that the boxes on Biden's form already had checkmarks and claimed he personally watched Biden fill out the form, including all the drug-related questions.

Anything else?

Prosecutors claimed they have six more witness, none of whom is expected to testify for very long. The defense team is thus preparing to call their first witnesses perhaps as early as Friday.

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If Joe Biden Is ‘Sharp As Ever,’ Why Is He Trying To Suppress The Hur Audio?

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Hur transcripts raise new questions, confirm Biden lied to the American people when he attacked special counsel in speech

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Transcripts of special counsel Robert Hur's interview with President Joe Biden confirm that Biden maligned Hur after the report was released.

Hours after the report was released on February 8, Biden attacked Hur for including details about his memory in the report. Specifically, Hur described Biden as a "well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory" and cited Biden's inability to remember, among other important details, "when he was vice president" and "even within several years, when his son Beau died."

Speaking to the American people, Biden claimed Hur brought up Beau's death. He said:

I know there’s some attention paid to some language in the report about my recollection of events. There’s even a reference that I don’t remember when my son died. How in the hell dare he raise that. Frankly, when I was asked the question, I thought to myself it wasn’t any of their damn business.

But transcripts of the interview, which were leaked to the legacy media ahead of Hur's congressional testimony on Tuesday, confirm that Hur did not first mention Beau.

On the contrary, Biden brought up his son's death.

The transcript shows that Hur was asking Biden where he kept records pertaining to his work projects after leaving the vice presidency in January 2017.

In response, Biden claimed that "in this timeframe," referring to his post-vice presidential days, Beau was either "deployed or is dying." He then asked, "What month did Beau die?" before answering his own question, "May 30."

At that point, a White House lawyer told Biden that his son died in 2015, not in the timeframe Biden first identified.

"Was it 2015 he had died?" Biden followed up.

Another person in the room confirmed that Beau died in May 2015.

A few seconds later, Biden incorrectly stated that Donald Trump was elected president in "November of 2017." After two people in the room corrected him — that, in fact, Trump won election in November 2016 — Biden questioned why his notes said "2017."

"That's when you left office, January of 2017," responded White House counsel Ed Siskel.

— (@)

The transcript confirmation raises important questions: Why did Biden publicly attack Hur and accuse him of asking about Beau's death when Biden already knew that Hur, in fact, didn't raise the topic?

Did Biden not remember that he was the one who first mentioned Beau's death? Or was his political attack an attempt to discredit Hur and paint himself as the victim of a partisan investigation?

Whatever the case, the transcripts prove that Hur accurately recounted Biden's memory problems in his report.

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Biden lied about Beau exchange with Robert Hur during angry press conference, transcript confirms

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