22-year-old man admitted to local sorority chapter on 'non-binary' claim cries foul after the national sisterhood ousts him

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22-year-old Fabián Guzmán was ousted earlier this month from one of the largest women's fraternal organizations in the world after its national office discovered he was neither a real woman nor a fake woman.

The so-called "non-binary" Costa Rican national is now throwing a fit and demanding that Chi Omega reinstate him.

Chi Omega was founded in 1895 at the University of Arkansas. It has over 402,000 initiates, 181 collegiate chapters, and 248 alumnae. It is touted as "an organization of purposeful women."

Guzmán, a man who refers to himself as a plurality, was admitted in 2022 to Chi Omega's St. Lawrence chapter, Epsilon Kappa, around the same time he stopped identifying as gay.

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He told the 19th, an apparent LGBT activist publication, that Chi Omega's national headquarters reached out to him in May with regard to his problematic membership, noting he should not have initially been able to rush.

After a series of online exchanges, in which the sorority allegedly indicated he would have to "partake in a two-step process of gender-based eligibility process," Chi Omega reportedly reached the conclusion on June 2 that Guzmán's membership would be voided with no opportunity for appeal.

It appears as though Chi Omega might have let it slide if Guzmán had pretended to be a woman, but pretending to be neither a man nor a woman was a bridge too far.

According to the 19th, the email read, "The selection criteria in the policy on membership includes 'females and individuals identifying as women,' which, by the chapter’s own understanding and your indication through the process, it is clear you did not meet the criteria at the time of joining. ... We are bound by our governing documents, and your membership must be voided."

Chi Omega's national office told the 19th in a statement, "In accordance with our governing documents, Chi Omega’s Executive Headquarters recently made the decision to void the membership of an Epsilon Kappa Chapter member at St. Lawrence University. By their own admission, this individual did not meet the criteria for membership at the time of joining. Chi Omega is committed to providing opportunities for friendship, personal growth, and development amongst women from a variety of backgrounds who live and reflect the values of Chi Omega."

Guzmán started a petition on Monday in an effort to cajole the sorority into: readmitting him; reinstating his position as recruitment chair of the Epsilon Kappa chapter; issuing a public apology that "acknowledges and validates those gender identities, like non-binary and trans, that identify as a woman and womanhood regardless of their sex assigned at birth"; and possibly amending the wording of the sorority's membership policy to make it possible for other men to infiltrate the once female-only organization.
In his petition, the foreign national accused Chi Omega of "blatant transphobia and bigotry," suggesting that his ouster during June, which LGBT activists claim to be "Pride Month," was "intentional."

Chi Omega is not the only sorority invaded by men in recent years.

TheBlaze previously reported that several former and current members of Kappa Kappa Gamma at the University of Wyoming filed a lawsuit in March asking the court to void the membership of Terry Smith, a 21-year-old man who calls himself Artemis Langford.

Smith was admitted to the sorority last fall. He is six-feet-two-inches tall, weighs at least 260 lbs, and makes little effort to pass as a woman.

A source connected to the sorority who spoke with TheBlaze on the condition of anonymity indicated that Smith still has his male genitals fully intact.

Other KKG members claimed that Langford had become noticeably aroused when he watched women enter the sorority house. According to the lawsuit, on some occasions, he "had an erection visible through his leggings," while in others, he covered his groin area with a pillow.

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit want the court to compel KKG to void Langford's membership and restrict membership to actual women.

The sorority hit back Tuesday at the women who sued with a motion to dismiss the suit, claiming that the term "woman" is "unquestionably open to multiple interpretation," reported the New York Post.

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