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New Data Shows A V-Shaped Pandemic Recovery Underway

The third-quarter GDP increase clawed back two-thirds of the first- and second-quarter contractions. Joe Biden’s policies would reverse this recovery.
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Trump Urges People To Vote In Tweets From Walter Reed Hospital

President Donald Trump encouraged his supporters to vote Monday in a string of multiple, all-caps tweets touting his presidential accomplishments.
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Mark Levin: Democrats Want To End The American Republic

Mark Levin speaks about how the 2020 election is "crucial" to the future of the United States, arguing that Democrats want to pack the Supreme Court and add states to tip the balance of power in Congress to assume permanent power. MARK LEVIN: This is our country. This is our election. Everything is on the table here. The Democrats want to change this country, turn it into a post-Constitutional, post-Republican type of society. Bernie Sanders' agenda is on the table. They're not hiding it from us. They're going to burn down the Supreme Court by packing it. This was tried before and denounced. They're going to add four Democrat senators to the Senate, they'll have the power to do it. They're going to change the power to legislate so nothing can be slowed down. nothing can stop them. They want to change our electoral process so only Democrats have representation to elect a president. Rural and suburban areas -- the areas of the country which produce the food and the energy will have no representation. This is not a joke. This is serious as a heart attack. This is what the election is about. This is why the 1619 project exists, to brainwash and destroy the minds of our kids, brainwash them against this country. You've seen this in the streets. The presidential nominee of the Democratic party doesn't even acknowledge the existence of Antifa - a Marxist, communist organization that says it wants to destroy our country and burn our streets. This election is a big deal. If you're on the fence, I don't know what fence you're sitting on. If you're leaning towards Joe Biden, he says, "I am the Democratic Party." He ain't kidding. If you're leaning towards Joe Biden, this is what you're going to get. There's a reason he won't tell you whether he supports stuffing the Supreme Court -- because he does. There's a reason he won't tell you about the nominees he has in mind -- because they are radicals. This election is crucial. Are you Thomas Paine? Are you Paul Revere? Now's the time to speak up.
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Cotton: Sick GOP Senators Will Be 'Wheeled in' to Personally Cast SCOTUS Vote

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) said that Judge Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court confirmation would move forward despite three Republican senators having tested positive for coronavirus during this week's broadcast of Fox News Channel's "Sunday Morning Futures." | Clips
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McCarthy Blasts Pelosi's 'Disgusting' Reaction to Trump COVID Diagnosis

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy blasted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sunday over her “disgusting” comments about President Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis. While Pelosi said she hoped it would mean a “saner
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Trump Leaves Hospital, Leftists, Media LOSE IT

'...indict Trump for reckless endangerment, assault'
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No clear link between school opening and COVID surge, study finds

The vast majority - 92% - of countries that are through their first wave of COVID-19 infections have started to reopen school systems, even as some are seeing a second surge.