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Deace: When will Trump get sick of Big Pharma laughing at him?

It was part plea for help and part political ultimatum when former Michigan gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon recently told former President Donald Trump that people are “desperate to have you stand for them” in getting pharmaceutical companies to release their safety data concerning his beloved poison poke. Either way, it’s something I have long been saying needed to reach Trump’s ears, then hopefully somehow convert his heart and mind to see the truth of what he funded.

While Trump’s rabid following remains robust, his broader base of support that pushed him over the top in 2016 is now reeling in the form of the most anemic on-the-ground, grassroots energy I have ever seen in my multiple decades covering the Iowa Caucuses. People simply don’t know who to trust or whether the political process is so rotten and rigged that it doesn’t even matter any longer. Add to that a feeling of betrayal by Trump himself on both the COVID and Jan. 6 fronts, and there is simply no way right now to make the electoral math work for Trump in 2024. His general election loss will be a certainty, and it will be deserved if he secures the Republican nomination on his current trajectory.

People are sick or dead because of Operation Warp Speed. In my home state of Iowa, where we were about as free from jab mandates as any place in the country, we’re still seeing all-cause mortality higher midway through 2023 than the average for 2017-19 — and up 4% over a year ago. Given the fact that excess deaths were up 17%, 12%, and 11% over the same time the previous year in 2020, 2021, and 2022, one would think we’d start to see deaths trending below baseline by now, but nothing like that has played out.

Something is very wrong, and this needs to be only the beginning of Trump admitting that his COVID emperor act had no clothes. Deaths by age demographic are even more astounding, with the 25-34 and 35-44 age ranges seeing 17% and 18% more deaths in 2023 than the 2017-2019 average, and that’s actually an improvement over the previous two years.

Yet here we are, with “get your COVID booster” narratives once again taking center stage. And why wouldn’t they, when accountability never seems to be on the menu? Even worse, we are viewed as suckers whose health will always be sacrificed when a buck can be made. A little birdie in the New Hampshire financial services sector told me as much, based on his connections inside the life insurance industry.

He was told in no uncertain terms by an insurance insider in May 2022 that the COVID jab had “obliterated” the insurance industry’s actuarial science tables. The genetic serum’s adverse effects, excess mortality, and health/age classes are blown so out of whack that the insurance industry began bottom-line triage operations to escape mounting costs, including raising term insurance rates, slashing commissions on life insurance producers, cutting whole life guaranteed interest rates by as much as half despite rising interest rates everywhere else, depreciating or shortening flexible funding riders, and declining the rate of insurance applications.

It’s an unambiguous attempt by the life and disability insurance companies to “grab back dollars to scrape back in their general accounts like I've never seen before,” according to my little birdie. Nonetheless, he also says the same insurance company his insider worked for was smack-dab in the middle of the national chorus running ads and clickbait encouraging people to keep getting injected with this obvious toxin and debunking so-called "vaccine misinformation.”

This should make you furious. This is what Tudor Dixon was talking about when she said the situation is desperate. Whether we are talking about individual health or the ability of freedom to ultimately win out over tyranny of all kinds, this farce must be exposed to the fullest and justice meted out with extreme prejudice.

Until then, you will continue to be the punch line in this nefarious drama. And, make no mistake, Trump was one of the primary authors of the joke. Maybe one day he will finally get sick of Big Pharma laughing at him.
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Deace: ‘No man left behind’ applies on the home front too

I can feel the bile rise up in my throat as I sit down to write this column. A healthy society, a just society, or a sane society would have named medals of honor by now after the men I bring before you, instead of condemning them to financial uncertainty and career ruin.

But here we are, as Gandalf once said, still trading reason for madness on the most pathetic of scales. Nearly three and a half years after Covidstan came crashing down on our liberty and, later on in the form of the now-infamous jab mandates, infected our very hearts and other vital organs and bodily functions with a growing list of dysfunction and disease.

All Dr. Samuel Sigoloff and Lt. Mark C. Bashaw did is try to save people from that fate per the dictates of their consciences and the once-obvious demands of the Hippocratic Oath, along with many of the other heroes featured by Daniel Horowitz and me in our book “Rise of the Fourth Reich: Confronting COVID Fascism with a New Nuremberg Trial, So This Never Happens Again.”

Sigoloff is a family medicine physician and holds the rank of major in the U.S. Army, currently stationed at Fort Huachuca in Arizona. He was the medical director of the Raymond W. Bliss Army Health Clinic before he was suspended in September 2021 for writing COVID "vaccine" exemptions for patients upon their request.

Backed with information from the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database that showed significant safety risks and harm in relation to the COVID “vaccine," as well as the concurring opinions of three other Army officers, Sigoloff turned whistleblower and initiated a lawsuit against the U.S. Secretary of Defense in order to deliver justice to those who signed up to serve their country as soldiers – not lab rats.

Similarly driven to whistleblower status, Lt. Bashaw served as a public health officer and company commander at the Army Public Health Center from January 2020 to June 2023. In November 2021, he refused to participate in further mandates as he forwarded information to his chain of command and members of Congress regarding the failure of interventions such as masks, tests, and injections, along with his objections to propagandized risk communication strategies, psychological operations, discrimination, and unlawful orders that were weaponized against both service members and the public at large. That earned Bashaw a court martial after 17.5 years of active duty for “unacceptable conduct” and a forfeiture of his retirement benefits.

These men both took an oath with the understanding that they would go as far as dying for their country in order to fulfill it. And now the government of that same country has told them to skip straight to the part about dropping dead, because they wouldn’t sell their souls to the Hydra-like magical power of vaccines.

Since that is a coup the majority of people still refuse to wake up to, those of us with open eyes and firmness of conviction are left to provide Sigoloff and Bashaw with the barest infusions of hope and honor as best we can.

To that end, I ask you to consider going to to purchase a special hardcover edition of “Rise of the Fourth Reich” autographed by Daniel Horowitz and me, with the full profit from each sale being donated in its entirety to Sigoloff and Bashaw. Neither Daniel nor I will receive a penny from this limited, commemorative run. That’s the least we could do for our real heroes. Let us not just reward Sam and Mark for their sacrifice, but let them know they have not been forgotten.

“No man left behind” applies on the home front too.
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Deace: Will 'Operation Warp Speed' stop Trump's presidential bid?

Getting Donald Trump to admit his mistakes is the sort of thing that most people by now understand requires nothing short of a miracle.

And as it would happen, a miracle is also what was largely required if you were in the United States military during the COVID coup and wanted to avoid taking the poison poke.

Somehow, Iowa state Senator and Air National Guard Colonel Kevin Alons won the lottery on the latter, and now, feeling like he’s got the hot hand, he has decided to do what he can to use the Iowa Caucus process to turn Trump back from the dark side. Alons, whose late father was one of the state legislature’s conservative stalwarts for many years, posted a video on his nascent Twitter account that up until now has largely gone unnoticed — ironically, just like the escalating excess deaths, whose increase just happens to coincide with the mass injecting of Americans with a certain experimental mRNA sacred cow we’re supposed to ignore.

The video, which Alons titled “I want to endorse Trump for president but I need a fighter against medical tyranny,” hasn’t made anyone click-rich off its number of views. However, underneath the surface of all the bravado and poll-driven predictions that the presidential primary is already over, it symbolizes the silent sword of Damocles hanging over Trump’s presidential aspirations — particularly in a state with a significant medical freedom contingent like Iowa. And they all vote.

Alons is probably a name many in the media have never heard of, but he speaks for a lot of people who were caught in the crosshairs of Operation Warp Speed, which Trump has repeatedly bragged is one of his crowning achievements as president. In fact, one of Trump’s favorite pollsters, Rasmussen, released a survey back in January that found a whopping 28% of Americans “say they personally know someone whose death they think may have been caused by side effects from the Covid-19 vaccines.” Another 49% told Rasmussen they believe “it is likely side effects to the Covid-19 vaccines have caused a significant number of unexplained deaths.”

“Biden essentially treated us as a felon [for refusing the jab],” said Alons, 54, who has served 29 years in the Air National Guard as a pilot. “I guess that was supposed to scare me, but it galvanized me. And it pushed me to run for office.”

Alons’ hesitancy to instantly support Trump again, especially the reason for it, is one of the major reasons why Trump now faces a formidable challenge for the nomination from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Florida remains the only state in the country that has issued any kind of safety alarm against the COVID mRNA shots, and earlier this year the Florida Supreme Court approved DeSantis’ request for a grand jury to begin both fraud and criminal investigations into the vaccine makers’ claims and associated risks.

“A lot of people say that having to take the COVID vaccine was just ‘one of those things’ that you had to give up when you signed up,” Alons said. “But that’s just terrible. How could that ever be? We are all supposed to be defending the Constitution. But people have already taken so many vaccines, they can’t accept the government is deceiving them. They don’t even understand how brainwashed they’ve become by the whole medical system.”

Unlike Alons, too many military personnel still have not had their rank, pay, and benefits restored after refusing the experimental genetic serum. Some of their stories are highlighted in my best-selling book, “Rise of the Fourth Reich: Confronting COVID Fascism with a New Nuremberg Trial so This Never Happens Again,” which I co-wrote with my Blaze Media colleague Daniel Horowitz.

Those subjected to the tyranny and tragedy spawned by Operation Warp Speed demand and deserve justice. They have been more than patient with Trump to hear their pleas, but time is running out for the former president to show them the empathy they’re requesting. Sooner or later, they are likely to seek justice elsewhere.

And one of those places could be voting for his main rival, DeSantis, on caucus night.

“It’s a matter of how many cards you have to play, and I’m not sure how many I have,” Alons said. “But we are racing to the point where people have to make hard choices instead of avoiding them.”

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Deace: Dear liberals, I’m sorry

I believe in finding the victory in any situation. Perhaps that is especially true when apologizing.

So here I am, prostrating myself before God and country, Naomi Wolf-style. In fact, I see her humility and I am inspired to follow her example. I’ve learned my lesson. I wish to be made clean. And here’s the kicker: I have liberals to thank for it.

They were stone-cold right about stuff like forever wars and corporate greed. I couldn’t see it back in my “we’re America, b****es” 1980s jingoistic days. It simply didn’t compute to me that a heinous act like 9/11, perpetrated by cave-dwelling jihadists, could be cynically fashioned into the longest military excursion to nowhere in American history. Or at the end of America’s Afghanistan story would be an unapologetic homage to America’s ignominious exit from Vietnam.

It was almost as if failure and embarrassment were the point all along.

Back here in the homeland, my Alex P. Keaton wannabe younger self would never have dreamed that the free market was about as honest and noble as the dark corner where crack addicts and prostitutes conduct their “commerce.” Because it turns out the “free market” largely doesn’t exist at all.

We live in a command economy, too, it’s just that we march at the command of the mutual admiration society forged by big government and big business. Like when we supposedly have a pandemic, big government miraculously determines the billion-dollar big box stores were all safe and essential to stay open. Meanwhile, the small and family-owned businesses were nonessential super-spreaders or something. This, not coincidentally, activated perhaps the single largest transfer of wealth in human history – to the already wealthy. Robber-baronism isn’t any holier than Marxism.

Goodness, was I wrong, because somewhere along the line, proud American businesses did in fact become soulless global masters of manipulation like, for example, Big Pharma. All they did was take a bad flu (they) made in a Chinese lab and run with it to the tune of gazillions of dollars in profit. And they did so by suppressing all of the cheap and early treatments, in order to receive the emergency declaration required to sell a jab that protected almost no one while poisoning countless people.

And from whom did Big Pharma receive that emergency dispensation … err … declaration? Why, from big government, of course.

Again, shame on me, though. Because while I may be a total depravity guy, I still somehow fell for a version of that whole Francis Fukuyama “end of history” thing. I thought our propensity for evil would somehow be muted by mankind’s increasingly broad access to comfort and opportunity of all kinds. And yet it turns out that my trite notions of peace in our time, or the superiority of Western medicine, simply don’t come close to satisfying the endless lusts of those for whom power and control will always be the endgame.

The liberals of my youth tried to warn me about all this, especially in the really cool music they wrote or listened to, but even though I was jamming along, I wasn’t really listening. They told me “the man” was trying to keep me down, and it turns out they were right. For if these last three myocarditis-inducing years have taught me anything, it’s that I’m even more of a pawn than I am a person to those truly in charge.

Bob Seger was basically an Old Testament prophet in his classic song “Feel Like a Number.” We’re merely another brick in the wall to forces far darker and with greater reach than all the slippery slopes I had previously believed in and warned about.

Which leads me back to the beginning. How could I possibly declare a victory after all of this self-flagellation? Simple, really. It’s because I now get to ask this question: Why don’t liberals believe their own warnings any longer? Or were they ever even serious at all?

What else am I supposed to think when they now cheer on a World War III-provoking forever war in Ukraine? Or when they demand to this very day that healthy children be forced to take a jab that has proven to be the equivalent of sitting down at the Russian roulette table in the movie “The Deer Hunter”? When bands who vow to “rage against the machine” force their own audiences to be injected with a toxin to attend their shows?

My newfound liberal friends, here I am ready to consider how far down the rabbit hole goes, so where is the orgy of free thought and open minds that I was promised?

The liberals should be declaring the mother of all scoreboards on me. Instead, aside from a remnant like the aforementioned Naomi Wolf, or Russell Brand, or Joe Rogan, they have largely become meet the new boss – same as the old boss. Corporate America is the devil, man, unless its name is Pfizer. Then it’s holy writ, and I offer my body up to it as a living sacrifice, because the Spirit of the Age is truly contained within the substance I’m taking in.

This is a very old and Orwellian tale. Let us pray, though, that it has a different ending this time. For there isn’t much time left for all of us to get off this very stupid ride.
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Deace: Kirk Moore, American hero

True masculinity is not a leisure pursuit. It is not for the comfortable. It necessitates that you put something on the line for what you claim to believe in. To that end, meet an American hero named Kirk Moore.

The Utah doctor, along with two of his employees and a neighbor, was charged in federal court for allegedly running a fraudulent COVID-19 vaccination card scheme, destroying vaccine doses and administering saline shots to minors. Among the specific charges are conspiracy to defraud the United States; conspiracy to convert, sell, convey, and dispose of government property; and conversion, sale, conveyance, and disposal of government property and aiding and abetting.

Otherwise known as refusing to bend the knee to the fascist enterprise formerly known as the United States of America.

Too much? Yeah, you’re right. It’s not as if Tucker Carlson didn’t just confirm that the Jan. 6 narrative previously sold to us by all Democrats, almost every Republican, and the entirety of corporate media was a near-total fabrication aimed at bringing down a sitting president. And that's when they weren't attempting to forever smear anyone who would ever consider voting for him or someone like him again.

How many times do I have to say it? The calls are coming from inside the house.

Anyway, back to Moore. He understood that the only thing the COVID “vaccines” and their magical elixir power cured was critical thinking. And that's when they weren't working and poisoning you. So he simply began doing what he could, Underground Railroad-style, to set the captives free. He turned his practice into a modern-day hiding place.

No, this man shouldn’t be on trial for what he’s done. We should be putting him on our currency, like Harriet Tubman.

The absurdity of all of this is shown even more starkly when you consider the number of gender-bending surgeons and their grooming accomplices in the public schools who continue to plague our children’s minds, bodies, and souls like the locusts they are, yet suffer no consequences for manifesting the Island of Doctor Moreau whatsoever.

Yet here is this doctor, backed by multiple years of gathering evidence that the jab is a toxic enterprise. Thus he was saving lives by saving people from the jab. Nevertheless, he's about to get the January 6 prisoner treatment. Because Romans 1 is our home slice now.

These demonic people feed on fear and power, just like their true father. Our fear gives them power. It was our fear of a virus that gave them power over nearly every morsel of our lives the last few years, because it is our fear that paralyzes both our reasoning and conviction. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear makes both cowards and sheep of us all.

That's why an example must be made out of Moore. He acted in faith instead of fear. He understood there was a higher responsibility here. Hence he deployed both his reasoning (objectively looking at the evidence that this is a poison) and conviction (obligation to act courageously in light of that truth) and broke their power and control. Moore's example must not be allowed to spread, so he must be put down.

This is where we come in.

We will actually decide Moore's fate, not them. We will actually decide whether Moore will be memory-holed or emulated. Whether he will inspire more to defiance, or perspire alone under the weight of the tyranny. How many of you reading this right now are prepared to let your light shine in the darkness?

If you call yourself a child of God, please know He didn't bestow such a distinction upon you to hide that light under a bushel basket. He created you for true glory in defense of the good, the true, and the beautiful.

So what are you prepared to do?
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Deace: No 'amnesty' for COVID tyranny

I wrote my forthcoming book, “Rise of the Fourth Reich: Confronting COVID Fascism with a New Nuremberg Trial, So This Never Happens Again,” exactly because of people like Emily Oster. She is legion, and if those like her are allowed to get away with the nonsense she tried to pull this week in the pages of the Atlantic, fascism will be what’s for dinner for a very long time.

Oster, who is a professor at Brown University with a Twitter bio that says – I kid you not – “unapologetically data-driven,” wrote a column titled “Let’s Declare a Pandemic Amnesty: We need to forgive one another for what we did and said when we were in the dark about COVID.”

I bring up the part about being data-driven because I, too, would describe myself that way. And had I not been data-driven from the outset of COVID in March 2020, I’m sure I could easily have been overwhelmed by the fear and the lies at the heart of the unrelenting COVID propaganda, just like anybody else. But since something didn’t smell right from the beginning, I began doing my homework, along with a small group of other misfits whose names you now know largely because of the intensity with which cultists like Oster tried to mock, ban, and purge them from polite society.

It is that homework that led me to write another book titled “Faucian Bargain” back in the spring of 2021, which became a #1 best-seller. Because the data already showed, beyond a shadow of a doubt at that point and far earlier, the so-called experts were not only failing to save us but were seemingly in on the scam of the century. If we were in the dark, it wasn’t by accident. It was all part of the plan.

And whether it was the World Economic Forum or Anthony Fauci or the Chinese Wuhan lab that is directly responsible for foisting Covidstan on us two and a half years ago, it was the throngs of Karens like Oster who pathologically cheered the crisis into cult status by faithfully locking down, masking, and jabbing in defiance of scientific reality itself – lest civilization turn into a heaping pile of ash.

Otherwise known as Trump getting reelected.

Now, with Twitter changing hands and the truth having a chance to be set free, Oster looks to avoid the consequences of her actions with “mistakes were made” and “fog of war” mea culpas. Time to move on and forgive, she says, as if humility has been her driving force all along. Well, tell that to Dr. Peter McCullough, who is perhaps the most decorated cardiologist in American history. He is being stripped of his medical credentials as we speak for daring to take a pass on Big Pharma’s Kool-Aid. Or to those across the heavily jabbed world who now are facing higher numbers of excess deaths in 2022 than in 2020 or 2021, when there were either no jabs or far fewer rounds of jabs and boosters.

What are the benign, innocent explanations for those things? There are none. Which is why we must have

Yet there Oster is, Mrs. “data-driven” herself, declaring in her column that despite the countless things she and others got wrong in the past, she’s still certain that “the mRNA vaccines have won out.” Which means she isn’t really reflecting on her past mistakes at all, merely pivoting away from responsibility for some of them so she can freely continue committing other frauds.

To that I say an emphatic hell no. Our zero-accountability culture has been killing us for far too long now, and it is time to put our house in order before it is too late. Oster and her fellow cultists are, at the very least, guilty of a lack of self-awareness that no amount of data can cure. She is the same now as she ever was, believing the world is flat because it is simply what she prefers. And in her grotesquely selfish ignorance, she and her ilk have clearly become a threat to us all.

Far more dangerous to the republic than COVID ever was is the class of scribblers like Oster, whose every insecurity is hidden under the guise of some Quixotic expertise and then spammed out into the universe so she can be made comfortable at the cost of everyone else.

She and others like her must pay by being exposed for their role in this suicide of courage, logic, and decency and, at the very least, never be taken seriously about matters of substance ever again.
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Deace: Let the liars pay

Someone lied. Someone needs to pay.

Someone said that innocent people didn’t really die from weapons callously deployed in a place where there was simply no legitimate call to use them, especially among children.

Someone said parents made up stories about their children’s bodies being irredeemably ravaged by advanced technology because of out-of-control political agendas.

Someone called out people for public embarrassment and cancellation because they demanded justice in the face of government systems that let them down, if not actually fostered the chaos that led to the destruction of what they loved the most.

Wait, you thought I was talking about Alex Jones?

Okey dokey, because if that’s now the standard for the biblical crime of bearing false witness, what then for the two towers of Covidstan and Transtopia?

I see your billion-dollar penalty for the popular prevaricating provocateur and raise you a millstone for the liars who, it was just confirmed, lied to us from the beginning about the jab stopping transmission of the virus to others. And yet they tried to force their experimental poison upon us nevertheless. They tried to stop those who wouldn’t take the mark … err … jab from holding jobs and thus buying and selling, despite the fact that they knew all along that if they lied at “the speed of science,” they would probably be able to get away with almost anything.

And so far, they are sadly right. When do the trials for these fiends begin?

Not only are they telling us that innocent people aren’t really being damaged and dying from the biological mRNA time bombs that were forced upon us, they are upping the ante and saying children should continue to sit at the Russian roulette table to fend off a virus that posed no threat to them in the first place. And if you dare to publish the now obvious evidence that the jab weapon is poisoning people, you are subject to cancellation by Big Tech, as Dr. Peter McCullough was recently – regardless of his unassailable reputation and impeccable credentials.

Your children aren’t yours, the liars say. They are ours, and thus they must be jabbed – or else. They must use the right pronoun – or else. They must stop being a bigot about dating a woman with a penis – or else. They must go to med school and swear the blood oath to "honor all Indigenous ways of healing that have been historically marginalized by Western medicine" and to fight "white supremacy, colonialism, [and] the gender binary" -- or else.

You will be assaulted by every woke weapon in the arsenal, and you will like it. You will watch reality be undone in every conceivable way, and you will deem it brave. You will forget you even once believed in the sanctity of traditional definitions of child, parent, or citizen, and you will accept your destiny, in all its grotesque machinations, as a ward of the state who needs to know your godless role and shut your hole.

That is the pernicious and damnable lie that is being shoved down your throat daily. So if we want to really punish lying, let’s truly get it on. Because whatever punishment the system thinks Jones deserves, the likes of Fauci, your groomer teacher, and the child mutilators at your local Island of Dr. Moreau "gender clinic" deserve far worse by a factor of eternity in hell.

Yes, let the liars pay. Let them all pay dearly.

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Deace: What Biden's speech doesn't mean

Now that Supreme Leader Biden appears to have turned the RED RUM up to 11 on Thursday, let me tell you what that doesn’t mean, by way of some information a BlazeTV colleague of mine recently turned up.

She came across a House Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations hearing from 2014 titled “Review of CDC Anthrax Lab Incident.” It included the following revelations pertaining to the situation at hand:

  • Just 6-8 years ago, the CDC shipped live anthrax to a less secure lab.
  • The existence of ventilation systems that were blowing fumes in the wrong direction.
  • Found dangerous pathogens stored in zip-lock bags and kept in a desk drawer.
  • Decontamination solutions used to clean labs were expired.
  • Thousands of labs that the CDC was charged with overseeing had similar occurrences.
  • One expert said under oath that his findings prove that the original anthrax scare was unlikely to be a foreign attack, as Americans were told. He said it is more likely that the CDC leaked the deadly virus by accident.
  • Experimenting with deadly pathogens when nondeadly pathogens would have sufficed.

Again, this was 2014, perhaps making abundantly clear in hindsight that the CDC was completely unprepared to be the gold standard for all things COVID-related. Or does that get things exactly wrong if we put our Ben Kenobi lenses on and see things from a certain point of view?

And that point of view would be that agencies like the CDC and other deep state strongholds were making clear back in 2014, and likely well before, that they were completely PREPARED to not let a good crisis go to waste when COVID, ahem, “appeared.”

Which brings this all back to Biden and what his optical and rhetorical bloodbath at Independence Hall doesn’t mean.

He isn’t trying to convince a lucid but fence-sitting sector of society to make tough choices in the face of an actual looming threat. No, he is reminding a long feral and mob-prone ideological army – who, along with getting zany with anthrax back in 2014, was also primed and ready to meatball-surgery your kids, insist they are racist, and/or force them to worship at the altar of Greta Thunberg – that they are the real threat.

As in a real threat to us, and they are to weaponize themselves by any means necessary to achieve the goal of smashing every stained-glass window and replacing the carnage with their unique brand of chaos.

No mere red-wave election is going to change that, because the Spirit of the Age knows an open secret about Republicans: No matter how bad our civilization appears to be crumbling before our very eyes, no true punishment or consequences for it will come from the installing of almost any of these Republicans. For every Ron DeSantis, Lindsey Grahams are legion.

That anthrax hearing in 2014 should have made it beyond certain that following a total housecleaning at the CDC, what we just endured during COVID at the hands of scientism masters like Fauci and Birx would have been impossible. But just the opposite happened. The masters learned that they could likely get away with anything, and so they did.

Further confirmation of this inconvenient truth can be found in the fact that as their glorious jab has proven negative efficacy, Spirit of the Age Valhalla California is still revving up legislation that would punish doctors for spreading medical “misinformation” not approved by the cult.

Maybe Biden’s “Triumph of the Will” impersonation the other night will wake more of us up to the tragic fact these people mean business. For his next parlor trick, Antiochus Epiphanes will slaughter a pig on the altar. Do you know what time it is?
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Deace: What comes after Fauci's gaslighting could be even worse

I too am offended that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis called Anthony Fauci an elf who should be tossed across the Potomac. Not because he said it, but because he forgot to say the part about the millstone.

Fauci deserves a fate far worse than an ornery turn of phrase. After a fair and transparent criminal trial, he deserves what all people guilty of manslaughter – at the very least – deserve. For he is the most dishonestly evil public figure in American history. He is America’s Mengele. And unless the emotional and psychological hold he still has on too many in this nation is quickly sent to the bottom of the sea, all of us will continue to suffer – with whatever lives we have left to live – at the whims of the all-powerful bio-medical fascist state.

This goes well beyond COVID. It has every bit as much to do now with whether or not we prefer being gaslit to knowing the truth as long as it allows our idols to survive – especially the government ones. We have gone from “resistance to tyranny is obedience to God” to “trust unelected government bureaucrats no matter how wrong and dishonest they are” in less than 250 years.

However, if you think Fauci is guilty of cosmic levels of gaslighting, what may come after him could very well give him a run for his demonic money. Democrats seem poised to finally give Donald Trump all the credit for the poisonous jabs that he has long demanded and craved. A “report” was released this week by House Democrats stating that the Trump administration “pressured the FDA to authorize unproven treatments for Covid-19 and the first Covid-19 vaccines on an accelerated timeline.”

I used to think such a pivot to blaming Trump and his “Operation Warp Speed” for the escalating risk/death/injury profile of these poisonous jabs might be impossible, because the cult of COVID would be too strong ever to be forced give up its magic potion idol. But then I learned yet another of so many harsh lessons to come my way in the last few years – when the lie is the point, the gaslighting can always get more ridiculous. Russian collusion and Kavanaugh hearings didn’t make it less likely that COVID would be blown out of proportion, but even more so. Because until there are consequences for such tyrannical deception, the scams against civic sanity and coherence will only grow more frequent and preposterous.

So instead of preparing Nuremburg-like trials for the likes of Fauci, the Overton window of the day is actually going to try to frame itself around the tall tale that Pfizer, Moderna, the FDA, the CDC, Big Tech censorship, and unprecedented government promotion and coercion didn’t lead to maybe the worst public health betrayal in American history. Of course! All those entities were bullied into a rush job by “Orange Man Bad” and only then abandoned their previous sterling and beyond-reproach reputations.

Or at least that is the forthcoming retcon, which is already in motion. And why not? They already claimed Trump was compromised into Russian collusion because of depraved behavior with Russian prostitutes, while the whole time it was actually Hunter Biden filming his own potential blackmail material with those aforementioned Russian prostitutes. When you keep getting away with it, you keep doing it.

This scenario is dark and terrible, obviously; nevertheless, I sincerely hope we are forced to watch it play out. For it may take something this brazen and wicked to finally call us out of our comfort and truly understand and thus start playing for existential stakes here. As opposed to our typical plan of watch Fox News all day and then save America by voting for Republicans who mostly hate us.

And if that still doesn’t do it, and we retreat back to our comfort as Fauci enjoys his lucrative retirement for putting the millstone around our children instead, at least we’ll know once and for all that we’re done here.