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Deace: What Biden's speech doesn't mean

Now that Supreme Leader Biden appears to have turned the RED RUM up to 11 on Thursday, let me tell you what that doesn’t mean, by way of some information a BlazeTV colleague of mine recently turned up.

She came across a House Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations hearing from 2014 titled “Review of CDC Anthrax Lab Incident.” It included the following revelations pertaining to the situation at hand:

  • Just 6-8 years ago, the CDC shipped live anthrax to a less secure lab.
  • The existence of ventilation systems that were blowing fumes in the wrong direction.
  • Found dangerous pathogens stored in zip-lock bags and kept in a desk drawer.
  • Decontamination solutions used to clean labs were expired.
  • Thousands of labs that the CDC was charged with overseeing had similar occurrences.
  • One expert said under oath that his findings prove that the original anthrax scare was unlikely to be a foreign attack, as Americans were told. He said it is more likely that the CDC leaked the deadly virus by accident.
  • Experimenting with deadly pathogens when nondeadly pathogens would have sufficed.

Again, this was 2014, perhaps making abundantly clear in hindsight that the CDC was completely unprepared to be the gold standard for all things COVID-related. Or does that get things exactly wrong if we put our Ben Kenobi lenses on and see things from a certain point of view?

And that point of view would be that agencies like the CDC and other deep state strongholds were making clear back in 2014, and likely well before, that they were completely PREPARED to not let a good crisis go to waste when COVID, ahem, “appeared.”

Which brings this all back to Biden and what his optical and rhetorical bloodbath at Independence Hall doesn’t mean.

He isn’t trying to convince a lucid but fence-sitting sector of society to make tough choices in the face of an actual looming threat. No, he is reminding a long feral and mob-prone ideological army – who, along with getting zany with anthrax back in 2014, was also primed and ready to meatball-surgery your kids, insist they are racist, and/or force them to worship at the altar of Greta Thunberg – that they are the real threat.

As in a real threat to us, and they are to weaponize themselves by any means necessary to achieve the goal of smashing every stained-glass window and replacing the carnage with their unique brand of chaos.

No mere red-wave election is going to change that, because the Spirit of the Age knows an open secret about Republicans: No matter how bad our civilization appears to be crumbling before our very eyes, no true punishment or consequences for it will come from the installing of almost any of these Republicans. For every Ron DeSantis, Lindsey Grahams are legion.

That anthrax hearing in 2014 should have made it beyond certain that following a total housecleaning at the CDC, what we just endured during COVID at the hands of scientism masters like Fauci and Birx would have been impossible. But just the opposite happened. The masters learned that they could likely get away with anything, and so they did.

Further confirmation of this inconvenient truth can be found in the fact that as their glorious jab has proven negative efficacy, Spirit of the Age Valhalla California is still revving up legislation that would punish doctors for spreading medical “misinformation” not approved by the cult.

Maybe Biden’s “Triumph of the Will” impersonation the other night will wake more of us up to the tragic fact these people mean business. For his next parlor trick, Antiochus Epiphanes will slaughter a pig on the altar. Do you know what time it is?
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Deace: What comes after Fauci's gaslighting could be even worse

I too am offended that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis called Anthony Fauci an elf who should be tossed across the Potomac. Not because he said it, but because he forgot to say the part about the millstone.

Fauci deserves a fate far worse than an ornery turn of phrase. After a fair and transparent criminal trial, he deserves what all people guilty of manslaughter – at the very least – deserve. For he is the most dishonestly evil public figure in American history. He is America’s Mengele. And unless the emotional and psychological hold he still has on too many in this nation is quickly sent to the bottom of the sea, all of us will continue to suffer – with whatever lives we have left to live – at the whims of the all-powerful bio-medical fascist state.

This goes well beyond COVID. It has every bit as much to do now with whether or not we prefer being gaslit to knowing the truth as long as it allows our idols to survive – especially the government ones. We have gone from “resistance to tyranny is obedience to God” to “trust unelected government bureaucrats no matter how wrong and dishonest they are” in less than 250 years.

However, if you think Fauci is guilty of cosmic levels of gaslighting, what may come after him could very well give him a run for his demonic money. Democrats seem poised to finally give Donald Trump all the credit for the poisonous jabs that he has long demanded and craved. A “report” was released this week by House Democrats stating that the Trump administration “pressured the FDA to authorize unproven treatments for Covid-19 and the first Covid-19 vaccines on an accelerated timeline.”

I used to think such a pivot to blaming Trump and his “Operation Warp Speed” for the escalating risk/death/injury profile of these poisonous jabs might be impossible, because the cult of COVID would be too strong ever to be forced give up its magic potion idol. But then I learned yet another of so many harsh lessons to come my way in the last few years – when the lie is the point, the gaslighting can always get more ridiculous. Russian collusion and Kavanaugh hearings didn’t make it less likely that COVID would be blown out of proportion, but even more so. Because until there are consequences for such tyrannical deception, the scams against civic sanity and coherence will only grow more frequent and preposterous.

So instead of preparing Nuremburg-like trials for the likes of Fauci, the Overton window of the day is actually going to try to frame itself around the tall tale that Pfizer, Moderna, the FDA, the CDC, Big Tech censorship, and unprecedented government promotion and coercion didn’t lead to maybe the worst public health betrayal in American history. Of course! All those entities were bullied into a rush job by “Orange Man Bad” and only then abandoned their previous sterling and beyond-reproach reputations.

Or at least that is the forthcoming retcon, which is already in motion. And why not? They already claimed Trump was compromised into Russian collusion because of depraved behavior with Russian prostitutes, while the whole time it was actually Hunter Biden filming his own potential blackmail material with those aforementioned Russian prostitutes. When you keep getting away with it, you keep doing it.

This scenario is dark and terrible, obviously; nevertheless, I sincerely hope we are forced to watch it play out. For it may take something this brazen and wicked to finally call us out of our comfort and truly understand and thus start playing for existential stakes here. As opposed to our typical plan of watch Fox News all day and then save America by voting for Republicans who mostly hate us.

And if that still doesn’t do it, and we retreat back to our comfort as Fauci enjoys his lucrative retirement for putting the millstone around our children instead, at least we’ll know once and for all that we’re done here.