Blaze News original: A dozen times vehicular street takeovers and 'sideshows' resulted in violence, injuries — even death

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Blaze News has reported extensively about dangerous street takeovers — also called sideshows — which typically consist of participants meeting at a predetermined intersection, blocking it off, and drivers doing endless donuts in a circle and other dangerous stuff while a big crowd gawks and records it all on video.

Street takeovers can pop up anywhere. Earlier this year, 30 vehicles were impounded after a street takeover on the 6th Street Bridge in Los Angeles, KTTV-TV reported. Some happen right in the middle of interstate highways, as you'll soon read about below.

'Because one of our officers was surrounded by a bunch of masked, tough-guy-wannabe-thugs who ... acted in a criminal manner, in a way that I’ll tell you is never going to happen again in Fairfax County.'

But they're always a challenge for law enforcement. Check out what a couple of Connecticut police departments — through their bodycam videos — had to contend with last December.

Content warning: Language:

With that, the following are a dozen examples of street takeovers and sideshows that resulted in violence, injuries — and even death:

Chief says female officer 'narrowly escaped a line-of-duty death scenario' after 'tough-guy-wannabe-thugs' surrounded her cruiser amid street takeover

The street takeover took place around 3 a.m. March 31 in Springfield, Virginia. Fairfax County Police bodycam video caught much of the "utter chaos and disorder." Police said, "A large group of individuals surrounded the officer’s cruiser. At least one attempted to remove the license plate from the vehicle as the others acted disorderly." Participants reportedly jumped on police cruisers and slammed their windows. Law enforcement said one male was outside a police vehicle armed with a rifle, and a motorist allegedly struck an officer with a vehicle and fled. The officer reportedly suffered minor injuries.

Fairfax County Police Chief Kevin Davis stated, "I believe we narrowly escaped a line-of-duty death scenario of our own. Because one of our officers was surrounded by a bunch of masked, tough-guy-wannabe-thugs who ... acted in a criminal manner, in a way that I’ll tell you is never going to happen again in Fairfax County."

Davis said he believes that the mob "fully intended to drag" a female police officer out of her car and harm her: "Thankfully, they didn’t get into the car, and we’re very grateful for that." You can view the police department's news conference about the incident — which includes police bodycam video — here.

Street-takeover driver fatally strikes 24-year-old woman on Christmas Day

The deadly 2022 incident took place around 9 p.m. at the intersection of Florence Avenue and Crenshaw Boulevard in Los Angeles. Cellphone video shows a car, which police described as a black Chevy Camaro, careen into a crowd of spectators; Elyzza Guajaca was struck and died at a hospital.

Guajaca's family told KTLA-TV she was planning on becoming a nurse and had become a fan of racing and street takeovers after watching the "Fast and Furious" series of movies. They also said they warned her to stop attending street takeovers due to the danger involved.

Police said it's likely that others were seriously injured in the crash. You can view video related to the street takeover here. Video reportedly shows the driver hop out of the car and join others in pummeling a man on the ground. There were about 200 people in the crowd, according to Los Angeles police detective Ryan Moreno.

State police shoot dead 18-year-old driver they say hit 2 troopers amid illegal street racing on Interstate 95 in Philly

State police told WTXF-TV officers were sent to the interstate highway near Penn's Landing around 3:30 a.m. June 4, 2023, and found several vehicles illegally blocking the roadway as other drivers were doing "burnouts" and "drifting" while numerous people watched. You can view video related to the deadly incident here.

Police added to the station that as they attempted to approach a vehicle and its driver — identified as Anthony Allegrini Jr. — two troopers were hit by the car. Police noted to WTXF that one trooper shot Allegrini, and he was pronounced dead at the scene. The troopers who were allegedly struck suffered minor injuries, NBC News said, citing state police.

WTXF added in a separate story that it received video of several drivers performing illegal donuts and burnouts at the intersection of Cottman and Torresdale Avenues in northeast Philadelphia just hours before the Penn's Landing incident. The station said hundreds of people can be seen gathered at the intersection as vehicles performed the illegal racing with passengers hanging out of car windows and roof openings.

"Once again, our great city of Philadelphia was under siege by criminal activity involving illegal street-racing," FOP Lodge #5 President John McNesby told WTXF, adding that illegal racing also took place at a third location. "Another weekend of Philadelphia and state police officers putting themselves in danger to curb this criminal behavior."

Driver involved in Oakland sideshow crashes car, kills bystander

Instagram video shows a Nissan 350Z driving east on International Boulevard around 2 a.m. June 26, 2022, followed by an Oakland police car, KTVU-TV reported. Soon the Nissan crashed, sending a parked car into a group of people — among them 28-year-old Lolomanaia Soakai, who was killed. You can view video related to the incident here.

Oakland police arrested Arnold Linaldi, 19, on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence, the station said. "Speed was a factor in this investigation, and it appears that the vehicle was involved in sideshow activity prior to the collision," then-Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong said, according to KTVU, adding that the suspect had been speeding.

"Prior to the collision, two officers attempted to stop the vehicle traveling at nearly 100 miles per hour," Armstrong said, according to the station. "The officers could not keep up with the vehicle, and the officers disengaged the vehicle."

Young male shot to death during street takeover near Compton

A young male was shot to death during a street takeover on Aug. 14, 2022, the Los Angeles Times reported, citing the L.A. County Sheriff's Department. The fatal shooting took place in Willowbrook, the paper said. Willowbrook is just northwest of Compton. Detectives responded to a report of a shooting and street racing in the 13400 block of Mettler Avenue at 11:57 p.m., the Times said, citing a Sheriff’s Department news release. Deputies found an unresponsive youth between the ages of 15 to 20 suffering from gunshot wounds, police said, according to the paper. Authorities said the male was pronounced dead at a hospital, according to the Times. Police don’t believe the incident is gang-related, the paper said, adding that no suspect or vehicle information is available.

Cops say female may be dead after out-of-control car in street takeover struck her

Los Angeles police are looking for a female who was violently struck at an April 13 street takeover at the intersection of Manchester Avenue and San Pedro Street in the Florence neighborhood of south L.A., KABC-TV reported. You can view cellphone video of the street takeover here.

The driver — who was "conducting dangerous maneuvers known as donuts" with an Infinity G37 — lost control and slammed into the crowd, police told the station. The female — whose head hit the pavement and was bleeding — appeared to be unconscious, KABC said, adding that police said the driver fled, and some spectators carried the victim away.

The LAPD South Traffic Division said its attempts to identify the victim have been unsuccessful, the station said.

"We've checked in with the coroner's office, our missing persons, I think these guys even tried using some facial recognition software to try and identify this person, and so far, we've struck out everywhere," LAPD Detective Ryan Moreno said at a media briefing.

No hospitals reported admitting a young woman with head injuries around that time, either, but Moreno added that investigators obtained some information leading them to believe she may be dead. Police are offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the hit-and-run driver, KABC said.

Masked thugs beat man to bloody pulp for confronting their street takeover in Oakland

Horrific cellphone video — which you can view here and here — shows masked thugs beating a man bloody after the victim confronted their street takeover in Oakland on April 30, 2023.

Video shows the beatdown victim throwing a bucket at one of the cars involved in the sideshow — and as you might expect, the occupants got out and attacked the man, who's knocked to the sidewalk and repeatedly punched and kicked as a surrounding crowd howls like it's a movie. And, of course, they turn it into one after pulling out cellphones and recording the attack.

No one helps the motionless man as blood drips down his cheeks. The viciousness wasn't enough, though: One of the attackers pulls the victim to his knees and kicks him twice in the buttocks. Someone yells at the victim, "You got knocked the f*** out!" — and apparently the bucket he originally threw at the car is placed over his head.

According to KTVU-TV, the attack took place at 34th and Adeline Streets, and the victim's condition could not be confirmed Monday. The station added that Oakland police indicated they are aware of the attack and added that there were numerous sideshows across the city the same day, which resulted in one arrest, a recovered gun, and a pair of towed cars.

Another sideshow video at the 34th and Adeline intersection shows a skidding red Mustang hitting at least two onlookers as well as a fire hydrant, after which water shoots into the air.

Man struck by car doing donuts during street takeover — 1 of 3 that occurred in one night in California county

Video shows the drifting car closing in on the man around 11:30 p.m. Oct. 6, 2022, at the intersection of Valley View Street and Artesia Boulevard in Buena Park, California. While the news station doesn't show the collision, its video shows the aftermath — and the victim is seen lying in the street. It was one of three street takeovers in Orange County that night; the others took place in Anaheim and Costa Mesa. It wasn't known if the victim was taken to a hospital. Those with minor injuries due to street takeovers rarely report them to law enforcement.

Street-takeover driver trying to elude cop hits onlookers — and suspect's brother goes to bat for him: 'He's a good kid. He messed up. Everybody has a mess-up.'

WSB-TV spoke to a man who identified himself as the brother of street-takeover suspect Kevin DaSilva. The man said, "He’s a good kid. He messed up. Everybody has a mess-up. He is sorry about everything that happened. He does apologize.”

Cellphone video shows the driver of a black Ford F-150 pickup truck blocking traffic at the intersection of Northside Drive NW and 17th Street in Atlanta while engaging in dangerous moves as a hefty crowd watched on Aug. 20, 2023, WXIA-TV reported. You can view video here showing the driver hitting onlookers as he tries to outrun police.

The driver in question "fled through the crowd striking several pedestrians, one of which suffered an injury," the Georgia State Police told WXIA. Victor Gonzales Lagos suffered a broken leg, WSB said, citing an arrest affidavit.

The trooper chased down the driver and pulled a PIT maneuver on him, bringing the truck to a stop, WXIA said. The trooper then exited the patrol car with his gun drawn, hopped atop the hood of the patrol car, and pulled the driver — who was holding his hands up — through the open window. The trooper then handcuffed the driver, who was soon lying face-down on the street. Jail records indicate DaSilva was charged with fleeing and attempting to elude, serious injury by vehicle, and reckless driving.

Mob of 500 takes over Philly intersection, gawks at cars doing donuts at 2 a.m. After cops move in, driver hits officer and flees scene.

Officials said the crowd and vehicles were near a Sunoco gas station in the 1300 block of Broad Street in north Philadelphia on July 23, 2023, KYW-TV reported. You can view video related to the street takeover here and here. An officer suffered a broken ankle after being struck by one of the drivers who then fled the scene, KYW said. The injured officer was taken to Jefferson University Hospital where he was treated, the station said, adding that several other officers also were injured and treated. Police told KYW the North Broad Street gathering was one of five to which officers responded over the weekend. John McNesby, president of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #5, told the station that "what's really sad is the city is starting to become accustomed to this."

Female passenger hanging out of street-takeover car falls from vehicle, car's back tire runs over her

Cellphone video of the incident — which took place at the corner of Cermak Road and Canalport Avenue in Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood on Feb. 4, 2023 — can be viewed here. The video shows the female hanging out of the passenger window of a car skidding in a circular motion in front of a large crowd. After she falls out of the window, the car's back tire runs over her.

WBBM-TV said a person who attended the street takeover indicated the victim was injured but survived. Police added to the station that they were called to the scene but had no information related to the injury.

Similar incidents prompted Chicago's City Council to pass an ordinance that would impound cars involved in illegal street stunts and racing, but critics said it's not enough.

Male reportedly injured when street-takeover driver hits him: 'The kid is limping back, and it's just scary'

Mrinali Goyal was visiting her brother Karan in San Francisco when they witnessed a terrifying moment during a sideshow at Main Street and Harrison Street just after midnight on Oct. 2, 2022, KRON-TV reported.

“Saw a bunch of cars doing donuts on the street, crowd of at least 50 people in a ring ... taking up the entire intersection, and then you had cars on all four sides just blocking in traffic so nobody could really get in or get out,” she told the station.

Video — which you can view here — shows one of the sideshow cars hitting a male.

“Someone gets hit, falls over, and then you see this car come back, runs over his foot, he loses his shoe, his phone breaks. This kid is limping back and it’s just scary,” she added to KRON.

She also told the station that police seemed helpless: “In that video you see like 10 police cars just there, but they’re not really doing anything, and even after they sort of chase them, I guess. But it didn’t really seem like they had the intent to go after them.” San Francisco police at the time told KRON no arrests have been made amid the active investigation.

Heartwarming bonus: Sheriff gives punks bad news about 88 cars towed and impounded after major street-takeover bust

Readers of Blaze News may recall a heartwarming tale earlier this year about the sheriff of California's San Joaquin County sharing with the owners of 88 cars that their cars were towed and impounded after a major street-takeover bust in Stockton. Seems the little angels from the illegal sideshow had been calling the sheriff's office and wanting their rides back.

Sheriff Patrick Withrow, however, had a very different plan in mind — and he bluntly told them on video, "No need to keep calling."

First off, authorities are holding on to all the impounded cars "indefinitely until they are processed, and the District Attorney advises they are no longer needed for prosecution," he said. But even worse for the street-takeover connoisseurs was Withrow's promise that "we will be looking into the merits of seeking a destruction order for any vehicle deemed to be a public menace."

KXTV-TV reported that street takeover at the intersection of Country Club Boulevard and Pershing Avenue "ended with crowds of people detained and law enforcement in riot gear."

"It was just an unreal scene from when I got there," Michael Garcia, who lives near Stockton's American Legion Park, told the station in regard to the sideshow bust. He added to KXTV that "people were there sitting down, detained."

The station said law enforcement stopped nearly all sideshow drivers and participants, which resulted in more than 150 people detained and 88 cars towed away.

Withrow added to KXTV that his department used a new tactic to stop the street takeover in its tracks: "They're becoming more and more violent, and so we feel that this is the best way to contain it. We were able to find out ... where it was going to occur and fairly quickly get people in place and then swoop in on all sides of that intersection there."

Bonus, part deux: Thugs climb on Tesla's hood amid Chicago street takeover, repeatedly pound, kick car — then one idiot gets schooled on Newton's third law of motion

Readers of Blaze News also may recall a story about a Chicago street takeover last October during which revelers were caught on video appearing to trap a white Tesla on Lower Wacker Drive — and some even climbed atop the hood to take selfies.

At one point, the driver — who seemed to be leaning on the car's horn — got irritated or scared or both and appeared to put the car in motion ever so slightly, after which those sitting on it immediately got off and then started to pound and kick the car.

Soon the Tesla driver apparently decided enough was enough and drove off, after which the escaping driver appeared to hit at least one of the street-takeover participants. A female let loose with a horrified shriek — as if the collision occurred in some left-wing vacuum where it's normal to climb on other people's cars and damage them and get away unscathed.

As militant leftists tend to do, they chased after the Tesla — which by that point had sustained damage to its driver-side mirror — and pounded and kicked the vehicle some more while a female hollered, "F*** this car up!" and another yelled, "What the f***, bro!"

The clip — which you can view here — ends with the Tesla veering through more traffic and sideswiping a vehicle.

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'Easily 200 FBI undercover assets': Rep. Clay Higgins says FBI dressed as Trump supporters on January 6

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Republican Rep. Clay Higgins (La.) made shocking claims that undercover assets working for the FBI operated on January 6, 2021, in the hundreds. Higgins also asserted that the assets were dressed as Trump supporters and helped those who entered the Capitol navigate the building.

The Louisiana Republican appeared on "The Tucker Carlson Encounter" and told the host that he estimated at least 200 undercover FBI assets both inside and outside the Capitol building.

"We believe that there were easily 200 FBI undercover assets operating in the crowd, outside the Capitol, embedded into groups that entered the Capitol or provoked entry of the Capitol," Higgins said. "Given the scope of the operation and the number of doors where entry was allowed or even encouraged — and the number of people that were actually outside the Capitol and that entered — we believe 200 [is a] conservative number," he continued.

Carlson responded with alarm, replying that it was "shocking" to hear and "confirms everyone's worst suspicions."

"It’s clearly true," the host tagged on.

Higgins further explained that based on the evidence he has seen, FBI assets worked with local D.C. Metro Police and the Capitol Police and dressed as supporters of President Trump while inside the Capitol.

"The FBI assets that were dressed as Trump supporters that were inside the Capitol were there, I believe, and evidence indicates that they were there to specifically wave in the Trump supporters that had gathered outside the Capitol."

"Those were the guys that knew their way around the Capitol," Higgins explained. "There’s no way they can come in some random door that gets opened and then get their way directly to Statuary [Hall] or the House chamber or the Senate chamber. It’s just not possible."

Those who made it inside the Capitol were then allegedly directed to "the areas where the FBI, the DOJ, and the Deep State actors" could charge and prosecute them.

FBI Director Christopher Wray had previously refused to answer questions from Higgins about FBI assets on January 6, 2021. He told Congress they "should not read anything into my decision not to share information on confidential human sources" when he refused to give details.

TRUTH #5: Attorney General Merrick Garland & FBI Director Christopher Wray have refused to say under questioning how many informants or undercover agents were embedded in the crowd on January 6.\n\n#EntrapmentDay
— (@)

Higgins said that the evidence "implicates [the] FBI at the highest level" and hoped that House Speaker Mike Johnson would release all documentation pertaining to the historic event.

"He has a responsibility to fully release that data, and then the American people will see for themselves what some of us have already learned, to our horror, to be true."

Ep. 61 This the smartest, best informed account of what actually happened on January 6th.
— (@)

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Oliver Anthony soars to #1 on iTunes with blue-collar anthem; Rolling Stone tries to trivialize viral sensation as a right-wing 'screed' with 'Reagan-era talking points'

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Breakout music star Oliver Anthony shot to fame this week after his blue-collar anthem exploded across the internet. However, leftwing outlet Rolling Stone took the opportunity to trivialize the viral sensation as simply a country song that "right-wing influencers are losing their minds over."

In just three days, Oliver Anthony's "Rich Men North of Richmond" has racked up millions of views on YouTube, Twitter, and other streaming services.

Despite being a mostly unknown music artist a mere week ago, Anthony is now dominating the iTunes charts – outpacing established stars such as Taylor Swift, Jason Aldean, and Luke Combs. Anthony not only has one song in iTunes top 10 songs, he has an impressive four tracks in the top 10 – "Rich Men North of Richmond" (#1), "Ain't Gotta Dollar" (#2), "I've Got to Get Sober" (#5), and "I Want to Go Home" (#9).

On Friday, Anthony thanked his "awesome" fans for the skyrocketing success.

He announced that he would be playing a free concert on Sunday in Currituck, North Carolina. He said more shows would follow, but things would be "slow" because he isn't rushing into things.

— (@)

Tyler Cardon, CEO of Blaze Media, offered to fly Anthony to appear on BlazeTV shows to "help him sell a ton of records."

As TheBlaze previously reported, country star John Rich has reportedly volunteered to produce Anthony's record.

Anthony – who first started writing his own music in 2021 – explained that "Rich Men North of Richmond" was his "first song to get out there that has been recorded on a real microphone and a real camera, and not just on my cell phone."

Anthony said people enjoying his music gave him a new "purpose" in life, and making music will be what he does "at all costs, no matter what."

"I'm going to write, create, and produce as much original, authentic music as I can," Anthony said. "In the hopes that it will at least help somebody out there that needs it."

Anthony, a former factory worker, said "Rich Men North of Richmond" is a scathing musical takedown of politicians in Washington, D.C., who "make life a little more difficult than it should be."

Anthony declared that he sits "pretty dead center down the aisle on politics and always have." He said that "it seems like both sides serve the same master — and that master is not someone of any good to the people of this country."

The singer/songwriter said that both Republicans and Democrats had controversies when they were in power.

In his song "Doggonit," Anthony takes on both political parties: "And Republicans and Democrats, I swear, they're all just full of crap. I ain't never met a good city slicker bureaucrat."

Despite Anthony being in the center politically, the liberal Rolling Stone minimized his amazing story as an artist who is adored by right-wing influencers.

"Right-wing influencers are losing their minds over a new country song that just appeared on streaming services today," the article begins. "'Rich Men North of Richmond' is a passionate screed against the state of the country sung by Oliver Anthony, who identifies as a farmer living off the grid with his three dogs in Farmville, Virginia."

The first paragraph also focuses on Anthony's admitted previous struggles with drugs and alcohol – but he has been sober for over 30 days.

The Rolling Stone writer claims that "Rich Men North of Richmond" is not popular with conservatives because of the struggle and frustration that everyday Americans encounter in a deteriorating United States. Instead, the writer contends, "A look at the lyrics, however, may suggest another reason why 'Rich Men North of Richmond' is appealing to right-wing influencers. Anthony rails against high taxes and the value of the dollar, but also wades into some Reagan-era talking points about welfare."

The writer is also taken aback by the lyrics condemning convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and child sex trafficking.

"The real head-turner though is an apparent allusion to Jeffrey Epstein’s Caribbean island, where the billionaire and convicted sex offender allegedly introduced underage girls to powerful associates," the article states.

The writer says, "He also talks about 'human trafficking,' which he admits is alluded to in the lyrics 'Rich Men North of Richmond.'"

It was just last month that Rolling Stone attacked "Sound of Freedom" – the anti-human trafficking movie that was a surprise success at the box office. Rolling Stone called the film "a superhero movie for dads with brainworms," and, "The QAnon-tinged thriller about child trafficking is designed to appeal to the conscience of a conspiracy-addled boomer."

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Oliver Anthony - Rich Men North Of Richmond

If you need a laugh, this is for you: Top 20 DUMBEST/WEIRDEST things Joe Biden has ever said

[rebelmouse-proxy-image,0,0,0 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//" expand=1]

Sleepy Joe is known for a lot of things — for example, his elegant, articulate style of rhetoric.

That was obviously sarcasm.

If there’s one thing the left and the right can agree on, it’s that Joe Biden says some crazy things.

And Pat Gray is determined to relish each and every one of them.

“We’ve compiled the 20 dumbest/weirdest/gaffiest things he has said over ... his career,” he says, and while they’re all worthy of side-splitting laughter, here are a few of the highlights:

#20: “And it happens to be, as Barack says, a three-letter word: jobs — J-O-B-S.”

#8: “We hold these truths to be self-evident! All men and women created by the goal, you know, you know the thing.”

#7: “God save the queen man” (which was said long after her death, we’ll add).

#5: “I got hairy legs that turned that that that that that that that that turn uhh blonde in the sun. The kids used to come up and reach in the pool and rub my leg down ... so I learned about kids jumping on my lap, and I love kids jumping on my lap.”

“That’s so weird!” booms Pat.

But some of these are arguably ever weirder. To hear the remainder of Pat’s list, watch the full clip below.

Want more from Pat Gray?

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Mob of 500 takes over intersection, gawks at cars doing donuts at 2 a.m. After cops move in, officer is hit by vehicle — and driver flees scene.

[rebelmouse-proxy-image,0,0,0 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//" expand=1]

A mob of about 500 took over a Philadelphia intersection over the weekend, watching and recording video of cars doing donuts around 2 a.m. Sunday. However, after police moved in to disperse the crowd, a vehicle hit an officer, and the driver fled the scene.

What are the details?

Officials said the crowd and vehicles were near a Sunoco gas station in the 1300 block of Broad Street in north Philadelphia, KYW-TV reported.

Cellphone video showed two people hanging out of windows of a car doing donuts at Broad and Thompson Streets while two others on foot stayed ahead of the car and recorded video, the station said. The videographers hopped and ran out of the way to keep from getting hit.

One police officer wasn't so lucky. He suffered a broken ankle after being struck by a vehicle, KYW said, adding that the driver fled the scene. The injured officer was taken to Jefferson University Hospital where he was treated, the station added.

Several other officers also were injured as a result of the incident, and officials told KYW they also were treated.

The station added that police are still searching for the motorist who hit the officer.

'Entire street was covered with kids'

"This entire street was covered with kids, and there was racing going on, and people were doing wheelies in the intersection, and it grew from there," Noah Prabhakar, who watched the whole thing from his balcony, told KYW.

Residents told the station it all started as a party on an apartment building rooftop, and then a fire alarm was pulled — and the crowd traveled to a next-door gas station.

"People were trying to get in. A lot of people were here," Amiya, who declined to give her last name, noted to KYW. "I heard it was the party of the year."

Soon the crowd began blocking the intersection, after which nearby residents called 911, the station said.

Dozens of police officers arrived to break up the crowd, KYW noted, adding that the cellphone video shows several people being detained.

"I saw one of the officers get pushed down, and then the other officers were surrounding him, and they were waiting for the ambulance to come, and they loaded him into the ambulance," Prabhakar noted to the station.

Police told KYW the North Broad Street gathering was one of five to which officers responded over the weekend.

John McNesby, president of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #5, told the station that "what's really sad is the city is starting to become accustomed to this."

McNesby added to KYW that such incidents make life harder for an already short-staffed department: "We're 1,400, 1,500 officers down. If we start to get them numbers back and increase the roles of the Philadelphia Police Department, we'll be able to handle things like this."

Philadelphia City Council last month approved legislation to crack down on illegal street racing and car meet-ups, the station said.

Several officers injured as police try to disperse crowds in North Philadelphia

Anything else?

In early June, an 18-year-old male was shot dead by Pennsylvania State Police officers who said he hit two troopers with his car amid illegal street racing on Interstate 95 in Philadelphia.

The number of such car "meet-ups" and vehicular stunts appears to be increasing.

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18-year-old shot dead by Pa. State Police who say he hit 2 troopers with car amid illegal street racing on Interstate 95

[rebelmouse-proxy-image,0,8,0 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//" expand=1]

An 18-year-old male was shot dead by Pennsylvania State Police officers who said he hit two troopers with his car amid illegal street racing on Interstate 95 in Philadelphia early Sunday morning.

What are the details?

State police told WTXF-TV officers were sent to the interstate highway near Penn's Landing around 3:30 a.m. and found several vehicles illegally blocking the roadway as other drivers were doing "burnouts" and "drifting" while numerous people watched.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Police added to the station that as they attempted to approach a vehicle and its driver — identified as Anthony Allegrini Jr. — two troopers were hit by the car. Police noted to WTXF that one trooper shot Allegrini, and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

The troopers who were allegedly struck suffered minor injuries, NBC News said, citing state police.

'Car meet-up'

Allegrini's girlfriend, Reagan Hocking, told WTXF he had departed for what he called a "car meet-up" around 10 p.m. Saturday.

"He wasn’t answering," Hocking noted to the station. "That’s not normal for him at all."

She added to WXTF that she doesn't understand why it all ended with Allegrini being shot: "He was just such a beautiful soul. He would always listen to any adult figure that would come up to him. He was always so respectful. He would never be disrespectful to anyone."

When Hocking and Allegrini's parents arrived at the scene of the shooting Sunday morning, she said "his body was still ... on the ground, covered with a tarp," WPVI-TV reported.

Hocking also told the station that videos sent to her in the aftermath have left questions unanswered: "It was awful that the investigators would not give us any information."

Trooper pointing a gun

WTXF said it obtained several videos related to the shooting, including one that shows a trooper pointing a gun at a vehicle driving by as well as one that shows the aftermath with a trooper standing near a state police vehicle and someone on the roadway.

The station said it reached out to state police for comment on that footage.

Witnesses told WPVI that troopers shot Allegrini three times, but the station said police have not confirmed how many shots were fired during the incident.

Other illegal races that night

WTXF added in a separate story that it received video of several drivers performing illegal donuts and burnouts at the intersection of Cottman and Torresdale avenues in northeast Philadelphia Saturday night.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

The station said hundreds of people can be seen gathered at the intersection as vehicles performed the illegal racing with passengers hanging out of windows and roof openings.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

"Once again, our great city of Philadelphia was under siege by criminal activity involving illegal street-racing," FOP Lodge #5 President John McNesby told WTXF, adding that illegal racing also took place at a third location. "Another weekend of Philadelphia and state police officers putting themselves in danger to curb this criminal behavior."

The station said Mayor Jim Kenney condemned "this type of reckless and aggressive behavior," saying it "cannot and will not be tolerated. Dangerous actions like these put everyone in our city at risk, especially our officers who work hard to keep our residents safe. This is unacceptable."

Illegal street racing causes chaotic, deadly weekend in Philadelphia, police say

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Transvestite gets banned from women's disc golf tour due to last-minute decision from federal judge

[rebelmouse-proxy-image,0,0,126 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//" expand=1]

A federal court overruled a district court's decision Friday, thus enabling the Disc Golf Pro Tour to prevent a transvestite from competing in an elite tournament against women.

While this is hardly the decision fringe LGBT activists desired, the restored gender policy now keeping male athlete Natalie Ryan out of the tournament is to the satisfaction of the supermajority of female Professional Disc Golf Association members.

What's the background?

Ryan can compete in the mixed professional open, but evidently prefers to compete against women and has done so since March 2019.

Ryan came in first in the PDGA female professional open Elite event in Leicester, Massachusetts, in September, taking $9,000 in prize money. Having similarly edged out women in other competitions — earning nearly $20,000 in prize money in 2022 — he is presently listed as #5 among the top female professional open on Disc Golf World Rankings.

Jonathan Kay noted in Quillette that those losing out to Ryan on prize money and accolades are women who have worked ardently, sometimes for decades, at making a living at the sport.

The biological advantage is undeniable, Kay indicated, citing the PDGA's own data.

For instance, in the "Advanced" amateur division dominated by men, players are capable of throwing a maximum distance of between 300 and 450 feet. In the "Advanced Women" division, players' throw distance maxes out at between 200 and 300 feet.

The world record for longest disc golf throws is even more illustrative of the delta in capability: For men it is 1,109 feet; for women it is 569 feet.

One female competitor suggested to Kay that it's hard competing against Ryan without realizing he's just a middling male athlete.

"They have this really obvious masculine energy — and so you’re constantly being reminded that you’re basically playing with an amateur-level male," said the woman, whose identity Kay kept anonymous. "The sight of it reminds me that I’m in an unfair situation, and it makes it hard for me to maintain my mental game."

Rule change

The PDGA Global Board of Directors voted in November to update its policy on transgender participation in gender-based divisions, effective Jan. 1. The corresponding Disc Golf Pro Tour followed suit.

This change came after the PDGA surveyed its membership and found that 67% of all members and 75% of DGPT women signaled opposition to having "transgender women" compete with women.

The PDGA's new rule requires that any so-called "transgender woman" must have started taking puberty blockers prior to the age of 12 in order to compete in the female professional open divisions of its elite events. Transvestites must also now continuously maintain a total testosterone level in serum below 2.0 nmol/L.

Men like Ryan are, as a result, ineligible to compete in the women's division.

Ryan didn't take the news well, reported the sports-focused LGBT activist publication Outsports.

"This change was never about fairness," he said. "This is about my success and their aversion to it."

Despite the supermajority of all members in disagreement with him, Ryan suggested that the PDGA should be replaced so he can have his way.

"We can elect more forward-thinking and progressive people. We can push bigotry out of our sport," he said. "The PDGA board chose to shrink our sport, so it is our turn to grow past their hatred and truly make this sport welcoming to everyone."


Ryan filed a lawsuit in February, alleging "that the policy adopted by the PDGA and DGPT is arbitrary and capricious and in violation of [his] right to be free from discrimination based on [his] gender."

The suit demanded punitive and special damages and a permanent injunction against both the PDGA and DGPT enjoining them from barring transvestites from competing in the women's division of disc golf tournaments.

U.S. District Judge Troy L. Nunley granted Ryan a temporary restraining order Thursday, enabling him to compete against against women in the OTB Open over the weekend, reported the Daily Mail.

"It appears there was an intentional act, the creation of a policy, that excludes individuals based on their protected status as transgender women," wrote Nunley. "The Court makes no determinations as to whether this is sufficient to actually establish intentional discrimination, but it raises serious questions."

Ryan said of the decision, "Today is a momentous win for trans athletes. ... My fire is going to burn brighter than ever this weekend," reported Ultiworld.

As a consequence of the restraining order, Ryan was able to complete the first round of the tour, finishing the day in fifth place.


Ryan's legal victory quickly transitioned into a loss.

The DGPT appealed the decision and prevailed on Friday, getting Ryan booted off the tour.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals granted a stay to the restraining order issued by the district court, noting, "It appears that the district court lacks diversity jurisdiction over the [Disc Golf Pro] Tour because Plaintiff and at least one member of the Tour are citizens of Virginia."

According to Ultiworld, at issue was that for the case to be heard in a federal court, the plaintiff, a citizen of Virginia, had to be from a different state from the defendants, which was not the case.

Following the ruling, the DGPT stated, "This order restores the DGPT’s ability to enforce its current policy on Gender Eligibility. ... The DGPT will follow the court’s ruling and enforce its Gender Eligibility Policy which will disallow Ms Ryan from continuing competition in the OTB Open."

In a now-deleted post, Ryan wrote, "The DGPT is removing me from the OTB open. No matter where they go I will fight them every step of the way. If you thought I was fighting hard before, just wait," and threatened, "They are going to burn with me."

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10 dead, 15 others hospitalized in Saskatchewan stabbing spree, manhunt underway in Canada

At least 10 people are dead and 15 others were hospitalized from a mass stabbing attack in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. The two suspects in the Saskatchewan stabbing spree were still on the run as of Sunday night, and a manhunt is underway.

Around 5:40 a.m. on Sunday, the Saskatchewan RCMP Divisional Operational Communications Center received multiple calls that several people had been stabbed. The stabbings occurred in 13 separate locations throughout the James Smith Cree Nation community and in the village of Weldon, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police stated.

At 9:45 a.m., law enforcement located several victims from multiple locations – including one victim outside the original knife attack areas, police said. The police then realized that some of the victims were attacked at random.

At 12:07 p.m., authorities noted that there were 10 people dead and another 15 people who were injured and taken to various local hospitals.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police named the suspects as Damien Sanderson and Myles Sanderson. Police describe Damien Sanderson as a 31-year-old male, standing at 5'7" and weighing 155 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes. Myles Sanderson is a 30-year-old male, at a height of 6'1" and 240 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes.

\u201cUpdate #5 for Dangerous Person Alert issued by Melfort RCMP: \n\n#RCMPSK received a report the suspects may traveling in the Arcola Ave area around 11:45 a.m. in Regina, SK in a black, Nissan Rogue with SK license 119 MPI.\u201d
— RCMP Saskatchewan (@RCMP Saskatchewan) 1662316763

The suspects are believed to be driving in a black Nissan Rogue SUV with the Saskatchewan license plate: "119 MPI."

The suspects are considered armed and dangerous. The public is instructed not to approach the suspects or their vehicle.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said in a statement, "Currently, we are actively looking for the two suspects, helping the victims and investigating the many crime scenes. We are dedicating a maximum number of resources to this investigation, and thank our many provincial and inter-provincial policing partners who are providing additional support."

Assistant Commissioner Rhonda Blackmore – the Commanding Officer of Saskatchewan RCMP – asked the public for assistance in locating the two suspects.

"At this stage in our investigation, we believe some of the victims have been targeted by the suspects and others have been attacked randomly," Blackmore said. "Let me be clear, we are still looking for the two suspects. We are asking residents across Saskatchewan and our neighboring provinces to be vigilant."

"At this point, we don't know if they have changed vehicle since this morning," the statement read. "Their location and direction of travel are unknown. This is why we need everyone in the province to stay vigilant and report any suspicious activity by calling 911 immediately."

Blackmore vowed to "use every resource we have to locate and arrest these two individuals."

"Our thoughts are with the many victims – deceased and injured – their families, friends, and communities," Blackmore concluded. "It's horrific what has occurred in our province today."

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau has said he is "closely monitoring" the developments of the Saskatchewan stabbing spree.

"The attacks in Saskatchewan today are horrific and heartbreaking. I’m thinking of those who have lost a loved one and of those who were injured," Trudeau tweeted. "We are closely monitoring the situation, and urge everyone to follow updates from local authorities. Thank you to all the brave first responders for their efforts on the ground."

Canada mass stabbing: Manhunt underway after 10 dead in Saskatchewan | 9 News Australia

Actual journalist questions viral '10-year-old rape victim denied abortion' story — and she brings RECEIPTS

A disturbing story about a 10-year-old girl in Ohio, a rape victim who had to travel to the neighboring state of Indiana to get an abortion after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, has recently gone viral.

While the corporate media and pro-abortionists jumped all over the opportunity to use this horrific alleged crime as a political weapon against pro-life politicians, such as South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem (R), a few actual journalists raised questions. PJ Media’s Megan Fox said the alleged story gave her "serious pause for a number of reasons," so she dug up some interesting information, which she shared in the following (very long) Twitter thread:

\u201cThe story about a 10 yr old pregnant girl who had to go from Ohio to IN for an abortion gives me serious pause for a number of reasons. There are many red flags.\ud83d\udea9I'm going to detail them here.\u201d
— Megan Fox (@Megan Fox) 1657054914
\u201c\ud83d\udea9 #1. A pregnant 10 year old is evidence of a heinous crime against a child but in every article (and there are SO MANY) thre is no mention of criminal investigation, no police involvement, not even a town where this allegedly occurred.\u201d
— Megan Fox (@Megan Fox) 1657054914
\u201c\ud83d\udea9 #2 An unnamed alleged "child abuse" doctor called Dr. Caitlyn Bernard (an abortionist in Indiana) to ask for help. But any doctor who knows of abuse would be required to also call law enforcement. There should be a criminal investigation going involving Ohio DFS and police.\u201d
— Megan Fox (@Megan Fox) 1657054914
\u201c\ud83d\udea9 #3 which maybe should be #1 The TIMING of this horrific story is too on the nose. Roe v. Wade was just overturned. The media is desperate for stories to push the pro-abortion narrative, stoke fear, anger, and division. They love this.\u201d
— Megan Fox (@Megan Fox) 1657054914
\u201c\ud83d\udea9 #4 The article first published in the Indy Star, a local Ohio paper's site but in record time was picked up by huge international press. On the 2nd, The Hill and Newsweek had it and by the 3rd, The Guardian had it, and by the 4th it was on TMZ, reaching all the kids.\u201d
— Megan Fox (@Megan Fox) 1657054914
\u201cI heard about it from a teenager at a 4th party and a red flag went off big-time. If the kids have heard about it it was placed where they will see it intentionally. Fake news is always sold to the young'ns because they will swallow it the fastest.\u201d
— Megan Fox (@Megan Fox) 1657054914
\u201c\ud83d\udea9 #5 It was immediately used as a political weapon against Republican Governor Kristi Noem and will be used against other pro-life politicians to make them answer this possibly hypothetical or made-up scenario to win political hit points.\u201d
— Megan Fox (@Megan Fox) 1657054914
\u201c\ud83d\udea9 #6 #DrCaitlynBernard, the only source, is an abortionist and has been in the NYT participating in an anti-Trump hit piece and is clearly an activist. She has a stake in preserving abortion, it literally pays her bills.\u201d
— Megan Fox (@Megan Fox) 1657054914
\u201c\ud83d\udea9 #7 There's no way to verify Bernard's claim. She has doctor patient confidentiality. No one can FOIA her. The media won't ask any questions and even if they did she wouldn't answer. There is no proof that this 10-year-old even exists and yet the media ran with it full tilt.\u201d
— Megan Fox (@Megan Fox) 1657054914
\u201c\ud83d\udea9 #8 Jennifer Rubin used this to batter conservatives, her former colleagues, in the Washington Post. This further gives me serious doubts about the veracity of the story. Rubin is a notorious tool for the left using this story to harm pro-lifers\u201d
— Megan Fox (@Megan Fox) 1657054914
\u201c\ud83d\udea9 #9 Why don't any of them care about the crime committed against the child? Lawmakers in OH should demand an investigation into who raped this child. They are the only ones who can get information through DFS and help the girl seek justice for the crime, if it happened. Did it?\u201d
— Megan Fox (@Megan Fox) 1657054914
\u201c\ud83d\udea9 #10, #DrCaitlynBernard got a call from another doctor asking for help for a horribly abused child and her first instinct was to call the media. That should make you all stop and think for a minute. What's really going on here?\u201d
— Megan Fox (@Megan Fox) 1657054916
\u201cHere's what the spread over time through media looks like according to the first two pages of a Google search. I'm going to do other search terms. But this story had legs. Is that an accident that it got maximum coverage?\u201d
— Megan Fox (@Megan Fox) 1657054917
\u201cHere she is again #CaitlinBernard in June interviewed by PBS, crying. Predicting doom...the very thing she's now claiming. How is she in contact with so much media?\u201d
— Megan Fox (@Megan Fox) 1657054918
\u201cThe big question now is why was it the @indystar that reported this exclusively of all local OH news stations (CBS, ABC, NBC) that didn't? According to star site, they are owned by Gannet Co., a huge media company. But Gannet's site doesn't list them. So is this still accurate?\u201d
— Megan Fox (@Megan Fox) 1657054919
\u201cAnd here's #DrCaitlinBernard again! More media coverage in June before this alleged incident where she is predicting doom. She's a serious abortion activist\u201d
— Megan Fox (@Megan Fox) 1657054919
\u201cAnd AGAIN! On June 30th in YET ANOTHER publication! This woman sure gets around. WTHR this time.\u201d
— Megan Fox (@Megan Fox) 1657054920
\u201cBy the time I'm done it's going to be harder to find news outlets #DrCaitlinBernard is NOT in. Here she is in Politico on June 19th.\u201d
— Megan Fox (@Megan Fox) 1657054920
\u201cAnd here she is again July 5th in The Republic.\u201d
— Megan Fox (@Megan Fox) 1657054921
\u201cHere's #DrCaitlinBernard encouraging women to give themselves abortions. No, really. In the Herald Bulletin on July 5. How does she have time to do abortions between media hits?\u201d
— Megan Fox (@Megan Fox) 1657054922
\u201cHere's an updated graph on the related media featuring #DrCaitlinBernard and this story or "women are going to die" because of Roe stories she was involved in. Still going. This is going to be a big spreadsheet by the time I'm done\u201d
— Megan Fox (@Megan Fox) 1657054922
\u201c#DrCaitlinBernard is also the plaintiff in a case to fight the abortion restrictions in the 2nd trimester\u201d
— Megan Fox (@Megan Fox) 1657056654
\u201cThis is the law #DrCaitlinBernard is suing over. She wants to tear second trimester babies limb from limb. The ACLU is helping her do this. This is from her lawsuit\u201d
— Megan Fox (@Megan Fox) 1657057174
\u201c#CaitlinBernard sued to stop a law in IN that would outlaw dismemberment abortions in the 2nd trimester and won. Now that Roe is overturned the state is asking to have that injunction lifted. Naturally, Bernard is spitting nails.\u201d
— Megan Fox (@Megan Fox) 1657059938
\u201cHere is #DrCaitlinBernard again on July 1 but this time instead of encouraging self-abortions, she now says they're "risky" and is blaming Republicans for them. See above where she said self-abortions are an option for women though, contradicting herself.\u201d
— Megan Fox (@Megan Fox) 1657060125
\u201cI think this is all of the news stories from this one claim by #DrCaitlinBernard. Notice that there are no local Ohio stations reporting. Just IndyStar. But from that one article all of these outlets ran with it. I have questions.\u201d
— Megan Fox (@Megan Fox) 1657065199
\u201cNot even Snopes can confirm this story. They want to, but they can't. #DrCaitlinBernard doesn't return anyone's calls. I wonder why that is?\u201d
— Megan Fox (@Megan Fox) 1657065352
\u201cHere's my press inquiry to the editor of the @indystar which I don't think he will respond to, but it's worth a shot. What kind of vetting happened here?\u201d
— Megan Fox (@Megan Fox) 1657065722

On the latest episode of "Relatable," BlazeTV host Allie Beth Stuckey also had more than a few questions about the "suspicious" viral story about a pregnant 10-year-old rape victim in Ohio who needs an abortion. She went over all the red flags with this story that have some questioning whether it's even true.

Watch the video below. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

Today we're covering a few stories going around the news, starting with viral allegations that there is a pregnant 10-year-old girl in Ohio who needs an abor...

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Philadelphia officer survives 'miraculous' bullet wound to head after two cops shot at 4th of July concert

Two Philadelphia police officers were shot and suffered non-fatal wounds Monday at a Fourth of July fireworks display, one of whom came within inches of certain death and survived by a miracle.

The officers were hit by gunfire at the 2500 block of Spring Garden Street around 10 p.m., where a large crowd had gathered for a concert headlined by Jason Derulo and fireworks show to follow, WTXF-TV reported.

The shooting reportedly took place somewhere behind a Ferris wheel set up on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

Authorities said that a Philadelphia officer assigned to highway patrol suffered a graze wound to his head. Incredibly, the bullet that hit him was lodged in the officer's cap, where it came to a stop.

\u201cBREAKING\u2014 Philadelphia Highway Patrol officer grazed in the head by this bullet that lodged in his cap near the conclusion of the Welcome America Festival fireworks, has been released from his hospital. @CBSPhilly\u201d
— Joe Holden (@Joe Holden) 1656994829

"It is miraculous the fact that the round stopped in his hat," Commissioner Danielle Outlaw told reporters. "I think initially it went up the inside and hit his forehead and then the round stopped in his hat."

A second officer, a member of the Montgomery County bomb squad, was shot in the right shoulder.

Both officers were transported to Jefferson University Hospital to receive treatment for their injuries and were in stable condition, police said. They have since been released from the hospital.

An investigation into the shooting is ongoing.

Philadelphia Lodge #5 of the Fraternal Order of Police has offered a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the shooter.

"We were inches away from planning a funeral for at least one brave Philadelphia Highway Patrol officer as a bullet lodged in his cap," FOP Lodge #5 President John McNesby said. "There are too many guns on our streets and far too many individuals acting recklessly with these deadly weapons."

The police union said the Philadelphia highway patrol officer was carrying a funeral mass card in his hat honoring a beloved police chaplain, Father Steven Wetzel, who had recently passed away.

"Father Steve has always supported and counseled our officers over the years and even now he's still working miracles for our heroes," McNesby said.

Philadelphia's Democratic Mayor Jim Kenney spoke out after the shooting, saying that the U.S. should be more like Canada, where only police officers are permitted to carry firearms.

"That's the way it should be here," he said.

The police shooting in Philadelphia happened on the same day as a mass shooting in a suburb north of Chicago, Illinois. A gunman positioned on a rooftop murdered six people and injured at least 31 more at a Fourth of July parade in Highland Park. Police have apprehended a person of interest in the shooting.