Democrats Now Decrying Assassination Attempt Spent 8 Years Fanning Flames Of Hatred For Trump

They labeled him as Hitler 2.0, a fascist, and a dictator for over eight years. Then Dems act as if their rhetoric didn't promote violence.

Adam Schiff Repeats The Same Word Over And Over, Presumably In Attempt To Make A Point

Republicans expressed doubts about the fairness of the trial

Politico Laments That WhatsApp Isn’t Specifically Targeting Election Speech For Censorship

Politico expressed frustration that Big Tech's censorship apparatus hasn't yet been fully deployed against election speech on WhatsApp Channels.

Loren Merchan Silent As Her Clients Raise Millions From Trump Conviction Her Dad Oversaw

Judge Merchan's daughter ignores comment requests on potential conflicts of interest related to her client's fundraising off Trump conviction.

WaPo Opinion Editor Upset Lawfare Trials Aren’t Kneecapping Trump As Intended

'How in the world is Trump's trial not hurting him?' a clueless Alexei McCammond posed in her Washington Post headline.

Republicans Need To Show Up To Trump’s Manhattan Lawfare Trial Every Day

Trump is under a gag order, meaning he needs fellow Republicans to remind the public that the so-called justice system is corrupted by partisan actors.

Trump’s ‘Peers’ On N.Y. Jury Get News From The Propagandists At Google, TikTok, New York Times

The seven jurors selected so far largely get their news from the same left-wing media that have spent years disparaging Trump.

Employee: NPR Tracks Race, Sex Of Sources And Lets Trans Activists Police Its Language

Senior Business Editor Uri Berliner, a 25-year veteran of NPR, outlined Tuesday how the outlet 'lost America's trust.'