Alex Jones & Glenn Beck WARN: Trump is the next lawfare target

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In a devastating move, Alex Jones has agreed to liquidate his ownership of Infowars.

Jones tells Glenn Beck that the hit comes after the chief restructuring officer overseeing Infowars after his $1.5 billion Sandy Hook case “got so desperate” that he tried to go around the court and seize Infowars.

“They’re so panicked to get me off the air for whatever’s coming for the rest of the country,” Jones says, explaining that this all began when he refused funding from powerful people who wanted to control his speech.

Before Jones had been sued, he tells Glenn that he “met with some of Bilderberg group members” and “some major billionaires.”

“I’m sure you got reached out to by them as well when you were exposing Soros and trailblazing on Fox before they targeted you,” he tells Glenn, adding that these billionaires told Jones if he cleaned up what he did, they’d keep him on air and pay him.

“It was all thinly veiled payoffs, and then when I didn’t do it, that’s when they, you know, cooked this all up. And of course a Project Veritas spin-off group caught an FBI/CIA agent, it’s all admitted, bragging how they engineered all this,” he explains.

“And then again, in the Sandy Hook show trial case, they got the FBI agent who won $95 million from me — I never said his name, didn’t know who he was, till he sued me,” Jones continues. “He admitted that he basically helped organize all of this.”

“This is all about targeting American people,” he adds, noting that this is now what they’re doing to Donald Trump.

“They beta tested lawfare against me for Trump, now they’re beta testing, just grabbing stuff outside of law,” Jones says. “This is just as Trump has said a thousand times. They’re not trying to get me, they’re trying to get through me to get to you.”

Glenn agrees.

“I say this to every conservative outlet, you should stand by the case of Alex Jones,” Glenn says. “This is lawfare, and if you think they won’t do it to you, you are sadly mistaken. And unless each one of us at each of our own locations stand up and say this is an injustice, this is wrong, they’ll put each one of us out of business and silence us.”

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