Predator Poachers bust chairman of Maryland Democratic Party LGBTQ Diversity Council

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The Maryland Democratic Party has scrubbed its webpage and social media histories of all traces of its LGBTQ+ Diversity Leadership Council chairman Michael Knaapen following his fateful encounter with Predator Poachers in Montgomery County.

Democrats are apparently desperate to hide their previous celebrations of Knaapen as a Marylander "making a difference" because of his apparent admissions Thursday that he allegedly sent depraved sexual messages and videos to an individual named "Luke" whom he figured for a 14-year-old boy. That boy turned out to be the invention of Predator Poachers, whose leader Alex Rosen confronted Knaapen Thursday with all of the receipts.

Predator Poachers has been active since 2019 and has helped send multiple pedophiles to prison.

Rosen, who apparently also goes by the alias Gordon Flowers, indicated at the outset of the confrontation, which was caught on video, that the Democrat was in no physical danger and that he was free to leave at any time. Knaapen, who visited with White House staff last year as well as attended two White House events, requested that the cameras be shut off, but the Predator Poachers would not oblige him and kept rolling.

In the nearly one-hour video of the encounter, Knaapen indicated he thought it was "very thrilling to have a conversation" with the fictional boy whom he knew was underage but claimed he "never intended to actually make it personal." The Democrat did, however, later appear to confirm that he had given the fictional boy his address and invited him over on at least two occasions.

At one point in the confrontation, the Democrat, who has since deleted his social media pages, had to assure his boyfriend off-screen that everything was okay and would be explained in the fullness of time.

One of the things Knaapen might have to explain is why he allegedly sent an image of his genitals as well as a masturbation video to the fictional boy.

Referencing Knaapen's text history with the fictional boy, Rosen said, "Some of this stuff said here, like, you know, 'I want to rape you,' 'I want to see how much of a faggot you are.'"

Another member of the Predator Poachers team interjected, noting to Knaapen, "You said, 'I hope you try to get away once I start f***ing you. You need a good raping.'"

"I like the fantasy," said the Democrat. "And he seemed to enjoy it. And I didn't know this person. And I never intended to do it."

When pressed about his apparent interest in underage rape fantasies, Knaapen said, "I thought it was sexy and fun, and I don't picture the kid."

According to the text messages shared online by Rosen, Knaapen allegedly asked the fictional boy, "So if you did have sex, you might want an older guy to call you boy or son, and you would call him Daddy?" then said, "I always have my boys call me Daddy."

Text messages shared to X by the Predator Poachers also appear to show Knaapen noted that Luke was "the handsomest boy I've ever seen" when trying to set up a hookup.

Rosen asked Knaapen about the troubling presence of underage boys on various gay dating applications and sites. The Democrat confirmed they are there but suggested that upon discovery, he and others ignore them. Knaapen later suggested, however, that he has received "a few" nudes from underage boys in the past during similar conversational circumstances.

Rosen alleged online that his team notified police about Knaapen and the messages in November, but "they didn't want to do anything with it."

'Absolutely crazy the amount of people still pedo defending.'

Part of the inaction on the part of law enforcement, suggested Rosen, was that despite Knaapen's admission of sending nudes, state law requires that the recipient be a police officer or a child to qualify as a chargeable offense.

"We are still going to turn all of this over to the cops, but calling them to the scene would have done nothing," added Rosen.

The "Meet Your DLC" section on the Maryland Democrats LGBTQ+ Diversity Leadership Council page is now empty, despite just days ago listing Knaapen with his details as the chair.

Rosen noted that in the wake of the sting, the MarylandPolitics subreddit has similarly deleted damning posts pertaining to Knaapen.

"I truly think Democrats would allow pedophilia if it meant winning elections," Rosen tweeted amid the apparent censorship efforts on Reddit and efforts to downplay the story elsewhere. "You can tell just based off how they're acting about this one dip**** getting caught."

"When we bust someone with conservative, maga, whatever ideology, we're not sitting there contemplating if we should maybe not confront them… or go easy on them… or not post their video — No. We want to nail them to a cross, just like every other pedo we confront," continued Rosen. "Absolutely crazy the amount of people still pedo defending. Like why? ... The rainbow cult owns so many of your minds."

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