Why isn’t this the biggest news story EVER?

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The Pentagon has been hinting for years that possible alien life may exist — but Glenn Beck can’t understand why nobody seems to care.

Adam Curry, co-host of the podcast "No Agenda," joins Glenn to discuss.

Regarding UFOs, Curry says he has looked into this and decided “there’s part logical explanation and then there is of course a conspiracy that goes along with it.”

Glenn mentions that we’ve seen “actual footage” of aircraft accomplishing feats that are way beyond the capabilities of any technology of our own.

“Well, this technology has actually been discussed openly,” Curry responds, “and again, notice that the footage we’re seeing is radar footage. It’s not cameras that are taking a picture of this thing flying, and you know, at unbelievable speeds, going under the water, etc. It’s radar footage.”

This is Curry’s “logical explanation.”

However, the “conspiracy part” is even more interesting.

“Now, the conspiracy part of this is something called Project Blue Beam,” Curry says.

The idea behind Project Blue Beam is that “this very technology would be used to create the voice of God. And it could be used two ways.”

The first way, Curry says, would be “to bring the whole world together. You know, New World Order, everybody all focused on one thing,” he continues, “the common enemy.”

The second way would be “the voice of God,” Curry says, “you can use the same technology to create sound waves which would bring a message to unite the world.”

Curry says he’s “steadfast” in believing that this is what it’s about.

Why aren’t people freaking out?

Curry believes there’s just so much to freak out about.

“People are obsessed with Target,” he laughs.

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