Biden's Amazon book ban and more times the left accused the right of doing what it's doing

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One of those on the left’s favorite pastimes is accusing those on the right of doing exactly what they themselves are doing.

Which is why it’s no surprise that after yelling from the rooftops that conservatives are trying to ban books, Rep. Jim Jordan has revealed an alleged attempt by the White House to pressure Amazon into censoring books that don’t fit the left’s COVID-19 agenda.

Glenn Beck believes this calls for a lesson on fascism, which the left often accuses the right of perpetrating.

“People, when they hear fascist, they think concentration camps, and that usually is the way they end,” Glenn begins. “You have to get rid of the political people that disagree with you, because unless you’re in a free state, you can’t have people who disagree with you speaking out.”

“Everything they say we’re up to, they’re doing,” he adds, before backing his statement up with some undeniable truths.

“They said Donald Trump was just killing us overseas and none of our allies had any respect for us,” Glenn says, noting that meanwhile, Joe Biden couldn’t garner less respect.

While the left claims the right is full of religious zealots who want to force their religion on school children, parents are facing arrest in Montana for refusing to go along with their daughter's sex change.

Glenn believes the LGBTQ+ agenda is a religion in itself, and that religion is clearly being targeted at children in schools.

“They say that we’re going to have a dictator, well, public-private partnerships silencing opposition, environmental and social regulations, medical tyranny — we’ve got that,” Glenn says.

The list of the left’s hypocrisy is endless.

“They say that I’m responsible for misinformation and propaganda,” he continues, “I will correct anything that I get wrong. You show me where I’m wrong.”

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