Glenn says THIS subject has been haunting him for years

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Glenn Beck has been chewing on something for quite some time now — “12 years, maybe,” he says. But he’s never found the right time or occasion to speak about it.

He arranged to raise this subject in Gettysburg a few years ago, but the pandemic thwarted his plans.

However, through prayer, Glenn has realized he doesn’t need an event to speak what’s on his heart. He already has “12 million people listening to [him] every day,” and now he’s ready to tell his audience about something he feels is “the most important thing America can do right now.”

And that is “restoring the covenant.”

“America historically is a covenant nation,” says Glenn. “The pilgrims actually came here to establish what they called the New Jerusalem.”

“There in Lower Manhattan, [George Washington] raised his hand to the square and [put] his hand on the Bible, and he swore to protect and defend the Constitution ... [and] he made a covenant,” says Glenn.

Later, Abraham Lincoln “asked Congress to pass a Thanksgiving proclamation to rededicate ourselves to the American covenant. It passed, and people all over the country prayed, humbled themselves, and fasted and dedicated their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor ... once again to God's will.”

But people forget what covenant means. They forget that it’s a promise you don’t break.

It’s no wonder Americans have forgotten what covenant means though, as we live in a time in which “we expect that most people are just lying to us all the time. Our president is lying all the time; so was the last one, the one before that, and the one before that, [and] our media is lying to us.”

“With all of this lying, truth no longer matters, but you cannot have a society or a civilization without truth,” says Glenn, or at least not one with any meaning anyway.

“You know, we throw words around like ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty,’ [but] what does that mean?”

“To me, it means opportunity to speak, to worship, to live, to work and better myself and our children's lives,” says Glenn. “We wrote them down in this country as rights, and we also said they come from God — all of the things that have any meaning at all all come from God.”

But people seem to have forgotten that.

Perhaps revival in this country begins with remembering the promises we made all those years ago.

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