Oklahoma sixth grader Davyon Johnson saves choking classmate and elderly woman from house fire in same day

An Oklahoma sixth grader is being hailed as a "dual hero" after he saved the lives of two people in the same day.

Davyon Johnson was honored by the Muskogee Police Department, Muskogee County Sheriff’s Office and Muskogee Public Schools earlier this month after he used the Heimlich maneuver to rescue a choking classmate. Later on that same day, 11-year-old Dayvon rescued an elderly woman from a burning house.

The Enid News & Eagle reported that on Dec. 9, a student at the 6th and 7th Grade Academy where Davyon goes to school was trying to fill his water bottle and used his mouth to loosen the cap. The cap slipped into his mouth and he began choking.

When the choking student stumbled into a nearby classroom, Davyon was there and he rushed into action.

“Davyon immediately sprinted over and did the Heimlich maneuver,” said school Principal Latricia Dawkins. “From the account of the witnesses, when he did it the bottle cap popped out.”

Davyon told the local newspaper he learned the Heimlich maneuver on YouTube, calling it a valuable procedure to learn.

“Just in case you’re in the situation I was in, you can know what to do,” he said.

Later that day, while walking after school, Davyon saw a house fire and ran to help an elderly woman with a walker get away from the building.

“It was a disabled lady and she was walking out of her house,” Davyon said. “She was on her porch. But I thought, being a good citizen, I would cross and help her get into her truck and leave.”

He said it was the back of the house that was on fire, "but it eventually got to the front of the house."

Dawkins called Davyon a "dual hero."

“He has always indicated that he wants to be an EMT,” she said. “So he got to put that desire into action and immediately saved that young man.”

The young hero was named an honorary member of the police and sheriff's departments, according to a Dec. 15 Facebook post from Muskogee Public Schools.

Davyon's mother, LaToya Johnson, told the Enid News & Eagle she was not surprised by her son's heroic actions. She noted her brother, Wendell Johnson, is an emergency medical technician, and that Davyon aspires to be like his uncle.

“I’m just a proud mom,” she said.

And how did Davyon feel about the honor?

“I felt good, excited,” he said.

Sarah Palin on John McCain's military service: 'I'll defend him as aggressively as I'll defend my own kids'

In an interview reflecting on Sen. John McCain's death, his former presidential running mate, Gov. Sarah Palin, said the late Arizona senator will be remembered "as an American hero."

"I think he should be remembered as an American hero when you consider his military service, the hell that he went through physically and mentally in service to our country," Palin said in an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail.

She added that critics of McCain's politics should respect and honor his service to the country.

"So when people decide to slam him, to condemn him, do it for his politics, but you bring up his military service and you invoke that as a reason to dislike him or to try to discredit him, and I'll defend him as aggressively as I'll defend my own kids," Palin added.

Speaking of McCain's politics, Palin suggested that individuals surrounding McCain did not serve him well during his 2008 run for president.

"I respect his military service. I think it's unfortunate that he had people around him — and they continued to be around him for a very long time — who weren't serving him well," she said.

"They certainly weren't serving the country well with what they were trying to do."

She said that the "DC bubble" had influenced his thinking.

"I believe he was told things about what America really wanted or really needed because he's been in that DC bubble for so many years," she said.

"I don't think inherently he necessarily was really connected, so he did rely on people telling him — in polls — telling him and … he went from there."

"I think that's unfortunate because he had some strange people around him and ... disloyal people, and you know, I don't say that as like hate speech or griping about it, it's just a fact they were just some not nice people."

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