This poll reveals a SHOCKING truth

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The more Americans see evil seep into the mainstream, the more discouraged they have become regarding Christianity and religion in general.

Glenn Beck is shocked.

Glenn references a recent General Social Survey, which says that only half of Americans are sure that God exists, while not quite 50% of Americans say they have no doubt of his existence.

In addition, 34% of Americans never go to church, which is the highest recorded in five years.

But people aren’t wholly shunning religion. Many people on the right have also been drifting toward and praising Islam, like Andrew Tate.

Tate — who has become popular among the online right — had been a vocal fan of Islam and recently just publicized his conversion to the religion on his social media.

“This should bother you,” Glenn says.

“And this is one step closer to the line that I fear we’re walking right up to. And the only solution is Christianity. Practiced Christianity. Love thy neighbor,” he continues.

“I don’t want to live under a crescent flag, thank you,” Glenn adds, “Sharia law — not for me.”

But why are conservatives beginning to look toward Islam for answers?

“Christians are losing hope,” Glenn says, adding that “they’re looking for someone that’s a little more hard-line to clean up the mess.”

Glenn mentions several stories demonstrating the evil that’s permeated our society, including one out of Oregon.

Lakeridge High School put tampon dispensers on the walls in the boys' bathrooms. But the boys don’t like it, and have been removing the dispensers.

“Let me tell you again, boys and men do not menstruate. If you are a boy or a man, there’s no need for that product. So, why would we put menstruation products into a boys' restroom?” Glen asks.

“Do not deny the truth. Boys don’t need that,” Glenn adds.

Glenn asks if the solution to all of this is teaming up with those “who have a spine, like those who like Sharia law.”

Glenn does not think it is.

“The solution we are ignoring, the solution is getting weaker and weaker. We are getting further and further away from the solution. If you don’t see that evil has reared its ugly head at this point, you may never see it.”

“Look at what is happening in our society,” Glenn says, “in our world, in our schools, to our children. It is absolutely evil and it’s time we start calling it by name.”

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