Today is 9/11, but can you guess where Joe Biden is spending the day?

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Today marks the 22nd anniversary of the tragic 9/11 terrorist attacks.

But where is our fearless leader? You’d think he’d be where literally all other presidents have been on 9/11 — at one of the four memorial sites.

But no.

He’s on the opposite side of the country in Anchorage, Alaska, for reasons that probably make zero sense.

“We have the first American president not to commemorate 9/11 from one of the sites,” says Pat Gray in disgust, adding that Biden is just perpetuating his “America last policy.”

“The lack of concern, the lack of empathy, the lack of patriotism, the care for the 9/11 victims’ families — I mean, we're just gonna blow that off now?” he continues.

But it seems Biden isn’t the only one failing to give 9/11 the attention it deserves.

“I've been watching the news since I got here at 1:30 this morning, and I haven't seen a single bit of footage from 9/11,” says Pat.

“They're mentioning 9/11,” clarifies Keith, but “they're just not showing the footage.”

But that’s not good enough for Pat, who thinks the day demands attention and proper commemoration.

“We look back at the horror and the legacy of 9/11” and “think about and remember the deadliest terror attack on U.S. soil ever, and we have this president who doesn't care and is in Anchorage,” he says in utter disbelief.

“He’s not capable of doing anything that you’re proud of or that’s respectful to the nation,” he criticizes.

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