Toxic Bosses Like United Airlines’ Vaccine-Pushing CEO Must Be Held Accountable

Anything less than total vindication for the plaintiffs suing United would be a serious blow to freedom of conscience and personal sovereignty.

A Lone Bureaucrat Has Denied Due Process And Unemployment Benefits To Massachusetts’ Unvaxxed

Massachusetts workers who refused the Covid-19 jab have been cut out of the state’s social safety net by an unelected bureaucrat.

No One Should Be Forced To Choose Between His Faith And His Paycheck

Without action by the Supreme Court, employers will continue to feel safe denying religious accommodation requests.

Dem-Appointed Judge Opens The Door To More Men Being Housed In Women’s Prisons

'An accommodation can’t harm ... the rights of others'

Administration Backtracks On Questionnaire For Religious Exemptions To Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate

The task force that guides federal agencies on Covid-19 policies for millions of workers has updated its questionnaire for those seeking a religious exemption to a vaccine mandate, but concerns remain.

For Religious Exemption To Vaccine Mandate, The Biden Administration Wants To Know All About You

Those seeking a religious exemption to the Covid-19 vaccine mandate for federal employees are being offered an intrusive questionnaire from the government.