Candace Owens gets fact-checked on basic Israel facts by Jewish comedian

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A glaring problem in the online pundit class is now impossible to ignore.

Many talking heads will confidently preach about delicate and intricate topics like Israel and Hamas as if they know everything, when in reality, they're rather ignorant.

This was made clear during a recent interview between Candace Owens and Jewish comedian Ami Kozak, during which Owens was brutally corrected by Kozak.

“When people call it, you know, this ‘bastion of freedom’ or it’s ‘just like America,’ that’s not the sense that I had when I was there,” Owens tells Kozak regarding Jerusalem.

“When I’m walking through Jerusalem,” Owens continues, “and they say, ‘These are the Muslim quarters, this is where the Muslims are allowed to live’ — that doesn’t feel like a ‘Bastion of Freedom to me.’”

Kozak corrects her, noting that it’s not where they’re “allowed” to live.

“There’s an Armenian quarter. It’s not saying the Armenians can only live here, it’s that there are communities just like there’s a Jewish community in Jersey here and there’s a Muslim community here,” Kozak says.

Owens then continued on to say that the Muslim community was “noticeably a lot dirtier” and “darker” and it made her feel “as a black American” who knows her own history that "this isn’t freedom to me.”

“Imagine if you went into an inner city in the United States and somebody told you, ‘This is a predominantly black neighborhood’ and you said it looked more rundown, would you say that America’s systemically racist?” Kozak fires back.

Ian Haworth, columnist and host of ‘Off Limits,’ tells Dave Rubin that what Owens is demonstrating is a “problem with the general commentary class on both sides.”

“It gets a little sticky when we’re talking about things with very deep consequences, like the deep levels of anti-Semitism we’re seeing exploding all over the world based on really a conspiracy theory of anti-Semitism and a conspiracy theory of Israel,” Haworth adds.

Candace Owens Gets Fact-Checked on Basic Israel Facts by Jewish Comedian

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