Biden admin takes aim at ammunition plant with ‘INSIDIOUS’ plan to sidestep gun rights

Thanks to a recent report from the Federalist, we now know of an ‘insidious’ White House plan to significantly alter commercial sales of ammunition. Not only would this plot skyrocket the price of ammunition for everyday consumers, but it could create a national security risk by limiting one factory’s ability to produce for the military under war-time demand as well.

Larry Keane, from the National Shooting Sports Foundation, joined "The Glenn Beck Program" to detail this White House move, and he explained how he knows the government is lying about it, too.

Watch the video clip below to catch the conversation. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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Ammo producer to Biden voters: 'We don't want your money'

Fenix Ammunition, a Michigan-based ammo manufacturer, decided recently to stop selling its product to people who voted for President Joe Biden.

As a way to weed out the unwanted customers, the company reportedly inserted a questionnaire into its purchasing process that asks whether prospective customers voted for Biden in the 2020 presidential election. If they did, it's no sale for them.

In a series of tweets posted this week, Fenix Ammunition explained that while it is perfectly willing to engage in a discussion with Biden voters, the company does not plan to conduct business with them.

First question - are we serious?Yes, we are serious. Joe Biden ran on a campaign built on the most radical gun c…
— Fenix "Kulak" Ammunition (@Fenix "Kulak" Ammunition)1613056655.0

"Yes we are serious," the company said in response to questions about the policy. "Joe Biden ran on a campaign built on the most radical gun control platform a major party candidate has ever had, including banning the online sale of ammunition. Essentially, a plan to bankrupt our company."

Sure enough, according to Biden's campaign website, the president has pledged to "enact legislation to prohibit all online sales of firearms, ammunition, kits, and gun parts."

"Are you really willing to walk away from a paying customer simply because they voted for Joe Biden?" the company asked rhetorically. "Yes, yes we are. We're dead serious."

"We don't want your money, and you shouldn't want us to have it because we're going to use it to make more ammo, sell it to the citizenry, and do everything in our power to prevent Joe Biden's administration from usurping the rights of Americans," the company wrote.

We have no problem talking to Biden voters and educating them on what they did, but they have to be willing to ackn…
— Fenix "Kulak" Ammunition (@Fenix "Kulak" Ammunition)1613057246.0

Fenix Ammunition is not the first company to exclude Biden supporters from purchasing its product.

On Inauguration Day, a gun store in Missouri called Trigger Firearms and Reloading posted an announcement on Facebook saying, "We don't have guns or ammo for Biden supporters. Sorry for the inconvenience."

Meanwhile, guns and ammunition sales have continued to skyrocket after a record-breaking year for the industry. Last August, news broke that gun sales had already topped 2019 levels with four months still remaining in the year. By the close of 2020, it was estimated that a record 23 million firearms had been sold, which is by far the most ever recorded.

With the surge of gun sales, ammunition retailers reportedly started running out of stock.

So as far as Fenix Ammunition sees it, with products flying off the shelf already, they don't need Biden-supporting customers in order to survive.