Legalization Of Polygamy Was Always The Logical Consequence Of Obergefell

If marriage is possible between any two individuals, then why not three, four, or any number of consenting adults, regardless of their sex?

9 Years Ago, Andrew Breitbart Revealed Obama’s Ties To Critical Race Theory ‘Godfather,’ And Corporate Media Waved It Away

What we are witnessing today is the culmination of years of independent and conservative media reporting that validates what many people now face in their workplaces and schools.

Crowder recounts a story of Andrew Breitbart sticking it to the media

Hands down, the late Andrew Breitbart, achieved a journalist's equivalent of the Rocky vs. Apollo Creed fight. Like a boss, Andrew Breitbart exposed media corruption to save America from a possible Anthony Wiener administration in real-time. Here's Steven Crowder to recount Breitbart's reason for hijacking a C-Span podium and microphone during a live press conference to expose fake news.

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