Pro-Palestinian protesters wear yellow stars to Holocaust memorial march at Auschwitz

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During Holocaust Remembrance Week’s March of the Living, pro-Palestinian protestors disrupted a remembrance march to honor the victims of Nazi atrocities at the site of the Auschwitz concentration camps.

The demonstrators chanted slogans, displayed Palestinian banners and flags that said “stop genocide,” and some wore yellow stars that appeared to resemble the ones Nazi authorities forced Jews to wear after the German invasion of Poland in 1939.

“Nothing is sacred anymore,” Mark Levin says, disgusted. “Israel is defending itself, and it is a constant defense. They’re attacked, they defend themselves. They’re attacked, they defend themselves.”

Meanwhile, Joe Biden asked them to stand down.

Levin says this “sends a massive propaganda message throughout the world.”

That message being that “it’s okay to slaughter Israelis and Jews. In the end, you’ll survive — particularly if you’re leading these efforts. In fact, the United States will come to your defense.”

“As long as Joe Biden’s in the Oval Office and Blinken is Secretary of State. Indeed, they’re funding Iran, which is funding the terrorists. Indeed, they’re funding Iran’s nuclear program, which is aimed at us. So, just keep at it, and so they’re keeping at it.”

Now, Levin says, “anti-Semitism is spreading all over the world, and in the United States because we imported people into this country who hate us.”

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Republicans’ ‘Antisemitism’ Bill Merely Gives Feds More Power To Trample Free Speech

You don't have to defend antisemitism to recognize the dangers inherent in empowering federal agencies to crack down on campus speech.

British police issue series of apologies after cop threatens to arrest 'quite openly Jewish' Londoner

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London's Metropolitan Police have issued multiple apologies after threatening to arrest a man who dared to be "quite openly Jewish" in the English capital's Aldwych area.

A police sergeant instructed Gideon Falter, the head of the Campaign Against Antisemitism, not to cross the street Saturday over concerns that his presence might vex some of the tens of thousands of pro-Palestinian radicals who took to the streets of London demanding both a ceasefire and that the British government cut off its supply of arms to Israel.

Footage shows the confrontation between police and Gideon Falter, whom the Telegraph indicated was walking with friends after attending synagogue, wearing his kippah cap and carrying a bag containing his prayer shawl.

In one clip, the sergeant can be heard saying, "I'm sure there are an awful lot of people of all sorts of faiths and creeds who want to go where they want. But unfortunately, today is different."

"So basically, because I'm Jewish, I can't cross the road today?" asked Falter.

"Because of the march," said the sergeant.

Falter pressed the issue, saying, "Yes, because I am Jewish?"

"That is part of — unfortunately part of the fact," said the sergeant.

In another clip, Falter can be both heard emphasizing that he wants to leave and seen attempting to press on; however, the sergeant holds him back, saying, "When the crowd is gone I will happily escort you out. ... I don't want anybody antagonizing anybody."

"I just want to walk across," says Falter.

The sergeant makes clear that he is concerned about Falter's apparently provocative identity.

"At the moment, sir, you are quite openly Jewish," he tells Falter. "This is a pro-Palestinian march. I am not accusing you of anything, but I am worried about the reaction to your presence."

Falter was later told that he would be arrested if he remained in the area.

"If you choose to remain here — because you are causing a breach of the peace with all these other people — you will be arrested," said the sergeant.

\u201cYou are quite openly Jewish. This is a pro-Palestinian march. I am not accusing you of anything, but I am worried about the reaction to your presence.\u201d\n\nEnough is enough. It is time for a major change.\n\nOn Saturday 27th April \u2014 the next anti-Israel march \u2014 we are asking you,\u2026
— (@)

Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Matt Twist initially released a statement claiming the "video posted by the Campaign Against Antisemitism will further dent the confidence of many Jewish Londoners which is the opposite of what any of us want."

"In recent weeks we've seen a new trend emerge, with those opposed to the main protests appearing along the route to express their views," continued Twist. "The fact that those who do this often film themselves while doing so suggests they must know that their presence is provocative, that they're inviting a response and that they're increasing the likelihood of an altercation."

The Metropolitan Police later issued a double apology, first apologizing for Twist's remarks and then for the initial "openly Jewish" remarks.

Concerning Twist's statement, the Met Police stressed, "Being Jewish is not a provocation. Jewish Londoners must be able to feel safe in this city."

Concerning the video of the sergeant threatening arrest over Falter being "openly Jewish" in an apparently inopportune place, the police said, "We are aware of this video and fully acknowledge the worry it has caused, not only to those featured, but also anyone who watches it, and will review the circumstances."

"We have always said that we recognize the conflict between Israel and Hamas continues to be an issue of concern for many Londoners, and this includes the regular protests and marches in central London," continued the statement. "Everyone has the right to travel throughout the capital in safety."

The Campaign Against Antisemitism wrote on X, "It is the right of every Londoner, Jewish or not, to walk freely around the city. If police threaten Jews with arrest for doing so or consider the mere presence of Jews to be 'antagonistic', then the Met has decided wholesale to curtail the rights of Jews in order to appease lawless mobs."

Falter has criticized the police further, suggesting that instead of "addressing that threat of anti-Semitic violence, the Met's policy instead seems to be that law-abiding Jewish Londoners should not be in the parts of London where these marches are taking place," reported the Telegraph.

"In other words, that they are no-go zones for Jews," added Falter.

Falter has indicated he plans to "go for a walk" on April 27 "as a private individual, as a Londoner, [and] as a Jew," and has invited others to join him.

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Dramatic footage shows heroic officers thwart massacre at Lakewood Church while one cop prays over a wounded child

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A deranged anti-Semite from El Salvador dragged her son into Joel Osteen's Houston-area megachurch on Feb. 11 and began shooting wildly. Genesse Moreno's attempted massacre was swiftly thwarted by a 28-year-old off-duty Houston Police Department officer and a 38-year-old Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission officer.

The Houston Police Department released footage of the incident Monday, showing Genesse Moreno's incursion into Lakewood Church and her confrontation with the heroes therein.

Surveillance footage outside the church shows Genesse Moreno — who sometimes called herself Jeffrey Escalante — pull her 7-year-old son Samuel out of a white SUV, then march over to an entrance just ahead of the church's 2 p.m. Spanish-language service, dressed in a trench coat and carrying a backpack.

Another view shows multiple people peaceably mingling in a hallway on the west side of the church scatter in response to the crackle of gunfire. While churchgoers and others run for cover, HPD Officer Christopher Moreno rushes toward the commotion.

The shooter, who can be seen from another vantage ignoring the pleas and outstretched arms of her son, fires at Officer Moreno, prompting him to respond in kind, then take cover inside a doorway off the hallway. Genesse Moreno continues marching forward with rifle in hand, passing the officer — who has been on the force since January 2023.

According to HPD Assistant Chief Keith Seafous, the shooter attempted to enter the sanctuary, but the entrance doors were fortunately locked.

Footage shows TABC Officer Adrian Herrera, working security for the church at the time, approach the shooter from the rear with his handgun drawn and at least three other individuals in tow.

Genesse Moreno can be observed taking notice of the armed presence behind her and opening fire, nearly striking Herrera.

After Herrera answered back with his duty weapon, Moreno began to rifle through her backpack on the ground. The Houston Chronicle indicated that at the time, she had sprayed substances on the floor, which Houston Fire Chief Samuel Peña later determined were not hazardous.

Officer Moreno's bodycam footage captures the shooter announcing, "There's a bomb in this bag. Stop shooting."

Security pleads with the shooter to drop her weapon, but she refuses, yelling, "The bomb is gonna go off."

The shooter reiterates, saying, "I will blow up the whole f***ing place."

— (@)

While Genesse Moreno appeared to be preparing the next phase of her attack, Herrera continued his advance, ultimately dropping the shooter with a decisive shot. After floundering on the ground for a moment near her supposed explosive device, Moreno stiffened.

In the exchange, 7-year-old Samuel was shot in the head.

HPD Officer Garcia, whose body camera captured some of the chaos surrounding the incident, can be seen running up to the wounded child and praying over his body.

"Father God, please bring him close to you," says Garcia. "Please bring him close to you."

On her way over to the gun battle, Garcia had similarly prayed, "Father God, just be with us. Forgive us our sins."

Uncertain whether the shooter had a bomb, the officers dragged the shooter's child to safety, then cautiously approached.

Walli Carranza, the boy's grandmother, indicated over the weekend that Samuel was recently removed from a ventilator and is now breathing on his own but nevertheless remains in critical condition.

Tom George Thomas, the 57-year-old volunteer at the church who caught a bullet to the hip during the incident, was released from a hospital in stable condition the day after the shooting.

Blaze News previously noted that Genesse Moreno had multiple run-ins with the law prior to shooting up Lakewood Church. She was slapped with charges for drug possession, assault, illegal possession of a weapon, resisting arrest, and forgery.

Houston Homicide Commander Christopher Hassig indicated that the gender-bending shooter was also temporarily detained in 2016 over mental health concerns and had a history of mental illness.

According to Genesse Moreno's former mother-in-law, Rabbi Walli Carranza, the shooter was a schizophrenic who had been diagnosed with Munchausen by proxy. Moreno allegedly harmed her child more than once and had been the subject of multiple child protective services investigations.

Genesse Moreno had also at one time lost custody of her child but apparently regained it in 2022.

Police indicated early in their investigation that they had discovered some of the shooter's "anti-Semitic writings." Her neighbors spoke of repeated threats, Nazi salutes, and in one instance, the shooter painting a swastika on a nearby resident's fence.

Carranza told the New York Times that Genesse Moreno was a practicing Muslim who frequently targeted her Jewish in-laws with "very anti-Semitic" rants that "were very profane and ... horrible."

Police have not yet confirmed a motive for the attack.

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Effort under way to downplay role of religious and political hatred in pro-Palestinian shooter's attempted church massacre

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A raving anti-Semite from El Salvador marched into Joel Osteen's Houston-area megachurch on Sunday and opened fire using a gun with a brand-new "Palestine" sticker on its stock. Two off-duty officers quickly returned fire and made quick and definitive work of the attacker.

While it is not yet entirely clear why the gender-bending pro-Palestinian shooter opened fire in the pro-Israel Christian church, there appears to be an effort under way to downplay the possibility that religious and political hatred were major factors and instead blame gun access.

Quick background

Blaze News previously reported that Genesse Moreno, 36, bypassed a security guard and entered Lakewood Church with a 7-year-old child in tow just before the 2 p.m. Spanish-language service was scheduled to begin. Moreno, reportedly the child's biological mother despite sometimes going by the name Jeffrey Escalante, was dressed in a trench coat and armed with an Anderson Manufacturing AR-15 rifle. She was also carrying a .22 caliber rifle in a duffel bag.

According to police, Moreno began firing inside the hallway on the west side of the church at 1:55 p.m., prompting a response from a 28-year-old off-duty Houston Police Department officer and a 38-year-old Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission agent, who fatally shot her.

The child who accompanied Moreno inside the building was struck in the head by a bullet during the exchange. He remains in critical condition at Texas Children's Hospital. Tom George Thomas, a 57-year-old volunteer at the church, took a bullet to the hip but has since been released from a hospital.

While certainly her last, this was not Moreno's first run-in with the law.

Over the past two decades, Moreno has been slapped with charges for drug possession, assault, illegal possession of a weapon, resisting arrest, and forgery, reported CNN.

Houston Homicide Commander Christopher Hassig indicated that the gender-bending shooter was also temporarily detained in 2016 over mental health concerns and has a history of mental illness.

KHOU-TV reported that Moreno's former mother-in-law, Rabbi Walli Carranza, claimed in court documents that the shooter had a diagnosis of schizophrenia and Munchausen by proxy; had harmed her child more than once; and had been the subject of multiple child protective services investigations.

The Houston Chronicle noted that Moreno lost custody of her son to her Jewish ex-husband at one point but apparently regained it in 2022.

Early in the investigation, police also indicated they had uncovered some of the shooter's "anti-Semitic writings."

Downplaying ideological motives

One of Moreno's neighbors told KPRC-TV that she routinely threatened nearby residents with weapons. Extra to painting a swastika on a neighbor's fence, she is alleged to have repeatedly made Nazi salutes in public.

Carranza told the New York Times that Moreno frequently targeted her Jewish in-laws with "very anti-Semitic" rants that "were very profane and ... horrible."

Despite acknowledging that her former daughter-in-law had been a practicing Muslim, Carranza stressed, "This has nothing to do with Islam. This ranting, I'm sure, was fueled by mental illness."

The former mother-in-law appeared to suggest in a Monday Facebook statement that religious or political hatred were ultimately the "excuse" for Moreno's attack.

"Although my former daughter-in-law raged against Israel and Jews in a pro Palestinian rant yesterday this has nothing to do with Judaism or Islam. Nothing," wrote Carranza. "But this is what happens when reckless and irresponsible reporting lets people with severe mental illness have an excuse for violence."

After highlighting a potential trigger for the violence, Carranza pinned blame on the Lone Star State for "not having strong red flag laws that would have prevented her from owning or possessing a gun. Let it be clear that the second amendment stops where the first amendment right to life begins and it's time to remove from the US Constitution any protection for gun ownership."

Various Democratic lawmakers, including state Reps. Ann Johnson and Gene Wu, have amplified the suggestion that red-flag legislation such as Texas House Bill 3057 "could have prevented this very incident," reported the Chronicle.

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Anti-Israel radicals terrorize families trying to take their kids to see mall Santa

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Protesters and terror apologists critical of Israel's military response to the Oct. 7 Hamas attacks have taken to routinely shutting down freeways, lashing out at passersby, and chanting murderous slogans. They have recently adapted their tactics, hijacking holiday festivities and descending on malls to intimidate people into adopting their views.

Families across Canada hoping to shop and create happy Christmastime memories were among those recently subjected to anti-Israeli protestors' ravings.

Footage taken Friday at Ottawa's Bayshore Shopping Center shows protesters terrorizing families lined up to see Santa. The mall Santa appears to struggle to maintain his composure as children — overwhelmed by the loud and angry mob beating on drums and issuing accusations of genocide — are handed back and forth.

One of the chants directed toward toddlers and other terrified children claimed, "Jesus was Palestinian."

Protesters also shouted, "While you're shopping, bombs are dropping," repeatedly at families waiting for an opportunity to meet the man in red.

— (@)
— (@)

Anti-Israeli protesters similarly swarmed the Eaton Center downtown Toronto on Friday, targeting businesses with Jewish and Israeli links and forcing a number of them to temporarily close, reported the Toronto Star.

Zara, for instance, was swarmed because its franchise owner Joey Schwebel, a Canadian-Israeli, has signaled support for the Israeli lawmaker Itamar Ben Gvir in the past. Similar protests against Zara have reportedly taken place in Turkey, Germany, and Australia.

— (@)

Anti-Israeli mobs also swarmed the Scotiabank and the book store Indigo at the Eaton Center, singling them out for their historic support of Israel. These two establishments are frequent targets of anti-Israeli protesters, the latter especially on account of its founder's pro-Israel charity. Last month, protesters forced Scotiabank to lock down its headquarters in Toronto for several hours and Indigo was vandalized in an attack police suspect was "hate-motivated."

Extra to the usual implicitly violent rhetoric, one masked man at the protest can be seen in a viral video uttering what appears to be an outright death threat in the presence of police officers.

— (@)

Similar protests also took place in Toronto's Yorkdale mall as well as in Vancouver and Burnaby, British Columbia, where protesters chanted "shame on you" to shoppers and Jewish-linked businesses alike.

CityNews indicated that the protesters in Burnaby chanted, "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free," widely regarded as a call for Israel's ruination. The mob also chanted "End the occupation now" and "No more genocide."

The organizing parties behind the Burnaby protest included Healthcare Workers Alliance for Palestine, the Canada Palestine Association, and the Palestine Youth Movement.

— (@)

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European authorities capture several suspected Hamas terrorists, foil terror plot

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German and Dutch officials captured four Hamas terrorists believed to have been plotting an attack on European soil. The men arrested Thursday are said to have been specifically targeting "Jewish institutions in Europe."

While these arrests coincided with Denmark's apprehension of another four suspected terrorists, Danish authorities told CNN there is "no direct connection."

The federal public prosecutor's office in Berlin indicated that two of the suspects captured in Germany, Abdelhamid Al A. and Ibrahim El-R., are from Lebanon. Mohamed B., an Egyptian national, was also caught in Berlin.

Nazih R., supposedly a Dutch national, was the lone Hamas member captured by Dutch police in Rotterdam.

Prosecutors indicated the four men "have been long-standing members of HAMAS and have participated in HAMAS operations abroad. They are closely linked to the military branch's leadership. This included Khalil Hamed Al Kharraz, the second in command at the 'Izz al-Din al-Qassem' Brigades."

Kharraz, also known as Abu Klaled, was successfully eliminated by an Israeli airstrike in southern Lebanon late last month along with three other terrorists. Hezbollah-aligned Lebanese media indicated Kharraz assisted with the Oct. 7 terror attacks on Israel, "leaving behind a legacy for the Resistance."

German officials noted that Abdelhamid, taking orders from terrorists in Lebanon, began searching for an underground weapons depot in Europe earlier this year. In October, Abdelhamid, joined by Mohamed and Nazih, made multiple trips to and from Berlin in search of the weapons with Ibrahim "providing assistance."

The weapons they were tasked with collecting were "to be taken to Berlin and kept in a state of readiness in view of potential terrorist attacks against Jewish institutions in Europe."

German Justice Minister Marco Buschmann thanked everyone involved in capturing the suspects, stating, "We must do everything we can to ensure that Jews in our country do not have to fear for their safety again."

Israeli intelligence agencies commended the "successful counter-terrorist operation" in a joint statement.

The Mossad and Shin Bet further suggested that while foiled, the apparent terror plot demonstrates how "Hamas has striven to expand its operational capabilities around the world, especially in Europe, in order to realize its aspirations to attack Israeli, Jewish and Western targets at any price."

These arrests come just days after the Dutch counterterrorism agency raised the country's threat alert to its second-highest level. The national coordinator for the agency noted "the violent conflict in Israel and the Palestinian territories, Quran desecrations in various European countries and calls for attacks from terrorist organizations have increased the threat from jihadism."

Denmark also announced arrests of potential terrorists on Thursday.

Two male suspects, ages 57 and 29, and a 19-year-old woman were captured inside the country. A fourth, scheming to execute "an act of terror," was captured in the Netherlands, reported the Associated Press.

The elder male — a migrant who prosecutors indicated knows his way around "gang environment" — and the woman will remain in custody until a Jan. 9 hearing. The younger male was cut loose.

Danish prosecutor Anders Larsson told Danish media that an additional four suspects were charged despite not being present.

Officials in Copenhagen indicated the arrests had "threads abroad" and were connected to "criminal gangs." Despite the officials' vagueries, the operative head of the Danish Security and Intelligence Service let slip that police had "a special focus" on Jewish institutions.

"This is extremely serious," said Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen. "It is of course completely unacceptable in relation to Israel and Gaza, that there is someone who takes a conflict somewhere else in the world into Danish society."

Frederiksen stressed the incident was "about as serious as it can be."

"There are people who live in Denmark who do not wish us well. Who are against Danish society and everything we believe in. Happiness. Democracy. Freedom. Equality," she added.

There are reportedly multiple suspects still at large.

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'I is for Intifada': Oakland teachers bombard students with anti-Israeli propaganda, promote Palestinian 'resistance'

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Teachers began bombarding children Wednesday with leftist propaganda denigrating Israel and promoting the Palestinian "intifada" as part of a "teach-in" in Oakland, California.

The local teachers' union, the Oakland Education Association, endorsed the teach-in despite Oakland Unified School District superintendent Kyla Johnson-Trammell warning that the curriculum, including the anti-Semitic materials therein, was "unsanctioned," reported KTVU-TV.

Johnson-Trammell stressed in a Dec. 4 letter to parents, "The District does not authorize this action. Furthermore I want to make clear that the instructional materials developed and shared by the teach-in organizers are not aligned with the materials and guidance previously provided by our Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Sondra Aguilera."

The superintendent acknowledged that the materials "circulated and promoted as factual" by the leftist teachers were both "harmful and divisive."

The Oakland Education Association for Palestine group has provided teachers with propaganda materials targeting children from junior kindergarten through high school.

One among the recommended presentations details the "Goals of Colonialism," noting the process by which Israel and the United States allegedly steal land, destroy local cultures, dominate, then normalize their behavior.

Another presentation, painting Zionism as genocidal, poses the question to children: "Since Jews experienced centuries of violence and ethnic cleansing, why are Jews in Israel doing the same thing to Palestinians today?"

An art activity originally crafted for American schoolchildren by the activist group Teaching While Muslim has as its stated goal an understanding and celebration of "Palestinian culture and resistance throughout history and in the present, with a focus on Palestinian children's resistance."

The activity for students in pre-K through second grade is to "connect histories of settler colonialism from Palestine to the United States."

As part of this activity, children are to be given this prompt: "75 years ago, a lot of decision makers around the world decided to take away Palestinian land to make a country called Israel. Israel would be a country where rules were mostly fair for Jewish people with White skin. Do you know about any unfair rules where we live?"

A coloring book for children included among the curricular materials states, "Children like me keep having their homes taken by the Zionist bullies. They are always scaring them and arresting them."

"I will never forget that I am Palestinian or give up on my right to return," says a cartoon in the coloring book, designed by the Palestinian Feminist Collective. "I will always try to find a way to help other Palestinians and Free Palestine."

Exercises in the book underscore Palestinians "right" to return to land belonging to the Jewish state.

The New York Times noted that another book recommended by the OEA for Palestine is entitled, "P is for Palestine," which informs young children, "I is for Intifada, Intifada is Arabic for rising up for what is right, if you are a kid or a grown-up!"

In addition to being asked to draw "Zionist leaders of Israel," students are also prompted to make signs that say, "Palestine will be free," "Free Palestine," and "Let Gaza live."

Teachers were also provided with hundreds of Palestinian "resistance" posters to share with their students as well as a link to a Turkish state media video denouncing Israel for "apartheid."

KTVU reported that the unauthorized curriculum omits any mention of the Oct. 7 Hamas terror attacks on Israel, which amounted to the biggest attack on Jews since the Holocaust.

Despite the materials all advancing an anti-Israeli, pro-Palestinian agenda, the OEA for Palestine stated atop its collection of curricular resources, "Our work is not to win our students over to a particular side nor indoctrinate them with our own political perspective on Israel-Palestine."

Local Council on American-Islamic Relations president Zahara Billoo told KPIX-TV, "This is important, this is necessary to teach kids about current events."

Billoo called "Zionist synagogues" and various Jewish groups "enemies" in 2021, reported the Jerusalem Post.

"Oppose the polite Zionists," said Billoo. "They are not your friends."

Billoo indicated the news of the teach-in left her feeling "excited."

Nate Landry, 40, a parent in the district who has spoken on behalf of the organizers of the teach-in, claimed the Palestinian propaganda served as a "corrective" to the approved curriculum, reported the New York Times.

According to Landry, at least 100 teachers were expected to participate.

Jacob Fowler, a teacher at Lincoln Elementary, appears to be one of them, having called on other teachers to participate in a Nov. 26 YouTube video. Fowler claimed that teachers are "fortunate enough to play a small role in helping shape the next generation" and should wield their power accordingly.

After the first series of classes Wednesday, Judy Greenspan, a teacher in the district and teach-in organizer, indicated that "interest is growing by the hour," reported the San Francisco Chronicle.

Shira Avoth, an Israeli-American and mother of a seventh-grader in the district, indicated her son would "show up and represent himself" in defiance of what she deemed "misinformation."

Avoth noted that this is hardly the first time teachers in the district have confronted her son and other children with anti-Israeli propaganda in recent weeks. According to the mother, her son's English teacher exhibited a post with the caption, "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free," signaling a desire for Israel's ruin.

Rabbi Dovid Labkowski of Chabad Oakland told KPIX, "It's devastating to Oakland families, especially Jewish families."

"Education is about teaching right from wrong, morals and values. When you decide you don't like something happening in the world and you decide to put together a curriculum that's going to teach about hating other people, that's what this is about, this is about hating Jews," said Labkowski.

Josh Diamant, a teacher in the district, told KTVU, "My biggest concern is that we're raising a generation of anti-Semites."

KTVU indicated it remains unclear if teachers participating in the teach-in will face any repercussions.

As of 2022, there were over 34,000 students in the district and 1,861 teachers.

According to the Public School Review, public schools in the district have an average math proficiency score of 21% and a reading proficiency score of 56%.

Oakland union endorses pro-Palestine teach-in, says they won't be

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Candace Owens gets fact-checked on basic Israel facts by Jewish comedian

[rebelmouse-proxy-image,0,0,120 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//" expand=1]

A glaring problem in the online pundit class is now impossible to ignore.

Many talking heads will confidently preach about delicate and intricate topics like Israel and Hamas as if they know everything, when in reality, they're rather ignorant.

This was made clear during a recent interview between Candace Owens and Jewish comedian Ami Kozak, during which Owens was brutally corrected by Kozak.

“When people call it, you know, this ‘bastion of freedom’ or it’s ‘just like America,’ that’s not the sense that I had when I was there,” Owens tells Kozak regarding Jerusalem.

“When I’m walking through Jerusalem,” Owens continues, “and they say, ‘These are the Muslim quarters, this is where the Muslims are allowed to live’ — that doesn’t feel like a ‘Bastion of Freedom to me.’”

Kozak corrects her, noting that it’s not where they’re “allowed” to live.

“There’s an Armenian quarter. It’s not saying the Armenians can only live here, it’s that there are communities just like there’s a Jewish community in Jersey here and there’s a Muslim community here,” Kozak says.

Owens then continued on to say that the Muslim community was “noticeably a lot dirtier” and “darker” and it made her feel “as a black American” who knows her own history that "this isn’t freedom to me.”

“Imagine if you went into an inner city in the United States and somebody told you, ‘This is a predominantly black neighborhood’ and you said it looked more rundown, would you say that America’s systemically racist?” Kozak fires back.

Ian Haworth, columnist and host of ‘Off Limits,’ tells Dave Rubin that what Owens is demonstrating is a “problem with the general commentary class on both sides.”

“It gets a little sticky when we’re talking about things with very deep consequences, like the deep levels of anti-Semitism we’re seeing exploding all over the world based on really a conspiracy theory of anti-Semitism and a conspiracy theory of Israel,” Haworth adds.

Candace Owens Gets Fact-Checked on Basic Israel Facts by Jewish Comedian

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