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NFL fans harshly slam Super Bowl-winning quarterback for 'barbaric' hunting photos of a bear, football players show support

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An NFL quarterback who hunted a black bear in Alaska and shared photos online was hit with a wave of criticism.

Carson Wentz, who is a free agent after being released by the Washington Commanders in February, shared photos on Instagram from a recent hunting trip in Alaska. Of the five photos posted on the social media platform on Friday, three of them featured Wentz with a dead black bear that he shot and killed with a bow and arrow.

The former Super Bowl-winning quarterback captioned the photos: "Got the opportunity to spot and stalk black bear in one of our new favorite places on earth— Alaska! Incredible trip and an incredible animal!"

(WARNING: Sensitive images)

There was a barrage of backlash to the photos of the hunted bear.

One person commented, "Such an incredible animal you felt you needed to shoot it and pose with it's corpse."

An Instagram user said, "What is this barbaric nonsense? Unfollow this clown."

Someone said, "Hope next time the bear wins and you lay down."

One person wrote, "This is incredibly gross. Hunting is such an outdated and ridiculous 'sport.' I guess because you couldn’t hack it at a real sport, you have to resort to a sport in which your opponent doesn’t have a weapon but you do. Lol. Pathetic behavior."

However, there were many who defended Wentz, including several NFL players.

Wentz's former Commander’s teammate Taylor Heinicke wrote, "Holy s**t man! Need a taste of em.'"

Kamu Grugier-Hill, linebacker for the Carolina Panthers, said: "That’s FIRE!"

Michael Pittman Jr., wide receiver for the Indianapolis Colts, said: "Nice bear."

Luke Rhodes, long snapper for the Indianapolis Colts, said: "Awesome."

Former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler wrote, "Well done. Congrats."

An Instagram user said, "Lmfao, all these people butt hurting from these while eating their fast food burgers made from animals treated with absolute disrespect and cruelty."

Someone said, "Assuming he did this legally, hunting IS conservation. Bears don’t get killed like this unless the state has allowed them to. Leave the man alone and let him recreate. Has nothing to do with his faith or being a 'Christ follower.'"

Another supporter of Wentz wrote, "Why don’t you tree huggers get a life? Bear need to be harvested same as any other game species to sustain a healthy population. Black bear is also very good table fare if processed and cooked properly. Just because he has money doesn’t mean he shouldn’t enjoy his harvest. You same people who bash this have probably never been to a slaughterhouse or actually seen an animal die from starvation, disease, etc.. Mother Nature is far more cruel. The money paid for this license is used for habitat and conservation. Hunters do more for that than any of you uneducated ramblers."

Hunting for black bears is legal in Alaska as long as the hunter acquired a license.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game notes, "Black bears are the most abundant and widely distributed of the three species of North American bears. An estimated 100,000 black bears inhabit Alaska."

The International Union for Conservation of Nature's Red List, a "critical indicator of the health of the world’s biodiversity," said American black bears are of "least concern" in regards to being endangered.

Wentz and his brother Zach Wentz have an Instagram and YouTube account dedicated to hunting. Wentz Bros Outdoors shares photos and videos of the Wentz brothers going on hunting trips. The duo have hunted turkeys, geese, ducks, and deer.

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