Bill Burr’s wife had a simple message for Twitter troll who accused her of being a 'minority sex servant'

Actress Nia Renée Hill, the wife of veteran stand-up comedian Bill Burr, slapped down a Twitter troll Monday after he carelessly suggested she may be a "minority sex servant" and that Burr's marriage to her could be a "sign of racism."

Burr, known for his many highly rated comedy specials and for playing Migs Mayfield in Disney's "The Mandalorian," became the target of a cancel campaign on social media starting Sunday night for jokes he made while presenting an award at the 2021 Grammy Awards.

At one point during the outrage, during which Burr was accused of being a racist, one Twitter user noted that the comedian's wife, Hill, is a black woman. But that didn't satisfy failed politician turned Twitter troll Clayburn Griffin, who felt it was necessary to point out that the couple's marriage could be a sham.

"While I'm not suggesting Bill Burr is a racist, a white man having a non-white wife can sometimes be a sign of racism," Griffin articulated. "So you shouldn't assume someone isn't racist just because they own a minority sex servant. They may very well have one because they're racist."

Hill apparently saw the tweet and proceeded to dismantle Griffin's argument using just a handful of words.

"B**ch, shut the f**k up," she tweeted in response.

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Burr drew ire from the outrage mob by poking fun at feminists and mispronouncing a winner's name while presenting awards for "Best Regional Mexican Album" and "Best Tropical Latin Album" Sunday night.

"How many feminists are like going nuts, 'Why is this cis white male doing all this Latino stuff?'" he joked.

Burr also joked during his opening, "Was I the only one that wanted to kill himself during that piano solo?" before adding, "I bought a suit for this. I thought I was going to be on TV. I'm such a moron. I'm losing so much money."

The abrasive comedy routine set off a firestorm of angry tweets demanding "ban all white men" and "for all white men to be kept in cages." One commenter even charged Burr with "making fun of civil rights movements."

It was not not the first time that Burr has drawn ire from the outrage mob.

Outrage mob tries to cancel 'cis white male' Bill Burr for Grammy's appearance where he mocks feminists

Bill Burr was a top trend on Twitter early Thursday evening, not for one of his many highly-rated comedy specials or his role as Migs Mayfeld in "The Mandalorian." Instead, the stand-up comedy veteran was being assailed by the outrage mob, who were actively trying to cancel him for jokes he made during the 2021 Grammy Awards.

In an unusual move, the comedian presented the Grammy Award for "Best Regional Mexican Album,” which aired before the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards ceremony. Burr, who is never shy to tell the audience exactly what he is thinking, angered many people with his brash and unapologetic comedy style.

From the get-go, Burr set the tone that he was not going to be your typical Grammy's Award presenter. The comedian joked, "Was I the only one who wanted to kill himself after that piano solo."

Then he did some self-deprecating humor and called himself a "moron" for buying a new suit to present an award during the pre-Grammy's show that was done remotely and nobody would see.

Bill Burr came out to present at the Grammys after a piano performance “Was I the only one who wanted to kill hims…
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Burr then awkwardly mispronounced the winner's name, Natalia Lafourcade.

Bill Burr butchers women’s name and then is awkwardly forced to accept the award for her at the Grammys
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While presenting the "Best Tropical Latin Album," Burr made a joke about feminists. "How many feminists are like going nuts, 'Why is this cis white male doing all this Latino stuff?'"

Bill Burr the GOAT LololRare comedian that will joke about stuff like this
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The wisecrack mocking woke culture hit a nerve and unleashed hundreds of tweets demanding the comedian be canceled for saying a joke.

There were furious calls to "ban all white men" and "for all white men to be kept in cages." Another commenter inexplicably said he was "making fun of civil rights movements." One person said Burr doesn't have a comedic bone in his body. Burr has six comedy specials and was a regular on "Chappelle's Show."

(Content Warning: Explicit language):

ban bill burr. actually just ban white men. a disgrace.
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btw this is a bill burr hate tweet, mf can’t make a single joke without punching down and making fun of civil right…
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People who think being an offensive asshole on purpose is funny are the actual least humorous people alive like jus…
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Idk what he said but god I love bill burr
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Who decided Bill Burr was a good idea? Ugh.
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The @RecordingAcad needs to own up to this failure of selecting Bill Burr as a presenter. What a terrible choice. H…
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If Bill Burr presenting these nominees isn't an accurate representation of the Academy @ non white artists..
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There were plenty of people defending Burr for telling jokes, and lampooning those who were said to be outraged over his comedy.

Bill Burr is a Rorschach test as to whether you have the slightest sense of humor or a huge stick up your ass. He'…
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It’s the quarterly attempt at cancelling Bill Burr for being hilarious I see.
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Bill Burr is trending so I'm assuming all the right people are mad about something.
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I don’t know what #BillBurr said to piss marshmallows off, but I AGREE.
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GenZ calling Bill Burr a racist... 😬😳Bill Burr and his beautiful wife Nia. 💕
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Bill Burr after being cancelled
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*Bill Burr intentionally makes Politically incorrect jokesTwitter:
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One Twitter user shared a video clip from Burr talking to Bill Maher about cancel culture from a few years ago, where he dismissed his haters.

reminder that bill burr doesn't give a fuck about the culture war bullshit between performatively "woke" liberals a…
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Bill Burr also obliterated cancel culture when he hosted "Saturday Night Live" in 2019. The comedian also defended his fellow "The Mandalorian" star Gina Carano when she was canceled from the hit Disney show.