Target Will Only Learn Its Lesson On Radical LGBT Activism If We Keep The Boycott Going

Last year’s Target boycott effectively showed the pro-LGBT company that Americans are not messing around. Let’s do it again.

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North Face faces heat over sponsorship of overnight LGBT camp where kids perform in drag, explore sexuality

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The North Face is again facing scrutiny, this time over its sponsorship of a non-straight camp where children engage in sexualized activities.

The American athletic clothing company is listed with Toms, Brooks, and Eno among the leading sponsors of Camp Brave Trails, a "fully accredited overnight summer camp specially designed for LGBTQ teens, ages 12-17" with campgrounds located in New York and Southern California.

The North Face has apparently been shelling cash and gear for the camp for years, noting in a June 2021 post that it was donating over $70,000 in LGBT-themed products to the camp.

According to the camp's website, children attending the camp bunk with 9-10 peers of the same age group, never divided by gender. Campers are "encouraged to spread their wings and make their own decisions" and told to anticipate a "strong expectation of maturity, kindness, consent, and compassion."

The Daily Wire highlighted how in an appearance on the "Kelly Clarkson Show," the camp's lesbian founders, Kayla Weissbuch and Jessica Weissbuch, stated, "All of our housing is genderless, bathrooms are genderless, we ask for names and pronouns from campers, and they can change them all they like."

Kayla Weissbuch noted further that the camp has a clothing closet so that children can explore their gender identity and "try and find, like, who they are and what feels good to them."

One camper told Clarkson, "I was able to perform, do drag, I was able to do ... so many activities."

One promotional video for the camp shows children dressing up in drag and putting on performances.

The camp makes no secret of these activities, stating on its website, "We bid farewell to gender-segregated spaces and activities, tossed aside arbitrary dress codes, and ensured our campers wouldn't have to justify or explain their identities."

"Campers also embark on a journey of self-discovery and learn more about the LGBTQ+ community through exclusive programs you'll only find at an LGBTQ+ camp," continued the write-up on the camp's website. "This includes identity-based groups, captivating drag shows and workshops, enlightening queer history lessons, and a fantastic clothing closet where you can explore gender expression or experiment with a new look."

Kayla Weissbuch made clear in a Forbes interview that the camp is not just about isolating children from parents and society in a place where they can stage drag shows and explore their sexual identities. It's also a means of weaponizing children in the culture war. She suggested that non-straight kids are an "overlooked resource" when it comes to fighting for so-called social justice.

"If we can hone in on that, these ripples will start to show," said Kayla Weissbuch. "It's all about creating and starting those ripples."

The North Face, which still categorizes its clothing in accordance with the sex binary, appears keen to continue creating ripples of its own with leftist propaganda.

Last year, the company courted controversy and calls for a boycott with an ad campaign featuring a transvestite inviting viewers to "come out ... in nature with us."

— (@)

Newsweek noted that while Bud Light was taking a financial beating over its marketing partnership with transvestite influencer Dylan Mulvaney, The North Face doubled down, writing, "We recognize the opportunity our brand has to shape the future of the outdoors and we want that future to be a more accepting and loving place."

The clothing brand is not just committed to pushing LGBT propaganda. It is also apparently captive to the strain of identitarianism that predominates on the left.

The Sun reported last month that the company offered customers a 20% discount if they agreed to suffer through an hour-long course on racial inclusion and "the unique challenges that people of color face when accessing the outdoors."

One critic noted that "the irony is that The North Face is implicitly acknowledging here that all its customers are white."

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'The Bud Light treatment': Burger King faces boycott for pulling ads from Rumble over Russell Brand allegations

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Burger King is facing calls for a boycott after the burger chain stopped advertising on Rumble over controversy involving Russell Brand.

On Friday, the News Movement reported that several big-dollar brands pulled advertisements from Rumble — including Burger King, HelloFresh, and Asos — because the company chose not to demonetize Brand, who is facing accusations of sexual assault.

The companies appeared to take action after the news outlet informed the companies that their ads were appearing on Brand's Rumble content.

"Burger King has paused all advertising on the channel while investigations into the allegations are ongoing," Burger King told the News Movement.

The decision to pull advertisements led to outrage on social media and demands for a Burger King boycott.

  • "Burger King has pulled its ads from Rumble because the free speech platform refuses to play judge, jury, and executioner of Russell Brand after the UK Governor demanded the platform demonetize him. Reminder, Brand has not been convicted of a single crime.Boycott @BurgerKing. They hate free speech and due process, and their food is poison anyways. Stop eating it," activist Charlie Kirk said.
  • "That includes @BurgerKing for those of you who care to know[.] Maybe eat at the other placeFor a while," Dr. Jordan Peterson said.
  • "Burger King wants you to 'have it your way.' Who knew their 'way' was wokeism, censorship & cancel culture. Their burgers are shit any way. Spend your money wisely," Dan Bongino said.
  • "Burger King checks all of the boxes for a good boycott target: - Socially-consumed good (shameable) - Fungible good, low-cost to switch - Soulless capitalistic entity that would be terrified of being frozen and polarized[.] Kings don't let people eat at the King," another person wrote on X.
  • "Boycott Burger King, HelloFresh, and Asos," another person said.
  • "I boycotted @BurgerKing when they mocked God. If you didn’t boycott them then, boycott them now. There’s way better fast food burgers, like In & Out," one person said.
  • "Burger King believes in censorship. Never liked the whole King idea ever. Let’s get rid of 'royalty,'" another person said.
  • "Looks like @BurgerKing wants the Bud Light treatment," one person observed.

TheBlaze has reached out to Burger King for clarification about its decision. The company did not respond by press time.

The decision by some companies to pause advertising comes after Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski refused to "join a cancel culture mob" and demonetize Brand.

Pavlovski was forced to speak out after the British House of Commons' Culture, Media, and Sport Committee wrote to Rumble asking if the online video platform planned to allow Brand to continue to monetize his videos after YouTube demonetized him. Spotify also refused to remove Brand's podcast from its platform.

On Monday, the Metropolitan Police in London confirmed investigators have opened a formal investigation into the allegations against Brand.

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Dove partners with morbidly obese BLM activist who destroyed a white student's life over a misheard comment to promote 'fat liberation'

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It appears as though the toiletries company Dove is keen on getting its wings clipped.

Dove, the soap outfit owned by the London-based multinational giant Unilever, has taken a page out of Bud Light's book of marketing best-practices and partnered with a controversial radical to peddle their wares and advance a woke agenda.

Rather than once again having a transvestite make a mockery out of womanhood, the soap company has teamed up with a morbidly obese BLM radical known for her iconoclasm, her aversion to healthy living, and for allegedly ruining the life of a white student over a "misheard" comment.

What's the background?

Zyahna Bryant, 22, is a leftist community organizer and former DEI intern who recently graduated from the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. She prides herself on harboring a lifelong antipathy towards the police, having supposedly organized her first rally for Trayvon Martin at the age of 12.

Years later, she petitioned to have the Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville, Virginia, taken down and other elements of the area's history erased.

TheBlaze reported earlier this year that Bryant allegedly destroyed the reputation of a fellow student at the University of Virginia, claiming Morgan Bettinger had said protestors, including some who were black, would make "good speedbumps," when in reality it appears she had just lauded a driver for protecting BLM protestors from oncoming traffic "because otherwise, these people would have been speed bumps."

Bryant launched a vicious campaign against Bettinger. Not only did she advance her preferred narrative on social media, but she allegedly sought to have her fellow student expelled from UVA.

Upon investigating the incident, two different UVA organizations reportedly agreed with Bettinger's account whereby the comment was not as Bryant had framed it, but instead innocuous in nature.

Bryant later admitted she may have "misheard" Bettinger's words on the day in question.

Despite Bryant's admission and a dearth of evidence, UVA's University Judiciary Committee found Bettinger guilty of using "shameful rhetoric" which "put members of the community at risk." As a consequence of the ruling, Bettinger, who had already been subjected to horrible abuse as a result of Bryant's allegations, ended up with an expulsion in abeyance on her permanent record and had to both write the BLM radical an apology and perform 50 hours of community service with a social justice group.

Bettinger is considering filing a lawsuit, reported the Daily Mail.

Corporation-championed corpulence

Bryant announced on Instagram Aug. 31 that she was partnering with Dove to support the work of both National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance and the Fat Legal Advocacy Rights and Education project.

"My belief is that we should be centering the voices and experiences of the most marginalized people and communities at all times," said Bryant. "So when I think about what that liberation looks like, to me, it looks like centering the voices and the experiences of those who live and who maneuvered through spaces and institutions in a fat body."

Liberation from morbid obesity apparently does not involve self-restraint, exercise and healthy eating. Rather, according to Bryant, "it looks like making accessible spaces and having conversations that are aware of the fact that people have different bodies and that they are interacting with space and people and institutions and communities in a different way."

The Dove initiative of which Bryant appears to be a large part aims to "strengthen legal protection against body size discrimination and shift cultural conversations around a broader definition of beauty through education, advocacy and social responsibility."

The soap company is raising concern not about the lethality of being morbidly overweight but about the "likelihood of experienc[ing] name-calling/bullying."

This latest woke initiative is hardly the first for Dove, which routinely blows millions of dollars on radical groups, such as Black Lives Matter, and leftist attempts at social engineering.

Earlier this year, Dove ran an ad celebrating a fat video game character who tossed away armor that had made her appear thin as part of a campaign "to eliminate beauty stereotypes."

The company is not simply fight against traditional beauty standards and to maximize surface area for its products, but also promoting radical gender ideology. In fact, the company was on the bleeding edge of hyping transgenderism, featuring a transvestite pretending to be a mother in a 2017 ad titled "#RealMoms."

Dove is a keen supporter of LGBT activism, "not just during pride month, but every single day."

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'Your voice WORKS': Liberty Safe RESPONDS to backlash over FBI 'backdoor access'

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If you take the DOJ seriously, you might be swayed to think that, as Stu Burguiere puts it, “all insurrections start with Infowars-branded Space Force shirts.”

This is what the DOJ noted 34-year-old Nathan Hughes to be wearing on January 6th, when he allegedly assisted rioters in physical attacks on the police.

Hughes was charged with a felony offense of civil disorder and several misdemeanor offenses related to the protest at the Capitol.

FBI agents arrested Hughes and raided his home in Arkansas, where they found a locked gun safe. They then contacted the company that made his safe to get his access code. Liberty Safe — one of the largest gun safe manufacturers in the country and whose marketing caters to freedom-loving Americans — complied.

The company gave the access code of a private citizen to the FBI because the agency had a basic warrant, and now Liberty Safe faces a similar fate to that of Bud Light.

Glenn Beck isn’t buying any of it.

“The Arkansas Times noted that the FBI was able to identify Hughes on the basis of ‘the distinct notches at the top of his ears,’” Glenn says, adding that this is interesting because agents can’t find the pipe bomber, even though they have his face; can’t find the guy captured in clear photos who was up on the scaffolding; and can’t find the fence cutter.

“Those people all had smooth ears, no notches,” Stu says, deadpan.

The conservative community is outraged, and Liberty Safe is clearly listening — and worried.

In its most recent statement, the company claims it will now give customers the ability to have records of their access codes expunged.

“That should have been done in the first place,” Glenn says.

The backlash was swift after Liberty Safe acknowledged that it has a database of secret access codes for its safes that it would hand over to law enforcement...