Prominent bank abruptly cancels Kanye West, gives him just weeks to move accounts to another bank

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JPMorgan Chase informed Kanye West this week that the bank is canceling its relationship with his companies and told him to find a new bank.

What are the details?

Candace Owens, a friend of West, posted to Twitter late Tuesday an email that West received from JPMorgan Chase. The message said the bank is canceling West's services by Nov. 21.

The email said, in part:

We are sending this letter to confirm our recent discussion with [redacted] that JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A (the "Bank") has decided to end its banking relationship with Yeezy, LLC and its affiliated entities (collectively, the "Company"). To provide the Company with sufficient time to transition to another financial institution, we will continue to maintain the accounts (attached as Exhibit A), including all related products and services, until November 21, 2022.

To avoid any transaction delays, we suggest that you stop processing Company transactions and/or using any products associated with the accounts five business days before the scheduled closure date set forth above. After that date, the Bank will close any open accounts, and after deduction of any permissible service charges and pending transactions, remit all remaining funds in the form of a check delivered to the Company at the address of record.

The message, however, does not disclose why JPMorgan Chase chose to end its relationship with West and his companies.

TheBlaze reached out to JPMorgan Chase, but the bank declined to comment. However, the New York Times reported Thursday that it confirmed JPMorgan Chase is ending its banking services with West.

\u201cEarlier today I learned that @kanyewest was officially kicked out of JP Morgan Chase bank. I was told there was no official reason given, but they sent this letter as well to confirm that he has until late November to find another place for the Yeezy empire to bank.\u201d
— Candace Owens (@Candace Owens) 1665615382

What is the background?

The development comes as West faces backlash for a recent wave of anti-Semitic comments. At one point, his massively popular Twitter and Instagram accounts were restricted for posting controversial remarks.

Meanwhile, West has been openly critical of JPMorgan Chase recently, rebuking "executives Bill Grous at JPMorgan’s wealth management business, investment banking Vice Chair Jing Ulrich and Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon," Bloomberg reported last month.

"I feel like there’s a lot of controlling and handling to suppress my ability to affect the American economy and industry," West told Bloomberg of the bank.

'Detestable': Critics pummel Biden for racing to visit Buffalo in massacre aftermath despite still refusing to visit Waukesha

President Joe Biden announced on Monday that he and first lady Jill Biden would be traveling to Buffalo, New York, on Tuesday to grieve with the community following the horrific race-based massacre there that took the lives of ten and injured three others.

At a Tops supermarket in the city Saturday afternoon, the suspected gunman, 18-year-old Payton Gendron of Conklin, New York, opened fire on the store's mostly black clientele, killing several in the parking lot before entering the store and continuing the violent rampage.

Gendron reportedly told police that he had been planning a violent attack on the black community and has allegedly espoused white supremacist and fascist views online.

Jill and I will travel to Buffalo on Tuesday to grieve with the community that lost ten lives in a senseless and horrific mass shooting.
— President Biden (@President Biden) 1652662465

The vile attack has set the community and the country reeling. After such tragedies, a presidential visit is often a source of comfort and healing. As such, no one appears to be suggesting that Biden should not visit Buffalo.

But critics were quick to point out that Biden's prompt visit to the city reeks of political bias, especially since the president has yet to pay a visit to Waukesha, Wisconsin, where another mass-casualty attack took place late last year.

In that incident, a black convict recently released from jail on questionable terms, Darrell Brooks Jr., allegedly drove his car into a crowd of mostly white people at a Christmas parade, killing six and injuring more than 60 others.

It just so happens that the massacre in Buffalo — in which a white man killed innocent black people using guns — fits Biden's political narrative, while the heinous attack in Waukesha did not, the critics suggested.

In the aftermath of the Waukesha massacre, the White House defended Biden's decision not to personally visit the city by arguing that sending the president to a community "requires a lot of assets." Apparently, plentiful assets are not such an impediment this time.

Daily Wire contributor Matt Walsh called Biden's refusal to visit Waukesha "beyond vile" in light of his speedy visit to Buffalo.

We're used to Democrats being detestable pigs of course but it is just beyond vile that Biden never visited Waukesha. He's running up to Buffalo immediately but he never made a personal appearance in Waukesha because the victims were white.
— Matt Walsh (@Matt Walsh) 1652670215
When a black supremacist committed a massacre at a Christmas parade in Waukesha, the President of the United States refused to visit the victims. Nearly a month after the attack, he sent his wife for a photo op. \n\nBiden will be in Buffalo personally on Tuesday.
— Matt Walsh (@Matt Walsh) 1652671162

Larry Elder and RealClearInvestigations senior writer Mark Hemingway also made note of the president's apparent bias. As did Todd Starnes.

MEDIA BIAS\n\n11/21/21: Black man drives through Waukesha Christmas parade, kills 6, injures 62. Facebook posts praised Hitler, supported BLM and called for violence against whites\n\n5/14/22: White man in a Buffalo supermarket shoots and kills 10, injures 3. Posted racist
— Larry Elder (@Larry Elder) 1652610820
Remember how six people were killed and 62 injured in Waukesha and Biden wouldn\u2019t visit because politics? Good times.\u00a0\u2026
— Mark Hemingway (@Mark Hemingway) 1652656641
JUST IN: President Biden will visit Buffalo on Tuesday. There's no word yet on when he will visit Waukesha, WI or Orange County, CA or Brooklyn, NY.
— toddstarnes (@toddstarnes) 1652655059

Conservative commenter Candace Owens, too, joined the chorus of those criticizing the president and the media, saying, "Both acts are heinous but they will not earn equal coverage in the media ... they will elevate the Buffalo shooting because white crimes vs. black victims [are] preferred."

Both acts are heinous but they will not earn equal coverage in the media. \nOur dishonest, race-obsessed media should be blamed for BOTH of these massacres.\nThey will elevate the Buffalo shooting because white crimes vs. black victims is preferred. \n\nThe cycle of hatred continues.
— Candace Owens (@Candace Owens) 1652628070

Others on Twitter called Biden's actions "disgusting" and claimed that he is only visiting Buffalo because he believes an appearance there can be "politically advantageous."

'This is GOLD': NYT asks Candace Owens where she gets her ideas about Ukraine — and immediately regrets it

Daily Wire host Candace Owens tweeted Monday that the New York Times sent her a message asking where she got her ideas that "Ukraine was a corrupt country," adding that such ideas are similar to those "seen from Russian state media." Owen's response was gloriously embarrassing — for the New York Times.

Received an email from The NYTimes asking for comment regarding me \u201cadvancing ideas that Ukraine is a corrupt country\u201d\u2014similar to Russian state TV. \n\nI replied informing them that I actually got my ideas from the New York Times, and provided them links to their past articles.
— Candace Owens (@Candace Owens) 1647894320

Twitter fans and critics were quick to respond:

Nobody obliterates the @NYTimes as well as the @NYTimes.
— JD Rucker (@JD Rucker) 1647926370
this is gold
— BrianArmstrongisaBaldThievingScumbag (@BrianArmstrongisaBaldThievingScumbag) 1647894406

This\u2026 Ukraine and other ex Soviet countries, including Russia, have some of the worst rankings on that index. It\u2019s well deserved. I don\u2019t know why it\u2019s suddenly controversial to state that corruption is a problem in Ukraine. It doesn\u2019t mean they deserve to be invaded.
— Christina Pushaw \ud83c\uddfa\ud83c\uddf8 (@Christina Pushaw \ud83c\uddfa\ud83c\uddf8) 1647953668

You're smarter than them and backed by a better more loyal team. Keep it up Candace.
— Chris Lyons (@Chris Lyons) 1647909996
— Ken (@Ken) 1647911691

Hit them with the truth, perfect!
— Jody Fincher (@Jody Fincher) 1647894515

Why is @nytimes consulting Candace Owens over a piece on #Ukraine?
— Emoluments Clause (@Emoluments Clause) 1647894666
— David Hockley (@David Hockley) 1647899710

Oh how the Western media narrative has changed from 5 months ago.\n\n\u2018#Ukraine President Zelensky rode to power on pledges to clean up corruption, but Pandora Papers show he &his close circle as multi-million beneficiaries of network of offshore companies\u2019\u00a0\u2026
— Peter Cronau (@Peter Cronau) 1647927882

Candace has been under fire recently for her outspoken criticism of Ukrainian President Zelenskyy and for calling out corruption in Ukraine.

Candace Owens: \u201cUkraine wasn't a thing until 1989. Ukraine was created by the Russians\u201d\n\u00a0\
— Jason Campbell (@Jason Campbell) 1647440031

Cardi B weighs in on inflation, says 'everything is high'

In a recent interview, rapper and provocateur Cardi B flexed her political bona fides while discussing inflation and Bernie Sanders' 2020 presidential campaign with celebrity journalist Billy Bush.

Largely, the interview provided the "WAP" rapper an opportunity to plug her new vodka-infused whipped cream called “Whipshots,” but towards the end, Bush suggested she send a bottle to her “old friend Bernie Sanders for Valentine’s Day.”

When asked whether or not she keeps up with politics, nowadays, Cardi B said, “I haven’t really been keeping up with a lot of political stuff because it’s just getting very overwhelming. There's certain things that, like, I was looking last year or, like, two years ago, and the market is extremely high.”

“And that’s just, let’s say, when it comes to homes, everything is high,” she continued, “the food is high, the products are high. We can’t even get products from certain countries.”

Earlier in the interview, Billy Bush remarked that Cardi B’s interactions with Bernie Sanders were his favorite moments from the 2020 election cycle.

Today @iamcardib and I finally met. We had a great conversation about the future of America. \n\nAnd let me tell you: Cardi B is right.\n\nTogether, we\u2019ll get millions of young people involved in the political process and transform this country. Stay tuned for our video coming soon!
— Bernie Sanders (@Bernie Sanders) 1564456038
I been reading about Bernie Sanders and I\u2019m really sad how we let him down in 2016 This man been fighting for equal rights,HUMAN rights for such along time.Seeing this country become a better place been really his passion for a long time not a new front for a campaign.
— Cardi B (@Cardi B) 1563279470
Cardi B is right. If we are really going to make America great we need to strengthen Social Security so that seniors are able to retire with the dignity they deserve.\u00a0\u2026
— Bernie Sanders (@Bernie Sanders) 1524063632

In the 2016 election cycle, Cardi B urged her followers to support Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary.

(WARNING: The following video contains explicit language)

Who remembers when @iamcardib endorsed Bernie Sanders for president?\n\
— Waleed Shahid (@Waleed Shahid) 1524065710

The rapper’s comments on the economy come as the country experiences historic levels of inflation. Recent reports from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicated that the consumer price index rose to an annual rate of 7.5%. This is the highest inflation has been in 40 years.

Cardi B noted that prices are increasingly “high,” and she is correct. The price of a new vehicle is up 12%, the average monthly rent has increased 4.36%, food has risen 7%, and used vehicles have increased in price by more than 40%.

Her statements on the rising costs of living indicated that inflation is an issue that affects all Americans, albeit the wealthy — such as Cardi B — are better positioned to withstand the rising costs of essential day-to-day products.

This is not the first time Cardi B has ventured into political commentary. This recent commentary, and her various endorsements and public appearances on behalf of certain candidates, are only part of her political persona.

Cardi B’s politics are likely best identified by her very public online feuds with conservative commentator Candace Owens resulting in threats of litigation.

Yes. Just spoke with my family. I am 100% suing Cardi for that nonsense. You can\u2019t just start throwing out wild lies against private members of my family because you\u2019re upset someone called your out on your degenerate performance. \nI\u2018ll keep you all posted.\u00a0\u2026
— Candace Owens (@Candace Owens) 1615935671

She’s also given her views on tax policy, in years past.

Cardi B is getting into tax policy now. She says she's paying 40% of her income in taxes and wants to know where the money is going..."when you donate to a kid in a foreign country, they give you updates on what they're doing with your donation....I want updates on my tax money."
— Yashar Ali \ud83d\udc18 (@Yashar Ali \ud83d\udc18) 1521773561

In 2020, the rapper tweeted that she “do feel like if I go back to school and focus up I can be part of Congress.”

She claimed that “I deadass have sooo much ideas that make sense. I just need a couple of years of school and I can shake the table.”

I do feel like if I go back to school and focus up I can be part of Congress.I deadass have sooo much ideas that make sense.I just need a couple of years of school and I can shake the table .
— Cardi B (@Cardi B) 1578891683

Leftist white male running for US Congress tweets KKK hood to Candace Owens, gets slapped right back as a 'racist'

A left-wing white male running for U.S. Congress responded Tuesday to a Twitter post from conservative commentator Candace Owens by tweeting an image of a Ku Klux Klan hood at her:

@RealCandaceO Yikes.You may've dropped this.
— Liam O'Mara for Congress (@Liam O'Mara for Congress)1616486122.0

What are the details?

In her Monday tweet, Owens — a black woman — wrote, "The #1 violent offenders against black people are other black people. The #1 violent offenders against Asian Americans are also black people. But both #BlackLivesMatter and #AsianLivesMatter are campaigns dedicated to stomping out white supremacy because, clown world."

In response, Liam O'Mara — a history professor who's also a Democratic candidate for California's 42nd Congressional District — replied to Owens with an image of a KKK hood along with text reading, "Yikes. You may've dropped this."

Brutal backlash

Soon O'Mara — who subsequently claimed Owens "is recycling explicitly white supremacist arguments" — was feeling the heat from Twitter users, including Owens herself.

When one commenter wrote of O'Mara, "Pretty sure this a hate crime in California," Owens offered the following observation:

@honseolo @LiamOMaraIV Pretty sure a white man dropping a klansmen hood off to target a black woman is a hate crime…
— Candace Owens (@Candace Owens)1616524400.0

"Pretty sure a white man dropping a klansmen hood off to target a black woman is a hate crime everywhere," she noted. "I wonder if I could file a police report against him in CA?"

Another user answered Owens: "I sure as hell is definitely a hate crime..GOD..what the hell is going on?"

Others expressed similar sentiments:

  • "You seriously just tweeted this to a black woman?" one commenter asked. "You need help."
  • "Racist Democrats back at it again with racist tweets," another commenter noted. "Who would've guessed that Liam the Racist Democrat hates black people."
  • "Being from the south, this is one of the most insulting things you could ever do to a person of color," another user said. "We approach things like this with far more sensitivity due to our past, but let me tell you, that is racist and has no place in this country. In no way is that amusing."
  • "Can only imagine what the response would be if a Republican Congressional representative sent a picture of a Klan hoodie to an African-American commentator," another user observed. "I'm glad that we're consistent on our outrage."
  • "The fact you went out and searched for this, and it is STILL up after how long? should show people that you have 0 REMORSE for your actions, that you are refusing any kind of accountability. You say 'it's inappropriate,' but here we are, and it's still up," another commenter said Tuesday afternoon.
  • "This is beyond racist. Reported. But legal investigation must be started," another user declared.

What else did the congressional candidate have to say?

O'Mara in one of his subsequent tweets wrote that "I study extremist rhetoric for a living, and this stuff is really dangerous." But another commenter wasn't buying his assessment.

"What is dangerous is a white guy trying to intimidate a black woman because he disagrees with her," the commenter shot back. "Reminds me of the 1920s when the KKK-affiliated groups were erecting statues of confederates to keep the black people 'in their place.' ...As a history guy, you should know that."

But O'Mara insisted that he's "not trying to intimidate anyone. I was trying to call attention to efforts to do that, so quite the opposite. It hurts that we still have this kind of violent racist rhetoric in America."

The commenter wasn't convinced, however: "You tweeted a white hood at a black woman because you disagree with her. That's not the opposite of calling attention to a**holes who intimidate and try to silence black people. It hurts that you are stupid enough to keep defending your stupid actions. You need to apologize."

With that, O'Mara said "I have, and will continue to apologize, sure. It was easily misunderstood and offensive, and I apologize to anyone offended by the image and tweet."

Woke mob blasts Kendall Jenner for 'exploiting Mexican culture' — because she created her own tequila brand

The woke mob takes no prisoners — not even if they hail from the Kardashian clan.

Uh oh

It started off as a triumphant day for Kendall Jenner earlier this week.

"For almost 4 years I've been on a journey to create the best-tasting tequila. After dozens of blind taste tests, trips to our distillery, entering into world tasting competitions anonymously and WINNING ... 3.5 years later I think we've done it!"Jenner noted on Instagram. "This is all we've been drinking for the last year, and I can't wait for everyone else to get their hands on this to enjoy it as much as we do! @drink818 coming soon."

But according to InStyle, not even 24 hours had passed before the politically correct wolves had gathered at Jenner's door.

The reason for the pack's vitriol? The 25-year-old Jenner was "exploiting Mexican culture" with her new 818 tequila brand.

What did detractors say?

Here's a sampling from Twitter:

  • "I'm from Jalisco [Mexico], and I like Kendall Jenner but this does not sit right with me," one commenter complained. "I ain't drinking her tequila. Stop exploiting Mexican culture for profit. Support the smaller tequila brands, they are way better."
  • "Kendall Jenner starting a tequila brand, with zero knowledge on Mexican culture and calling it '818 tequila' is GENTRIFICATION," another user said. "The 818 does not claim Calabasas. What about those smaller, family owned Mexican tequila/mezcal brands? They deserve the hype & support."
  • "Their entire family only does stuff for money, I'm not surprised," another commenter claimed. "Instead of lifting up some other smaller brands, they'd rather sell themselves out for lucrative big name brand deals than give anything for free."
  • "Hey @KendallJenner, respectfully, as I say to my toddler, 'it's a no' regarding you hand making the best tequila in the world," another user declared. "Too many actual people, namely Mexicans, actually made with their actual hands the tequila in which you are actually just endorsing, at best. No bueno."

InStyle also said her critics pointed out that the "818" name of her tequila "is an homage to Calabasas, not to Mexico," as 818 is the area code for her Southern California hometown.

The magazine added that tequila traditionally comes from Jalisco, and while Jenner's 818 tequila does come from that region, the cultivation and production process requires difficult work.

But not everyone is a hater

Other Twitter users came to Jenner's defense and railed against the woke mob trying to claim another victim. Candace Owens was one of them:

Kendall Jenner launched a tequila brand this week and faced immediate, vicious backlash for culturally appropriatin…
— Candace Owens (@Candace Owens)1613683053.0

Some pointed out the hypocrisy of calling out Jenner when other celebs also have come up with their own tequila brands as well.

"Did everyone go after George Clooney, or Adam Levine & Sammy Hagar, or AC/DC, or Justin Timberlake, or Chris Noth, many others who have tequila brands for 'exploiting Mexican culture'?" one Twitter user said.

Candace Owens announces she's actually 'thinking about running for president'

Conservative commentator, author, and activist Candace Owens says she is mulling over a run for president of the United States of America.

Her proclamation — though issued not even two days ago — has received a massive online response.

What are the details?

On Saturday night, the 31-year-old Blexit founder tweeted, "I love America. Thinking about running for President."

Owens did not specify when she might consider running for president, but the U.S. Constitution states that presidents must be at least 35 years old. Owens will turn 35 in April 2024.

At the time of this reporting, the tweet has received more than 244,000 likes.

I love America. Thinking about running for President. 🇺🇸
— Candace Owens (@Candace Owens)1612648632.0

Former MLB player Aubrey Huff, an outspoken Trump supporter, piggybacked Owens' tweet and wrote, "If you do it, I'll be your VP!"

What else?

In April, Owens told Glenn Beck that she plans to run for office and that established politicians wouldn't "know what hit them."

At the time, Owens did not specify which seat she was looking to fill, but insisted that she will win if she decides to run.

"I was talking to my husband about this, and my frustration about all these governors and how dishonest they've been," she began. "I'm just getting sick of it. So I said to my husband, you know, I think I should get into politics. I think I should run. I should surprise run, and take somebody for everything they have, and expose people."

"I am eyeing a seat right now," Owens added. "I'm not going to say whether it's in the Senate, whether it's in the House, whether it's for governor, whether it's for president — but I am serious about it. I am very serious about it. We have too many people that are too scared to look people in the face and tell them the truth, and I'm not one of them."

"I'll tell you something else, Glenn, I'll win," she also proclaimed during the interview. "They won't know what hit them ... they're being dishonest, and they lie, and I've had enough of it."

Great news, America! @RealCandaceO is FINALLY thinking about running for office! "I think I should get into politic…
— Glenn Beck (@Glenn Beck)1585840244.0

'The View' devours fellow leftist Van Jones for, um, noting good things Trump did for blacks and appearing in 'smiling' photo with Candace Owens

Anybody out there notice how little leftists celebrated after hated former President Donald Trump flew away from the White House last month and President Joe Biden took the oath of office?

You'd think there would have been 24/7 left-wing dancing in the streets — fully masked-up and socially distanced, of course — with a heapin' helpin' of giddiness, laughter, and politically correct tears of joy. But that isn't what we've seen — quite the opposite, in fact.

Instead, leftists have been even angrier than usual, as they've spent their first few weeks of complete control of the White House and both houses of Congress impeaching Trump — who's, you know, no longer in office — and silencing and canceling and bullying anyone and anything that wafts even the slightest conservative scent.

But has that been enough to satisfy their head-scratching, ravenous appetites? No way.

They're starting to go after their own, like sharks in a feeding frenzy.

Know what happens when a leftist cast member of leftist "Saturday Night Live" tells a transphobic joke? Devoted comrades across the fruited plain pull up their chairs, stick napkins under their collars, and start scraping their knives and forks together. Bon appetit!

Now what?

Now our favorite TV show "The View" seems to have literally jumped those hungry sharks.

We've all known for years that the show's co-hosts — save for Meghan McCain — are avowed, outspoken leftists. But what happened on Friday's program is truly dropping jaws.

Van Jones, a fellow left-wing political figure, made an appearance — and one may have assumed he was stepping into friendly territory. But no.

Co-host Sunny Hostin tore into Jones for — let's see here — acknowledging good things that Trump did for the black people while in office. She actually told him that "people in the black community don't trust you anymore":

Sunny just called out Van Jones for all his flip-flopping. I remember when Van Jones was championing Bernie's progr…
— The Chat (@The Chat)1612543299.0

But was that all? No sir.

Trump-hating political commentator Ana Navarro — who apparently was a guest co-host on Friday's program — sank her teeth into Jones for appearing in a "smiling" photo with conservative figure Candace Owens.

Navarro's outraged, courtroom-style cross examination was quite a thing to behold: "Do you not regret that? Do you not see that you're giving her legitimacy? You don't regret taking smiling pictures with Candace Owens? I mean, how does that help the issue?"

Jones apparently couldn't believe his ears — and tried his best to interject — but soon co-host Joy Behar stepped in and broke it up and said "you're gonna have to take it outside."

OMG I cannot stop laughing. @ananavarro just questioned Van Jones for taking “a smiling picture with Candace Owens”…
— Candace Owens (@Candace Owens)1612548723.0

As you can see from the latter tweet from Owens herself, she seemed to think Navarro was being a bit unreasonable: "The radical Left wants to unite America by making it a criminal act to smile in pictures with conservatives. Utterly psychopathic."

She added that the photo in question was from an "event attended by both Republicans and Democrats for the First Step Act — prison reform. The women of #TheView are taking their obsession with me to new heights."