'Harass-y': Comedian at Critics Choice Award proves the double standards of modern feminism

The 29th Critics Choice Awards were just presented last weekend to honor the greatest achievements of 2023 in filmmaking and television production.

Comedian Chelsea Handler was the host of the event, and her shtick for the evening was “overtly and uncomfortably sexual,” says Lauren Chen.

Just hearing Handler’s opening line is enough to confirm that this is true.

“Let's celebrate that 2023 was one of the horniest years for movies and TV!” Handler belted at the crowd.

“I can laugh at sexual jokes,” says Lauren, “but at least make them funny.”

And in Handler’s case, her jokes were not only unfunny, they made “the entire audience in front of her so uncomfortable.”

Especially the men in the audience.

At one point during her speech, Handler looked at Barry Keoghan and said, “Most male actors use prosthetics, so thank you, Barry, for keeping it real, and please thank your penis for its service,” referencing Keoghan’s nude dance scene in the psychological thriller “Saltburn.”

When the camera panned to Keoghan’s face, he looked anything but amused. In fact he stared down and shook his head in what appeared to be mortification.

“It kind of seems to me like he's not having a good time,” says Lauren, stating the obvious.

But Keoghan wasn’t the only man in the crowd Handler chose to single out.

“I prefer my men old and hot – men who have been around since the railway was invented. Speaking of which, Robert De Niro and Harrison Ford are here. I don't know which one of you was hotter. I mean both of you were total smoke shows, and you guys have both been so hot for so many decades and you just keep getting hotter … and I know you’re both spoken for, so I’m not hitting on you, but I am hitting on you,” Handler barked.

Like Keoghan, both De Niro and Ford looked unimpressed and incredibly uncomfortable.

“Unfortunately, Martin Scorsese isn’t here tonight, but that's not going to stop me from letting everyone in this room know that I would toss him around like a little Italian meatball,” she continued.

Not only were Handler’s jokes “uncomfortable and unfunny,” they also shed light on the double standards of modern feminism.

“Can you imagine the outrage if someone like Ricky Gervais had gone up on stage and said he wanted to toss around some actress like an Italian meatball?” asks Lauren. “I'm pretty sure the media would not have taken kindly to that.”

“This kind of feels harass-y.”

To hear Lauren’s entire analysis on Handler’s tasteless Critics Choice Awards speech, watch the video below.

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Outspoken leftist Chelsea Handler declares that 'Restricting guns' and 'Fighting climate change' are pro-life positions

The pro-life movement saw a tremendous victory last week when the Supreme Court released a ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade, but while guest hosting Monday's episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live!," outspoken liberal Chelsea Handler laid out a list of positions that she claimed were pro-life.

Last week House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) was asked what abortion legislation he would place on the floor if the GOP gets the majority and he is Speaker of the House. McCarthy said, "we will continue to look wherever we can go to save as many lives as possible."

While filling in for Jimmy Kimmel, Handler said, "By the way Kevin McCarthy ... let's talk about what it means to be pro-life. Universal health care, that's pro-life. Restricting guns, that's also pro-life. Fighting climate change, that's also pro-life. Listening to doctors during a pandemic, also pro-life." Handler added that not compelling women to "give birth like livestock" is also pro-life. "But your party opposes all of those things. Calling Republicans pro-life is like calling O.J. Simpson pro-wife," Handler said.

Handler is outspoken about her pro-choice views: "Every day is a fantastic day to replace Republicans with Democratic pro-choice women," she tweeted earlier this month.

The Supreme Court ruling that enables states to ban abortions has been hailed by the pro-life movement, but leftists have been in an uproar about the decision.

Many Democrats have declared that the ruling marked a "dark day" for the country. Some leftist lawmakers have also continued promoting policies such as packing the Supreme Court and abolishing the Senate filibuster.

"The Constitution does not prohibit the citizens of each State from regulating or prohibiting abortion. Roe and Casey arrogated that authority. We now overrule those decisions and return that authority to the people and their elected representatives," Justice Samuel Alito wrote in the opinion.

Katy Perry says moving to Kentucky has been an 'amazing experience' because it 'reminds you that Hollywood is not America'

Katy Perry recently moved to Kentucky and has found living in the Bluegrass State to be an "amazing experience." The "California Gurls" singer quickly realized that she had been living in a bubble and that "Hollywood is not America."

Perry recently appeared on Chelsea Handler's podcast "Dear Chelsea" and told the comedian, "I’m like, living in Kentucky, and I have for almost a month now."

"And that’s quite an amazing experience," Perry continued. "Because it reminds you that Hollywood is not America."

"You need to remember that," said the 37-year-old "Hot N Cold" singer. "Because I think you can understand people better."

Handler replied, "Yeah, right. It’s nice to get outside of what you know to be normal and your reality."

Perry explained, "Yeah, I mean they're living in a bubble of sorts. We're living in a bubble. Our bubbles are completely opposite. But they're — it's interesting."

Handler brought up that Perry grew up in a "super religious" family, according to Fox News.

Perry's parents – Mary Christine and Maurice Keith Hudson – are Pentecostal pastors.

The "American Idol" judge has said in the past that she grew up in a strict religious household in Santa Barbara, California.

Perry told Rolling Stone in 2010, "I wasn't ever able to say I was 'lucky' because my mother would rather us say that we were blessed, and she also didn’t like that lucky sounded like Lucifer. Deviled eggs were called ‘angeled’ eggs. I wasn’t allowed to eat Lucky Charms, but I think that was the sugar. I think my mom lied to me about that one."

"Speaking in tongues is as normal to me as 'Pass the salt," she added. "It's a secret, direct prayer language to God."

Perry – who has been a diehard supporter of the Democratic Party – also has the word "Jesus" tattooed on her wrist.

Handler told Perry, "You've been in different bubbles cause you grew up in a bubble. You grew up super religious, yeah, and that’s one bubble. Then you came into this industry, that’s another bubble. Right?"

Perry agreed, "It's an anthropology study of humans."

Perry revealed that having a baby has been the "best decision I've ever made in my entire life."

After having a child, she realized, "Stuff that you thought was important was really never important. Your family really starts to become first."

The singer had their daughter Daisy with her partner and actor Orlando Bloom in August 2020.

The entire Katy Perry interview with Chelsea Handler is available below, and the discussion about Kentucky begins slightly before the 13-minute mark.

Not Very Maternal with Katy Perry www.youtube.com

Chelsea Handler Endorses Terrorist Lawyer for Congress

Liberal comedian Chelsea Handler on Thursday endorsed for Congress an anti-Israel activist who served as a lawyer for Palestinian terrorists.

The post Chelsea Handler Endorses Terrorist Lawyer for Congress appeared first on Washington Free Beacon.

Chelsea Handler says white men 'owe us an apology' and that their 'opinion is irrelevant'

The washed-up comedian and darling of the far-left cultural elite — who previously proclaimed her affections for the disgraced former Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo — believes white men owe society an apology.

While speaking with Samantha Bee on her weekly podcast “Full Release with Samantha Bee,” Handler proclaimed, “Men can be so disappointing.”

She went on to say: “I know it’s not all men, obviously, I have to keep saying that, which is so annoying. My brother says, ‘Chelsea, not all white guys are bad.’ Well, you are for even saying that. Don’t even say that.”

She later contradicted this statement by proclaiming, “No one is saying all white guys are bad. We’re saying there are enough bad ones out there, that as a collective, you guys owe us an apology.”

Handler explained that white men might not individually be responsible for any wrongdoing, but as a collective they have had an “unfair advantage” over women.

She said, “The pattern of behavior [of white men] in our culture, it’s not your fault, but you have to recognize that you’ve had an unfair advantage, and that women have had to pay the price for that, period.”

Handler proceeded to proclaim that when a group that is deemed to have privilege issues an opinion or voices a complaint, their perspective is “irrelevant.”

She said, “It’s like when a white person is arguing about racism, as if they have any idea what the impact or effect is … your opinion is irrelevant.”

This is hardly the comedian’s first foray into wokeness.

In the July 2020, while speaking with NPR, Handler proclaimed that she is “clearly the beneficiary of white privilege” and that she wants to “know how to be a better white person to people of color.”

Handler told NPR that after Donald Trump became President of the United States she sought therapy to “work through her politics, but she ended up dealing with race.”

Handler said, “After taking a look at myself and coming to the realization that my success has a lot to do with my skin color, I wanted to really do something that set an example about how to contribute.”

“Because at this point,” she continued, “It’s not enough to just say you’re not racist. We have to be working to dismantle the system because we are reaping the benefits in exchange for people losing benefits.”

'Well-liked among the ladies': Check out all the celebs who gushed over 'national sex symbol' Andrew Cuomo last year

Readers of TheBlaze likely recall a magical time last year — well, maybe magical for half the country — when far-left New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was all the rage and seemingly could do no wrong.

Oh, that Emmy

In fact, Cuomo received 2020's International Emmy Founder's Award "in recognition of his leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic and his masterful use of television to inform and calm people around the world."

Yup, an Emmy.

Cuomo also received 2020's Edward M. Kennedy Institute Award for Inspired Leadership fo the same reason, despite New York at the time sporting the most COVID-19 deaths in America.

Oh, and then there were the celebrities who lauded Cuomo not only for his political swagger, but also because a number of them — self-described "Cuomo-sexuals" — said they were enamored with him in a not-just-friends kind of way. In fact, it was said of Cuomo that he was a "national sex symbol," "well-liked by the ladies," and "single and ready to mingle."

None of the accolades — particularly with regard to Cuomo's apparent animal magnatism — aged particularly well considering he announced his resignation from the governor's chair Tuesday following ramped-up allegations of sexual harassment against him.

But sometimes it does the heart good to indulge in a little nostalgia. That said ... roll 'em!

For the record, it was Ben Stiller who referred to Cuomo as the "Love Gov" and a "national sex symbol" (although allegedly they were the words of Cuomo's brother, CNN host Chris Cuomo). Late night TV host Jimmy Fallon said Cuomo was "well-liked among the ladies" and "good looking."

Late night TV host Stephen Colbert — an unapologetic leftist — attempted to comfort Americans' "perfectly natural" feelings of being "Andrew-curious, if not fully Cuomo-sexual." TV hosts Trevor Noah and even Ellen DeGenerous admitted the same amorous tugs.

Anything else? (Oh, you betcha)

The aforementioned accolades weren't the only ones showered upon Cuomo:

I’m in Love With Andrew Cuomo 💋“ANDY”🎶

— Cher (@cher) 1586926086.0

And who among us can forget TV host Chelsea Handler's revelation late last year that she asked Cuomo out on a date and was hopeful she could "flatten his curve" and they could "apex together" — to say nothing of the fact that during their "repartee" that she "would sexually harass him on his Instagram."

Chelsea Handler Has a Crush on Gov. Andrew Cuomo youtu.be

Finally, check out this snippet from last year's Emmy's presentation to Cuomo, which features some repeat celeb statements — but enough additional gooey stuff to make it worth a watch:

2020 International Emmy® Founders Award Presentationyoutu.be

Chelsea Handler rips 'white men' for complaining about cancel culture: Say you're sorry — 'why's that so f***ing hard?'

Comedienne Chelsea Handler slammed white people — specifically white males — who complain about cancel culture rather than do something to fix the issues that, in her mind, have brought the movement upon our society.

What are the details?

Handler made the remarks during Alexandra Cooper's weekly "Call Her Daddy" podcast.

As highlighted by Mediaite, Handler said, "I think that when people make an apology, and it's sincere, that that should count for something. And the people that aren't apologizing need to understand why they need to apologize and actually address the issue head-on instead of trying to get back in under the door."

"All you have to do is say you're sorry and mean it," she snapped. "Why's that so f***ing hard?"

She added that "white men" are the biggest perpetrators of refusing to apologize and committing atrocities against women.

"'Why's the f***ing party over?" she sarcastically quoted white men as saying. "'We can't rape you guys anymore? You gonna tell on us?"

Handler concluded, "If you're a man talking to a woman about sexism, or if you're a white person talking to a person of color about racism, the only responses are 'Thank you. Thank you for telling me, thank you for spending your time explaining this to me, and I'm sorry I didn't know better.'"

You can listen to her remarks here.

What else?

Earlier in July, Handler told New York Times Opinion podcast host Kara Swisher that she believes society is in the midst of a "social justice and racial justice movement" and that "white guys" still aren't "getting the message" of the movements.

"There's tons to play with and tons to talk about," she added. "And we're all kind of saying goodbye to so many of the things that we're so accustomed to doing, having to say goodbye to words that you used to think were OK, having to say goodbye to phrases and ways to describe things that you think were OK, having to say goodbye to men for a while because they're on probation. And until they've proven to us that there are more good ones than bad ones, there's one big group we're still able to make fun of. And that's white guys who don't seem to be getting the message of the movement that's happening."

She added that though she, herself, has said offensive things in the past in comedy skits, she's had an "evolution," which excuses her from having to experience the rigors of cancel culture.

"There's an evolution with everybody. And the problem with a lot of these men that have been canceled is they're not sincerely apologizing, you know?" Handler insisted. "My therapy, my whole thing has been on public record. I'm not pretending or faking or saying, 'Oh, I'm sorry,' after the fact. I actually have had an evolution. I do want to be kinder and gentler. I want my jokes to not be reflective of a time in my life that I wasn't aware of how they impact people."

Handler concluded the interview by saying that she believes the world is entering a renaissance period for "letting loose" and healing.

"I'm focusing on that and being positive vibe, and also telling men to get their f***ing s*** together before this is over," she warned. "I had a guy ask me the other day, 'Well, can we still open the door for you?' I was like, 'You know what? It's questions like that.' Yes, yes, you guys have been raping us since the beginning of time, so the least you could f***ing do is open the door. That's the least you could do. And don't ask questions that are that defensive. When we're telling you that we've been treated unfairly forever, your answer can't be, like, 'Well, can we open the door for you?' I mean, that's the kind of s*** I'm dealing with."