Video shows deputy narrowly dodge death by dropping under suspect's crashing car: 'Talk about nine lives'

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A Dorchester County sheriff's officer had a close shave last month when a crashing car, the driver of which was allegedly set on his demise, rolled right over him.

Sgt. Lawrence Hill was looking to stop a suspect who had been speeding perilously through Summerville, South Carolina, on Sept. 19, reported the Post and Courier.

The suspect in question, 54-year-old Roger Quentin Hill — who is not related to the sergeant — led deputies on a chase through the county, allegedly hitting speeds of up to 100 mph, according to an incident report.

Robert Quentin Hill - Dorchester County Jail

An officer initially tried to stop the suspect west of Summerville after noticing an expired registration sticker, but Quentin Hill allegedly refused to stop.

WCSC-TV reported that the suspect unsuccessfully attempted to hit the officer, then began weaving through traffic and forcing other cars off the road. Fifteen minutes later, after reportedly realizing he couldn't escape the neighborhood, Quentin Hill encountered Sgt. Hill off Scotch Orange Road.

In footage captured by another deputy's dashboard camera, Sgt. Hill's cruiser can be seen parked off to the side of the road. In the ditch on the opposite side, Hill waits with a spike strip ready. As the suspect's Jaguar sedan's closes in, Sgt. Hill throws the spikes. However, the driver veers off the road toward the deputy.

Sgt. Hill vanishes under the sedan as it catches a piece of a utility pole at the last moment, toppling it and yanking down live wires. The sedan then rolls right over the deputy, throwing shrapnel and dust into the air.

As the deputy whose cruiser captured the footage rushes to the scene of the smoking wreck, Sgt. Hill can be seen standing and walking away from the wake of destruction.

One officer rushes the suspect's vehicle with his gun drawn, ordering Quentin Hill to put his hands up.

The Post and Courier indicated that Sgt. Hill was taken to hospital with bruises and an injured shoulder.

"He's lucky to be alive," said Lt. Rick Carson. "Talk about nine lives."

Quentin Hill was charged with attempted murder, failure to stop for blue lights, destruction of an electric pole, and driving with a suspended license. He was denied bond on account of the attempted murder charge.

Deputy dives under crashing

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Chaos ensues after airline passenger forces open plane door mid-flight: 'I thought the plane was going to explode'

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A passenger aboard an Asiana Airlines flight from Jeju Island to the South Korean city of Daegu was apparently in a rush to deplane, opening the door just minutes before landing.

A 33-year-old male seated next to an emergency exit reportedly forced open the door on an Airbus A321-200, which was carrying 194 souls including 48 primary and middle school children on their way to a sporting event.

When the door was opened, the plane was roughly 700 feet off the ground and traveling about 170 mph, reported Reuters.

Baek Hyunwoo, a spokesman for the airline, indicated the feat would normally be impossible owing to the difference in air pressure inside and outside the cabin; however, at the lower altitude, there was only a slight difference in air pressure.

Since the plane was descending, the flight attendants were reportedly buckled up and seated too far away to make a swift intervention.

Footage of the incident taken by another passenger shows strapped-down passengers holding on for dear life, with daylight and powerful gusts flooding the cabin.

\u201cMan arrested after opening door as plane prepared to land in South Korea, 9 people taken to hospital - Yonhap\u201d
— BNO News (@BNO News) 1685087257

Another video of the incident shows the plane door ajar and various garments flapping in the wind.

\u201cDoor of Asiana Airlines plane opens in mid-air just before landing in South Korea; 9 people taken to hospital with breathing difficulties\u201d
— BNO News (@BNO News) 1685080680

According to Sky News, some passengers suffered extreme ear pain after the door was opened.

One 44-year-old passenger told the Yonhap News Agency, "I thought the plane was going to explode. ... It looked like passengers next to the open door were fainting."

The mother of one of the schoolchildren aboard the plane said, "The children were shaking, crying, and frightened. Those sitting near the exit must have been shocked the most."

Despite the open door, the plane managed to land safely. There were no casualties.

Twelve people, all but one of whom were between the ages of 11 and 16, reportedly hyperventilated. Nine were taken to a hospital.

Kim Hyeong-su, an officer in the criminal affairs division of the Daegu Dongbu Police Station, indicated the man accused of opening the door could face charges of violating aviation security laws, reported the New York Times.

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Footage shows loose tire send Kia Soul flying above LA freeway

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A Kia Soul was sent flying heavenward in an accident Thursday in Los Angeles. While the hatchback's ascent over the 118 Freeway was not ultimately rapturous, there may have been something providential about its return to earth, granted that the driver managed to walk away in one piece.

Anoop Khatra witnessed the crash, having trailed behind the Kia at a distance in his Tesla. Khatra's dash camera managed to capture the Kia Soul's aerial acrobatics.

The Kia can be seen in the footage speeding along the left lane. As it progressed, over to the right, a high-clearance silver pickup can be seen signaling a drift into the lane one-over.

Just as the dark Kia drew up parallel to the pickup, the truck's front left wheel popped off and rolled immediately in front of the hatchback.

While the pickup dropped down onto its driver's side rim, the Kia and its driver were sprung at least 10 feet into the air by the loose tire, which had remained upright and continued to spin.

After roughly three seconds of air time and rolling clockwise, the Kia unceremoniously hit the freeway nose-first and upside down. It then completed one more longitudinal roll before grinding to a halt.

To add insult to injury, the truck tire responsible for the Kia's initial liftoff caught up with the wreck and struck it in the rear.

While the debris and glass shed by the Kia settled, the pickup completed its trek to the far side of the freeway.

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Khatra tweeted, "Surprisingly the driver of the Kia was actually able to walk away from this unharmed."

The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed that there were no major injuries resultant of this accident, reported the Telegraph.

KABC-TV indicated that sheared-off lug nuts apparently led to the tire's initial detachment from the pickup truck.

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