'Re-Opening': Blaze Media’s first full-length comedy

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When it comes to the insane way our country responded to the COVID-19 pandemic, sometimes you’ve got to laugh to keep from crying.

That’s the purpose behind "Re-Opening," Blaze Media’s first-ever full-length comedy film, premiering Thursday, May 4, at 8 p.m. EST.

"Re-Opening" is a hilarious mockumentary that uses humor to poke fun at the over-the-top COVID restrictions small businesses were forced to contend with during the pandemic.

Chris Guerra stars as the fearless director of the "All Voice Is Theater," where he leads his company and crew through the perilous journey of re-opening during the heart of the pandemic. It doesn’t go as well as they planned, and they are forced to pivot — and pivot again.

On Stage in Bubble Enclosures | Re-Opening Official Clip www.youtube.com

The film brilliantly satirizes the insanity that swept the nation throughout 2020 and the years that followed — and does it in a heartwarming manner that will leave you not just laughing but feeling like there’s still hope in a world that went full send on crazy.

Join us tomorrow night for the world premiere of "Re-Opening." We’ll be streaming a live pre-show on YouTube and Facebook with members of the cast, but the movie itself will be available exclusively on BlazeTV.

Because after a few years of tiresome headlines, political division, and loose viruses, we know we could all use a little laugh.

So, head on over to BlazeTV.com/Reopening and use the code “REOPENING” to get $20 off your subscription — right now.