Congress wants women FORCED into the military draft to fight its endless wars

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Is the government trying to draft our daughters? After the House of Representatives passed an updated version of the National Defense Authorization Act last week, it seems the answer is a resounding “yes.”

The act allows the U.S. government to automatically register men aged 18 to 25 into the Selective Service, but the Senate Armed Forces Committee has since created a version that would extend eligibility for the draft to women starting in 2025.

The bill was approved by a 22-3 vote and is now advancing to the Senate for consideration.

“Congratulations, feminists, you fought for all this equality, you wanted to pretend like men and women were no different, and now, they want to send your sons and your daughters to die in endless wars,” Sara Gonzales says, disturbed.

While Gonzales doesn’t have any daughters of her own, only sons, she says “over my dead body will they be going to war.”

“Are you telling me that you don’t want your sons to die for transgenderism in Ukraine?” Logan Hall asks, unfortunately only half-joking.

“That is what I’m telling you,” Gonzales responds, adding, “We can’t even defend our own border here in this country, but you want me to talk about sending my son to go die for Ukraine’s border? Absolutely not.”

Hall notes that this is all happening after the government kicked its own members out of the military for refusing to inject themselves with the COVID vaccine.

“They kicked a ton of soldiers out of the army for not taking this experimental vaccine,” Hall says, adding, “they’ve put these transgender admirals in charge, they’ve alienated their fighters. It’s like what other reason would you want to do this for other than to destroy the country?”

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How Speaker Mike Johnson BETRAYED Republicans — Rep. Massie SOUNDS OFF

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Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) has joined Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) in seeking to oust Speaker of the House Mike Johnson before the election — and Glenn Beck is wondering how it got to this point.

“I don’t understand this whole Mike Johnson thing, as speaker of the House, I don’t understand what happened to him, how we went so wrong,” Glenn says to Massie.

Massie has his reasons and lays out three times Johnson not only betrayed his own party but the American people as well.

“He did an omnibus bill that spends more than Nancy Pelosi’s omnibus bills did, and he gave the FBI a brand-new building in that omnibus bill, and he didn’t give us time to read it,” Massie explains, adding, “that was the first betrayal.”

“Second betrayal: FISA. This is the spying program that’s been used to surveil Americans without a warrant. He cast the deciding vote on whether to have warrants or not, and he voted against warrants,” Massie continues.

Lastly, Massie lays out the third betrayal, which happened when every Democrat in the house voted to send more money to Ukraine, before waving Ukrainian flags.

“I think Speaker Johnson, if capable of having shame at this point, should have been humiliated by that display as well. I put the video of that on Twitter and the sergeant at arms told me it would fine me $500 if I didn’t take it down, so I reposted it,” Massie laughs.

“Third betrayal was that Ukrainian vote,” he says. “We gave up all leverage on any border security.”

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New Blaze Originals documentary: 'Bought and Paid For: How Politicians Get Filthy Rich' – LIVESTREAM TOMORROW

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“Give me your tired, your poor

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

“Give me your cunning, money-hungry politicians

Starving for riches and power.”

You know that’s not how the poem goes.

And yet, take one look at our fabulously wealthy members of Congress (ahem, Nancy Pelosi) – whose salaries range from $174k to $223.5k per year – and it’s obvious America has become a place where those who are supposed to serve the country are actually exploiting their positions of power for personal gain.

It turns out earning a degree, starting a business, or even taking a job on Wall Street isn’t the easiest way to earn the big bucks in the United States.

But getting elected to Congress? Now, that’s a surefire way to line your pockets for life.

What would it be like if you were able to buy shares in companies you regulate, or invest in defense contractors right before a war breaks out, or sell your stocks because you found out before everyone else there’s going to be a global pandemic?

We wanted answers to those questions, so we sent James Poulos and the Blaze Originals team to Washington, D.C., to expose how members of Congress get filthy rich.

Featuring X user Unusual Whales, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas), and former U.S. Rep. George Santos, this documentary shines a light into the shady dealings of America’s corrupt politicians.

Join us on Wednesday, April 10 at 8:00 p.m. ET on YouTube and BlazeTV for a very special live premiere hosted by Glenn Beck, and watch the full episode immediately after.

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