When The Wind Doesn’t Blow: Weak Breeze Lowered U.S. Turbine Output In 2023

The abrupt decline in wind production illustrates a vulnerability in weather-dependent power sources embraced by the Biden administration

Manchin Tanks Biden Interior Department Nominee Laura Daniel-Davis

'Are they political partisans first or Americans first?'

If Biden’s Federal Elections Takeover Is ‘Free And Fair,’ Why Are The Plans Completely Redacted?

Despite finally fulfilling a FOIA request, Biden's Department of the Interior sent Citizens United a heavily-redacted document.

Citizens United Sues Biden Administration Over Election-Takeover Documents

Citizens United has filed two lawsuits against the Biden Administration over documents related to its election-takeover plans.

As Gas Prices Set New Records, Biden Nukes More Oil And Gas Projects

CBS News revealed the Biden administration canceled more oil and gas leases across the country as gas prices reach new heights.

Biden Raises Cost Of Domestic Oil Production With New Order On Federal Leases

'This administration has decided to make leasing and production a political football, and Americans are paying the price at the pump.'