Prominent U.K. Doctor’s Independent Review Finds ‘No Good Evidence’ Supports Chemically Castrating Kids

'The current evidence base suggests that children who present with gender incongruence at a young age are most likely to desist before puberty.

Is Tumblr making kids trans?

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Daisy Strongin is a wife, mother, and de-transitioner who once truly believed she was a boy before finding Christ.

Strongin cites feelings of being uncomfortable with her own body and femininity, which led to her transition — as well as being chronically online at the young age of 11 years old.

It was 2009, and she had just gotten her first laptop.

Strongin spent most of her free time online, focusing on YouTube and Tumblr before stumbling on a Tumblr community with the same interests as her: "Doctor Who" and "Sherlock."

“I wasn’t at all looking for gender related stuff at first, but then the gender Tumblr stuff and the Doctor Who, Sherlock stuff — there’s some intersection,” Strongin tells Allie Beth Stuckey, adding, “I think that a lot of the girls that were in those fandoms also felt like they didn’t fit in.”

Strongin recalls stumbling on something that defined the term “gender queer” when she was in high school.

“It was basically saying gender queer is when you feel like you’re neither male nor female, or like you’re a bit of both, and I really resonated with that,” she explains, noting that the existence of the term made her feel better about herself because she wasn’t alone in her feelings.

“Then I kind of fell into a rabbit hole of all of these other different made up identities regarding gender and people,” Strongin says.

While in some cases, kids are groomed by adults into believing they’re transgender, Strongin is adamant that it wasn’t adults — but mostly other young girls online.

Then, she started watching YouTube videos of people documenting their transitions.

“As I sort of dove into the gender community,” she explains, “I started to convince myself that I’m probably trans, because there were a lot of influencers saying things like ‘If you think you’re trans you probably are.’”

Then, she started to hear people online claiming that if you believe you might be trans and don’t transition, you’re more likely to “off yourself at some point.”

Because Strongin was depressed at the time, she took the advice — or what Stuckey calls a “threat” — to heart.

“Hearing that,” Strongin says, “it went from being just like this silly little label that I felt like fit me and just kind of a personality trait really, to this is life and death.”

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Jasmine, who previously underwent life-altering gender transition measures, still suffers lingering consequences.

According to the Telegraph, she considers the pursuit of gender transition to be a "mistake" but adds that "because I was a child, I also think that part of the onus is on the various professionals that treated me."

At the age of only 15, she was referred by a transgender charity to the Gender identity Development Service clinic for kids and young people at London's Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, according to the outlet. At age 17, GIDS patients were shifted to adult services where they could get gender-reassignment surgery, the outlet noted. Jasmine said during an appointment at the adult clinic she was referred to be prescribed cross-sex hormones and added to a waiting list for breast removal.

Jasmine, who has shared her story as part of a documentary, according to the outlet, said that she took testosterone for more than one year, causing "irreversible" bodily changes — she needs to shave her face daily and her voice is "significantly lower than it was before."

"I don’t really know what it’s like to have the body of an adult," she said, according to the Telegraph. "I don't really know how it’s affected my fertility or my internal health."

Jasmine noted that sometimes she is envious of other women.

"I kind of feel a little bit mutilated and like an experiment gone wrong walking through society sometimes. I feel, like, sometimes jealous of other people, women, who are biologically female. That they still have their natural voice, their natural characteristics. And I don't anymore," she said.

She noted that she had learned about the concept of transitioning via social media. "I watched videos of people transitioning online documenting the voice changing as they go on hormones or vlogging their surgeries, for example. And they look so happy. And I wanted it so badly," she said, according to the outlet.

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