The Dodgers' Clayton Kershaw pushes back against drag queens

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While most celebrities and athletes remain silent on or even endorse Pride Month, some are choosing to take a stand against it.

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw is one of them.

Kershaw has disagreed with the team management’s decision to invite the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence — an anti-Catholic drag queen group — to the team’s June 16 “Pride Night” game.

In response to the team's intention to bestow its “Community Hero” award on the hate group, Kershaw asked them to accelerate the announcement of a Christian Faith and Family Day event.

Kershaw told the L.A. Times his issue was mainly with the group “making fun of other people’s religions” and that it “had nothing to do with anything other than that.”

Keith Malinak of "Pat Gray Unleashed" believes Kershaw was in the right.

He says that the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are violating the Los Angeles Dodgers' acceptable behavior by mocking religion.

“If you were a Dodgers employee doing what they do, you would be fired. I mean grounds for firing you, but they’re instead bringing it out there and celebrating it on June 16 when the Giants from San Francisco are in town,” Malinak says.

Pat Gray isn’t having it either.

“Why do people have to participate in the promotion of this sexual preference? Makes no sense,” he says.

“I am not transphobic or homophobic. I am not afraid of them. What I don’t want to do is promote,” Gray continues.

“What happened to tolerating — to tolerance? Tolerance was the big deal. My gosh, we are so far beyond tolerance,” he adds, exasperated.

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